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Bullying in schools and what should be done about it

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Willow's Tara, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    I posted this on another thread but decided to make a new thread about bullyinh

    So I discussed about bullying and I wanted to know what you guys think should be done about it. Teachers obivously don't try hard enough to stop the bullying in the school. School is supposed to be a place to learn yet alot of people are bullied, sterotyped or judged by who they are, what they do or being what they can't control (Like deaf, blind, wheelchair etc, I am hearing impaired myself).
    But by the end of Year 12 (When I got bullied by a bunch of jerks in a lower grade then me) I wanted out of that school, and I was thinking to myself maybe if I hadn't been teased or bullied or felt like nobody wanted to be friends with me (That didn't start until mid Year-10 and 11) or afraid what people might think to things like Pokemon and etc, and that I would have been more eagered to learn more.

    Now sure English, Drama and ICT were quite enjoyable to me (Art wasn't too bad either) but I might have enjoyed more without the baggage of bullying. To what I think should be done about it. Perhaps instead of saying I will watch them that they should be given Detention slips or suspension. Seriously in the real world you wouldn't get away with stealing someone's hat or punching them or putting thier heads in the toilets (Neither of the last two happened to me but I can sympathised).

    Now maybe this sounds harsh but how will they learn if they think they can just get away with it? What you guys think? Should something more be done about the constant bullying in High School? I graduted about four years ago and it wasn't that good but I am sure bullying has become worse then the last time I was there. And I don't want my future son or daughter going to school and having to suffer because they don't wear the right clothes or have a problem that they cannot control or because they don't hang out with the right crowd or like certain things.
  2. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    This is a very complicated matter, and I think it goes to the center of "how do you stop people from picking on other people", and in short, I think it's really unstoppable. In general.

    But I think there needs to be a different approach to bullying. Here in Los Angeles, for instance, we have a Zero Tolerance policy which investigates the heck out of kids who say anything resembling an idle threat, yet completely fails to catch the person who takes a gun out of their backpack and starts a school shooting. This kind of institution makes schools into virtual prisons and replaces nurturing and enlightenment with suspicion and interrogation.

    I went to a "small school" project high school where my class was only the second attending year for them. In my first year, there were no fights, no threats, no sign of violence except for an instance of graphitti in the bathroom. This was apparently because they hired top-notch teachers, invested more time in the Peer Counseling program and instead of detention, used "community service" as the primary punishment for students who got out of line. Their approach was to treat the students like young adults and level with them about how the real world was going to be.

    My second year was less ideal, when the number of students rose from 120 to 200. There was a fight in my first week. Community Service was discontinued for some reason. There were staff changes to supply us with more classes to fit more students.

    My third year was awful - for some reason they hired a Spanish teacher who was half deaf and blind, who tried his best to give us assignments on the computers, but 1) had to have a student help him work his own computer, giving them access to his admin privilages, allowing them to cheat, 2) there weren't enough computers, and 3) in the end, the impracticality of it all led to him giving us good grades anyway. The class was so out of control, I tried to use a computer and three grown men -- I'M NOT KIDDING -- lifted up my wheelchair and set me somewhere else so they could take my computer and play 101 games on it. There were 350 some students now and new staff that had horror stories to tell. By the end of the year there were terrible, beatdown fights with death threats happening simultaneously in two classes - Algebra and Spanish.

    In my fourth year, the student count went up to like 500, and the teachers all seemed more tired and derisive. The staff and principal seemed to be of the idea that the students were vermin that had to be immediately prepared for with hostility so they could control them properly. And so, with this idea in mind the students acted exactly like that. It wasn't at all like my first year there, where the staff tried to give individual attention to everyone and respect to the students - by the end of the year I felt like I wasn't going anywhere special. There was a twenty foot tag up pink graphitti over the cafeteria windows, which were like, 50 feet high? And someone died that year.

    So...bullying, is a hard problem to tackle, considering the abominable things that teenagers can do are, horrible to say the least, not to mention the things they can do to each other. I think a lot of focus needs to be put on individual attention, and making the students take part in their own education, hopefully project-based, so they can be held accountable for their actions under an instructor, who should be well-hired and interested in respecting the students intead of just doing their job and then leaving.
  3. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    bullying will happen regardless of what anyone says or does. Theres been so many assemblies, principle in class talks, teachers talks, ect its rediculous.

