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Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden (051)


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I was hoping bulbasaur would evolve, because i liked Ivyusaur, but in the end I wasn;t too bothered by the fact he didn;t evolve. liked the episode though


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I really liked this episode, but I noticed some similarities between this episode and episode 349 (Grass Hysteria!). I noticed that they both had a Forest forbidden to Humans, some involvement with Bulbasaur, and a Venusaur as the Big Cheese. And of course, they both had Team Rocket getting in the way.


I was so glad Bulbasaur didn't evolve. C:
This was my favorite episode ever, no question.
So many Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. :D


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A very good episode, nice seeing the Bulbasaur evolve in a different way other than just randomly evolving after enough experience. I loved seeing all the evolution forms together in one place seeing that Venusaur in action was pretty good, i'm surprised Ash didn't have any broken bones after being hit with such a strong Vine Whip. Congrats to Bulbasuar for not becoming part of the crowd and showing that you can be just as strong as an evoled Pokemon.


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This episode was exciting, but not really funny.


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Bulabsaur's mysterious garden is my favorite episode of Pokemon ever and I meen out of all the episodes not just the first series. It's my favorite because it has Venusaur in it.


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Ah TR were great in this ep, with some cracking one-liners... "Let's cut to the chase!" and so on...

Solarbeam looked totally badass in this one, a properly powerful attack. Nowadays they make things like solarbeam and hyper beam look like total trash compared to what they used to. Infact, all of Bulbasaur's attacks looked great. Back in the day razor leaf usually looked awful, like a little stream of leaves flowing from it's bulb, but this had a full on razor leaf blast thing goin on.

It was nice to see what Venusaur could do, with it's dozens of vines at it's disposal too...


this episode was one of my favorite episodes back then i must admitt that even though bulbasaur should hav evolved, it was a nice opertunity for it if you ask me.

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this episode was one of my favorite episodes back then i must admitt that even though bulbasaur should hav evolved, it was a nice opertunity for it if you ask me.

I agree with you, i think Bulbasaur missed the perfect opportunity to evolve.

I think the only reason it didn't was to prove how strong it was without evolving.


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For myself, I'm glad Bulbasaur didn't evolve. I love that little bulb too much to see it go. I also liked that Venusaur. Who knew they had so many vines?

That garden was so pretty, though. Wow! ^^


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I kinda wished Bulbasaur had evolved. But I'm glad it didn't at the same time. This was a great episode. The garden was gorgeous too.
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Bulbasaur would've been better off evolving into Ivysaur so it can get stronger, but what would've it happen if it did repeat the same things that Charmeleon did to Ash? It would make his life hard, so it stayed the same probably because of that in my opinion.


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C'Mon, that bulbasaur is strong enough to beat an Abomasnow using only grass-type moves with a band closing it's eyes(bulbasaur's), but it hasn't evolved yet!


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Ok, something has been bothering me for the longest time. This wasn't the first episode this appeared in but it was my favorite. The music that plays when the sun rises and Bulbasaur uses his good ol' Solarbeam, what is it called and can it be downloaded without all the foreground sounds and dialogue? I have trawled everywhere to find it but I can't even name the piece, the one with the electric guitar and all that.

Bulbasaur's Solarbeam kicks the rest of the Solarbeams used in the anime right up the rump. ;)

Edit: I now know that it's a remix of the track Total War, but still I ask: Where can I get it?
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This episode was good, though I wasn't hoping that Bulbasaur would evolve. But good thing Bulbasaur never did. If it did, then it might have been acting just like Charmeleon.