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Burst of Blue...Dragonair/Altaria

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Gizmomancer supreme
Some more dragon-type Pokemon:

I'm really lazy when it comes to doing backgrounds :). The rainbow in Altaria picture looks a little out of place, but I added it in anyway to give it some colour variation other then just blue and white. Both pictures were done using the airbrush tool in Photoshop. Give your comments!


gee that's swell
Holy crap!!!!That's the best art I've ever seen!!!Are you sure you don't work at Nintendo? What I'm I saying? You're better than Nintendo!!!!Great shading!I especially like the Alteria.The rainbow looks good in that pic!!!!Great work. I hope you do more


No avatard plz
I agrea with every one! If ypu have time off your buityful art, can you tell me
any web sit that I can go to that will tell me how 2 do that?


Thunder Trainer
The Altaria picture is gorgeous...One of the main reasons why I prefer it over the Dragonair pic is the amount of "life" that emanates from it...The Dragonair picture is quite well drawn too...

One thing that I've noticed about your pictures, though...the shading needs some placement work...It looks as if it's all over the place, and that throws everything off...this is also part of the reason why your work looks a bit "flat"...Basically, they lack a definite light source...

For example, the Altaria..The shading on the neck and the feet are done in opposite directions....with the Dragonair, shadows look as if they're placed anywhere and everywhere...

Mastering this type of shading takes a bit of practice, but your pieces will look 100% better when you do...Good work, overall...I expect to see great things from you..


Well-Known Member
Beautiful. And stunningly amazing. And everything everyone else said. You like Dragon Pokemon?

So do I. :)
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