    Kids can stop bullying if they tried, as you may know bullying is the act of intimdation, putting another down, abusing,threatening, blackmail, harrasment, fighting, cyber attacking, ect. Acomplicing bully's includes watching or hearing an act of bullying happening/ going to happen, helping the bully bully someone, supllying bullies with materials neccacecery to bullying.

    I myself beleive it or not get bullied at school, and im tired of it. Bullies use intimidation, and as long as you show fear, it continues. My advice: Stand up to a bully. No matter what a teacher/adult says, never back down and flee. it makes you look like a puss and more people bully you. If a bully pushes you, hits you, ect. Punch them in the nose or throat as hard as you can, I gurantee from that, you wont get bullied no more. Just make sure you dont hospalise/kill/injure the bully, as that follows up with lawsuits.

    There will always be bullies, but standing up to them, and getting friends help, prevents bullying for you to stop. Just make sure you mess the bully up enough.
  4. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    Not that it will 100% get rid of bullying, but how about adults take an interest in these kids and get to know them and try to understand their motives behind bullying? That could maybe work, right?
  5. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    motives are usually that the bully is bullied/neglected/abused at home. The bully doesnt know how to make friends, he used to get bullied, the bully just wants attention, the bully tries to make itself feel good/better by putting other in pain
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2009
  6. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    jman- I don't think violence is the answer, in the end it will just get you the victim suspeneded or expelled probably. And standing up to them won't always work either, I tried that in Year 12, I ignored them, tried to stand up to myself without violence and even told a teacher but nothing really worked.

    Fused- That might be a good idea but there is a chance bullies will just lie to get the teacher off thier backs.

    Sunny- Maybe if more teachers did what they did when you were in the first year things could be alot better, I understand there's alot of students in the school but bullying should be handled better, During the end of Year 12 I really wanted to leave (Which is lucky I was in Year 12 and this started a few months before I graduted), maybe it would have been different if I didn't have people who backstabbed me or give me cold shoulders and tell me they don't like me or bullied me, I probably would have even cried at Graduation.
  7. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    i feel proud when im suspended, which is retarded since im standing up for myself. my parents even buy me ice-cream for standing up to myself.
  8. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I remember hearing on the radio about a week or so ago where someone mentioned that schools should have a discipline fee. If the child misbehaves in school, the parents pay a small fine (I don't exactly remember the actual reasons behind it or how much the fee is). The host said that was a brilliant idea, and I agree with him. If there was a discipline fee, I'm sure that bullying would decrease.

    But back to reality.

    I've always been bullied, but it was mainly in elementary school. I remember my first bullies back when I was in first grade who kept getting me to sing the ABCs, because they didn't believe I was six. (And I was a really tiny kid back in the day. I'm still short for my age, and people confuse me for a freshman still XD.) Well, I finally told them off (I don't exactly remember what I said, but I think I challenged THEM to sing the alphabet before going down the slide), and I haven't been bothered by them since.

    Then along came this kid George. He didn't really bully me, but he was a big troublemaker. He would scream and pick fights with kids, and sometimes with teachers (which got him expelled eventually). The only time he really bothered me was when I got in a tug-of-war between him and another kid (I was the rope), but that was about it. He did get in my face to tell me off about something, but whatever it was I forgot eventually.

    Middle school was no problem at all, but I made friends with a girl nobody liked, so if they made fun of her, they made fun of me. That was how it was those two years.

    High school is cruel, I'll give you that. The closest to being bullied was being sexually harassed by hormone-driven boys. Seriously, I barely stepped foot on that school when a Junior hit on me. His brother was the same. I eventually told them off (which I wasn't supposed to say because I didn't have that authority, but it worked), and they left me alone the rest of their high school days. I still have guys hitting on me, though, and it may not be considered bullying, but I don't like it (I hate boys who immediately flirt with me >_<). I'm actually kinda looking forward to graduation because of that.

    The only reason why I made it through those years was because of good friends and by just ignoring them (and being rubber). Bullies have low self-esteem, we all know that, and they would just love to have you as miserable as they are. Not giving them what they want turns them away. It's the other best solution to these problems. Not showing any emotion to them (except maybe just smiling) is what scares them away, next to standing up for yourself and show you're not afraid of them.

