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Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden (051)


Interesting, a Pokemon that doesn't want to evolve. Just like Pikachu.

I liked how the entire evolutionary set was in this episode, with Venusaur as the leader.



I loved how Bulbasaur didn't want to evolve, because it wasn't ready enough.

And Venusaur was really strong, it was great to see it's power.


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Great episode. It was really cool to see Bulbasaur save the day, and learn Solarbeam in the process. Too bad this means he'll never evolve...



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I was amazed at how Bulbasaur could actually resist evolution. It must be extremely strong if it could prevent itself from evolving like that, since it looked like it was really hard to do this.

I remember watching this episode with my friend, and we were both puzzled by Bulbasaur's decision not to evolve. We were left thinking, "Why wouldn't it want to be stronger...?!"


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One of my favourite episodes ever. I love Bulbasaur, and just reading this has made me regret evolving mine recently on my new FR save file. :(


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Cool to see Ivysaur,Venusaur and Rhyhorn. Very cool that Balbasaur showed TR with a Solarbeam. Sad Balbasaur will never evolve. 9/10


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Bulbasaur is my favourite Pokemon, so I was so happy to see it not evolve. :D Great episode.

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all this episode is bulbasaur being resistant to evolution but they may evolve it like they did with cyndaquil


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Bulbasaur wasn't 'resistant' to evolution, it specifically chose not to evolve.. it wants to stay in its basic stage permanently.

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Bulbasaur wasn't 'resistant' to evolution, it specifically chose not to evolve.. it wants to stay in its basic stage permanently.

i doubt the writer will allow it to stay basic though
Venusaur was great bu i was dissapointed when Bulbasaur did not evovle seriously does Ashes pokemon have brain defects or something they should want to evolve(U ONLY GET BIGGER)


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It was nice to see the whole evolutionary set of Bulbasaur. I really don't understand why some of Ash's Pokémon don't want to evolve. Evolution isn't supposed to change the Pokémon mentally, only physically. Although somehow that wasn't the case for Charmeleon... Anyway it was still a bit of a boring episode. Nice to see Team Rocket being Solar Beamed!
This is a great episode. Cool to see how Bulbasaur can surpress the evolution process. The garden full of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur was nice as well. A good episode for Bulbasaur to learn Solarbeam. I love Ivysaur more than Bulbasaur, but I'm happy about the fact that Bulbasaur is still a Bulbasaur. I can't describe it well, but Ash's Bulbasaur just feels better as a Bulbasaur. Also good to see that unevolved Pokemon can be just as good as fully evolved ones, that's the lesson from this episode.


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I enjoyed this episode - solely on the fact that this episode was meant for Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is probably the most strongest un-evolved Pokemon Ash has, and in my opinion, Bulbasaur remains to have that position all up to this day


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A nice episode focusing on Bulbasaur. I love how it didn't wanna be like everyone else who was evolved already. It doesn't have to be forced to do something it doesn't wanna do, which is why I liked this episode.
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A great episode. Loved how it was mainly focus on Bulbasaur, since its pretty much my favorite starter. I wish it would have evolved, but I understand it didn't want to.. so I still enjoyed it. He is cute :3 I liked how Solarbeam was portrayed. It looked so powerful ^_^


Nice to see all the double standards people have. bulbasaur chooses not to evolve and everyone loves him. Piplup decides not to and its the worst thing in the world.

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Bulbasaur's decision not to evolve was a real character-defining moment. Piplup merely copied Bulbasaur later on, so it wasn't as great a moment then.