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But Would You Be A Trainer?


Lost in Translation

I would go around freeing pokemon, by force if necessary.

Slaves treated well are still slaves.

Armored Mewtwo

Unrepentant Pokefan
I have always dreamed of going on great adventures and seeing new lands. But it has always been just that. A dream. When confronted with the possibility and potential, I inevitably shy away. I think that in a world of Pokemon, I'd be much the same. And that bothers me.

I've always wanted to be stronger, more confident, more adventurous, but just because a world has such wonderful elements doesn't make every heart one of a hero. But within my region, I'd be a happy camper. I'd probably catch some Pokemon here and there, but my selection would be slow and steady. My Pokemon would be my close friends. Who and what they are wouldn't matter as much as what they mean to me.

Perhaps I'd live in a nice, quiet town. Be an accountant for some local small business. Spend my off days watching TV and watching internet reviewers mock the laughable films coming out of the Pokemon film industry, which is arguably the most absurd industry in fictional history.


Boy Skylark
I always wanted to be a trainer if Pokemon was real, but perhaps for me that wouldn't be the wisest thing.
Perhaps at some point, but just not immediately.
I'd probably want to be a Breeder or Ranger, more towards Breeder because for a Ranger I'm unsure if you can keep Pokemon thats not the partner Pokemon.
My dream team, even if I wasn't a trainer, would be the team I have in almost every game:


The other two slots would probably be my Sylveon and Aeglislash, but their new and I'm not overly attached to them yet. >~<


I would totally be a Trainer! The competitive drive in me is just too huge, and I'd end becoming addicted to battles! But don't get me wrong, I'll still love my Pokemon.

The team I would probably use would be the team in my sig


The Sealed Weapon
I think I'd have the whole Eevee family as my...family.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't. A Pokemon trainer's daily life includes no eating, no speaking, no sleeping, a regular regimen of riding a bicycle mindlessly along a long path in front of the Pokemon day care, polishing badges that inexplicably get dirty in a closed badge case, dealing with illegitimate Pokemon when battling trainers who look exactly like them, being stuck with nowhere to train their Pokemon that are above Lv. 60, becoming the Pokemon Champion 11 times straight just to level up these Pokemon, dealing with natures, EVs, and IVs in real life... Need I go on?


Be a Man!
I see myself more as a breeder than a trainer. I think it's because I prefer to see Pokemon as pets to play with.

You know, this is pretty cool. Like Burninator mentioned, it would be really good. And I would love to use a Haunter to mess with people lifes, or a Arcanine to protect my house; a Eevee to play because he's so cute, or a Pidgeot to get me flying over this world, even a Mr. Mime to help me cleaning my home, as he seems to be very helpful in those matters. Man, it would be awesome!!!


Well-Known Member
I think I'd be a trainer, but instead of being a hardcore dude who drills his pokemon into the ground and go and beat everybody in the world, I'd try to be a more casual trainer. By that, I mean I'd have pokemon more as friends and partners then as a team for battle. I would battle, but as I said, take it easy and treat my pokemon as friends. Occasionally I might take a team into the forest or something to train, and if they wanted to shoot for champion, but that's about it.


I would like to be a Trainer, but not so much into battling. More like collecting Pokemon and swap my team around everytime until I fill the Pokedex :)
Then I think I would have the experience needed to become a Pokemon Professor, like Oak!


Eggcellent Breeder
I'd probably do a lot of stuff. First I would explore the world, battling, catching Pokémon and stuff. But afterwards I would like a more quiet and peaceful life, I would try and breed lots of Pokémon and be a Professor at the same time. But in the meanwhile I would often still go out and travel. I want to catch all the Pokémon and live with them.
I think I'd try to become a Water Pokemon Master, like Misty. Meanwhile, I'd travel with my girlfriend, who would work on being a monotype trainer too, using Dark Pokemon. Once she and I get married, she and I will settle down and get married. Then, she and I would hopefully get a big place next to our house for all our Pokemon, just like Professor Oak has. <3


We'll bang, ok?
I'd travel the world, similar to Ash, but I'd mostly just be looking for 'mon to travel with and hang out with. Not interested too much in gyms, but deffs have the occasional battle.


New Member
I think everyone who's profession or career that involves working with a Pokemon are somehow Pokemon Trainers
because they'll have to train Pokemons after all.
So in the Pokemon world, I hope or maybe I'll still be interested in becoming an engineer. But with a Pokemon or two with
me as friends. I love having animals or in this world, Pokemons as companions and friends.
An Ivysaur and Gengar. My two best friends :)


High Five The Sky!!!
I would be like those trainers who would do the only collect and use one type. That might be cool, i would have other pokemon too but i would only use them if i have to.


Golden Sun 4?
Obviously yes!

I would be Steven's apprentice! But I would use all my favourite 'Mons, not just a Mono Team!


Well-Known Member
I would. I'd really like to start with a Male Ralts and make Gallade my buddy. I'd probably want to try and become a Gym Leader/Elite Four Member, so I think I might train lots of Psychic Pokemon. No cats, though. However, I'd want to Contests more than anything else. They look amazing in the Anime.