    That's my policy, anyway.
  9. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    I'm so sorry the people did that to you. I had some experiences like that myself in school, only my fight was with the AP English teacher himself. All year he bragged to everyone about my writing abilities and told them I could go to Columbia in New York, and adopted me as a teacher's aide to grade underclassmen essays. Then at the end of the year, he discovered people were getting good grades on an internet program where a computer grades essays, by simply repeating the same paragraph over again, and he made the strange issue a prompt on our English final: Should these people be punished, or not? I wrote that they shouldn't be punished, because the computer legitimately graded the essays well and if they didn't want to rely on a computer's logic, then the teacher himself shouldn't have been so lazy and assigned the essays himself. On the last day of school he put me on the spot in front of the class and told me I was a terrible writer, the worst in the class, and completely degraded me while everyone listened. I actually did go and cry at lunch time, and only got comfort from my study buddies. That was my last day of high school.

    And this came from a teacher. I'm not sure you can stop students from being backstabbing or being cold, there's a variety of things that makes people act up and feel combatative. I don't think teachers can stop students from behaving this way if it is a part of being human, I think you can just learn from the experience and build up knowledge on how to deal with it later.
  10. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    teachers are alowed to be mean and pick on students.
    My SS teacher constantly picks on certain students in each period, and calls them names and puts them on the spot all the time. BUT when a student does it, its down the principles office you go
  11. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    They are not supposed to, it's considered bullying (even if they are joking around). The teacher is there to TEACH the students, not lower their self-esteem. If all they're going to do is yell at a kid, and pick him/her out from hundreds of others just to make them feel bad, then why are they teachers in the first place? That's more suitable for a commanding officer.

    We had a teacher just like that in fourth grade, and enough students told their parents that they called in about her, and she got fired. I never told my parents about her, but Mom found that out when she was talking to her one day. The teacher excused herself to scream at the kids to shut up (literally) before going back and talking to my mom in a sweet tone. I think Mom was one of the parents that called the principal about it.
  12. CSolarstorm

    CSolarstorm New spicy version

    Yeah, but it was more one of those cases where I thought my teacher was a good friend, it rather hurt to have him blast me like that. However, most of the class commended me for standing up for my opinion and arguing against him while on the spot ^_^;. Our comradery was rather infamous in the class, and he didn't gain any popularity by putting me down like that.

    But he did gain popularity when he had his class send letters to Barack Obama and actually get a video reply...but that's another story. I should really go to bed.

    My point was...what was my point?

    Anyway, I think the best way to reduce bullying is a project-based, student-centered system where the ratio of staff to students is high, and students are regularly acquainted with morals, respect, and inspirational philosophies and stuff like that. Peer counseling is a good strategy, since the counselors are already people you can count on to stay out of trouble, and they create more peace through counseling. And then it's important to look students in the eye and level with them, rather then expecting ill of them. If teachers bring bad vibes to the classroom, students will just reciprocate those feelings. Expecting good things and helping students to become good people should decrease bullying.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2009
  13. I_Lost_The_Game

    I_Lost_The_Game Scyther > Scizor

    Well if we tried hard enough we'd realize that bullying isn't the problem, it's school.
  14. ChedWick

    ChedWick Well-Known Member

    Do explain how you have come to this brilliant conclusion....
  15. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    Generally the self-concious and shy kids get bullied, or the kids who over-react.
    Learn to be social, make friends, and just don't give them the reaction they're looking for.

    And about the school thing.
    I go to a huge high school. No one here really has a problem with anyone else.
    People at small schools tend to get bullied more.
    And some schools just suck.
  16. Dread Advocate

    Dread Advocate †Stay Metal†

    in middle school i was bullied for a number of reasons: i liked pokemon, i liked star wars, i was short, i didnt use profanity, i didnt like sports and i didnt have an xbox. i was bullied by mainly two people: the star football player and the most diehard halo fanboy ive ever met. being bullied in middle school turned me into a paranoid mess. now i constantly think the whole world hates me, but i know thats not true. last year 2nd semester there was this one guy who sat next to me in tech class. he had no idea who the Joker from Batman was. i called him "entertainment illiterate." he apparently didnt appreciate that and backhanded my back with all his strenght. he thought it was funny how i reacted and continued for 2 months. i eventually went to the counsellors to just get him to stop. he ended up being suspended for three days (not my intention). turns out that he was actually afraid of me and im stronger than him (the latter is another story).

    i wont deny that ive been a bully in high school. 9th grade 1st semester there was this one guy i didnt really like. physically he was twice my height and weight, but that didnt stop me from bullying him. i once snuck up behind the guy, curbstomped his calf muscle, then my friends and i stole his lunch, hid it and eventually ate it. tha about a month after that we were walking around the track. i found an empty diet coke bottle, snuck up behind him and struck him upside the head with the cap end. i havent seen him since freshman year. last year 1st semester there was this freshman who sat with me and my friends at lunch. he was really annoying. he had a Jamaican accent (not why i bullied him), he stuttered and he mumbled (both big reasons why i bullied him), making it very diffuclt to understand what he was saying. the main reason i bullied him was simply because he was a freshman and i was a sophomore, and felt a sense of superiority over him. i always called him Stutter. but then our school had a "crazy hat day" and he wore a Jamaican hat. it made him look like Bob Marley or a jellyfish. since then ive called him Bob Marley or Jellyfish. i havent bullied anyone yet this year, except for myself. im improving, though. im trying to stop.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2009
  17. Mandi.

    Mandi. 3:

    There's really no way to protect students from bullying. Because especially with just verbal bullying (teachers/people tend to find that UNharmful, and don't really care to stop it.)
    But of course, verbal bullying IMO (and many others) is way more harmful than physical. When you get punched, it's like "hey, you'll get back up." With verbal ..just the things people say these days, can destroy someone more than other's think. And obnoxious people are always "OH GROW UP. GET OVER IT." But in reality, things that people say, can really hurt others in different ways.

    I was never bullied extremely. In elementary school I suffered with horrible speech problems, so I hated to talk because people would crack on me for how I talked. So in middle school I was shy as hell, so people always made fun of me, because I'd never do anything. D:

    In high school though, I think, well @ mine ..most kids finally mature, and stop bullying. Well for me, if someone did say something about me, I'd make sure to say something, and defend myself, unlike in my younger days. Though I got along with mostly everyone. I mean there are still kids that suffer from bad bullying in high school. But it does die down. I think most of the bullying happens in middle school, because that's where all the kids get at the age where they think they're bad s hit, and everyone has to be exactly the same, and if you're a little different, you get hated on.

    But in reality, people are never going to stop bullying, if it's something that can make them feel better than someone else (which is retarded, when bullies pick on the most targeted kids ..who they know won't do s hit, so it's kinda stupid. are you really that big and cool then? Not really. :p)
  18. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    Parents and teachers verbally bully kids, and then they say "shut up grow up". But if a kid says anything back, its "dont talk back to me".....
  19. Pokemon-Dratini

    Pokemon-Dratini cutes.u.2.death >: )

    Bullying will unfortunately never completely dissapear from any school, no matter what happens

    Its unfortunate that kids, teens, and even some adults go around bullying people, as you said teachers should try to keep bullying from happening but it will never go away. People can be cruel. I'm happy to say that in my school,we have a few "clubs" i geuss is what you could call them, that help people that were bullied,or even the a*s****s
    who bully (although i think they should be punished much harsher..but as you said violence wont solve anything). We all learned a valuable lesson in my school when a Kid who was being bullied harsher than any had known had hung himself. He left a letter listing why he did it, and who actually had bullied him, and just because, as you are, he was hearing impaired and couldnt speak very well, Anthony was an amazing kid...so cute too.....ah offtrack anyway.. listed 12 people, and when his mom came to a bully prevention assembly that SADD(students against destructive decisions) had she told us somethings that people shount ever have done to them in school...

    so yeah i completely agree that bullying needs to be prevented.

    r.i.p Anthony Dechallio
  20. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    im always heargin stories of kids being litearraly bullied to death its sad. I knew a girl whos step-father was bullying her and her sisters, and when her mom was going to move away, he killed her and her family before shooting himself. Prick..

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