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But Would You Be A Trainer?


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Oh yes, I would definitely be a trainer. Given how my family is (on both sides), I would likely come from a long line of trainers, too.

I would probably end up owning a pokemon shelter eventually, though.


gone gently
Definitely. But that'd just be the beginning.

I'd train Pokémon for battle because that has always been shown to be 1) something that Pokémon enjoy and which helps them develop confidence and intelligence, and 2) something that encourages a strong bond of friendship and trust between Pokémon and human. I'd also be a trainer because I enjoy the strategy and friendly competition of it (at least as depicted in the anime), and it would be an intellectual and possibly physical challenge. But more broadly, I would train Pokémon so that I could help combat the inevitable forces of scoundrels who would use their own trained Pokémon as weapons or tools of coercion, and also to be able to respond to natural disasters or other unfortunate accidents.

But while training my Pokémon, I would also try to grow as a Pokémon breeder (in the anime sense, a la Brock), with the ultimate goal of becoming a Pokémon professor in my adulthood. Even in a Pokémon world, I'd still love education and teaching, so I'd spend all of my life studying and taking care of such amazing creatures, and helping future generations learn to responsibly and wisely do the same.

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I don't think I would be rushed into gym battles and leagues if I lived in the Pokemon World, but surely I would like to adopt 2-4 Pokémons to live together with me and battle ocasionally against other trainers.


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Yes, I would be off the day I turned ten. I would be the kid that had a dream team planned out, and stopped at nothing to get it. Though after I became well-known, I would probably become a professor who studies evolution, fossils, and the evolutionary stones.


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Yes I would be a middle of the road trainer. I wouldn't try gym battles or hope for the Pokemon League, but just battle casually with anyone interested in battling me


Yes I would be a middle of the road trainer. I wouldn't try gym battles or hope for the Pokemon League, but just battle casually with anyone interested in battling me

Do you literally mean the "middle of the road trainer" that stands in the middle of the road for eternity until someone else walks past. You challenge them and walk towards them, lose, pay them, and retreating to standing for eternity?


Sol Badguy
I would be a trainer with 6 Tropius so I can have an infinite supply of Bananas!
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if it where like in the anime i would love to be a pokemon trainer and i would probably be a Dragon trainer traveling the different regions to catch and train all the dragons i could get my hands on. Did i mention i like dragon pokemon?


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I'd be a Trainer and fight Gyms, and a coordinator and partake in contests. I would prefer anime style since it is real life and there is no turn based combat^^ who waits to punch that person back after they tried to punch you? (Jk)

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I am not sure. I would like to be one, but more like... part-time while being involved on something else. Volunteering at places like schools or other things P: along with my Pokemon :3


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I've actually thought about this before. What I came up with ultimately is I would have no idea. Early childhood could be a major factor. For example, you could be like May, being traumatized by Pokemon. Then there is the parent factor. Would they let me? Then there is would I want to leave for a long period of time, up to years. Being in this world with Pokemon being fantastical creatures, we look to them almost as idols. Living with them for my whole life, might affect my feelings of whether I would like to go on a journey or not. Right now I'd like to say that I would like to go on one. But in all, I'd have to say I have no idea whether or not I would. There are just too many factors. So no one should know it would only be a guess.

Iced Earth

Honestly, I wouldn't be. Well not as like a whole "become the Champion" trainer. I would probably be a ranger. (Not from the Pokemon Ranger games, but the trainer you can battle in RSE.) I'm planning on going to school to become a forest ranger, so it would be fitting. I would have a couple Pokemon to aid me in my work or as companions. I'd probably train in a Gym and battle on my free time, though.


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i would at least have a pokemon as pet, if real life pokemon was as easy as the games, so you beat the others very easily and get as much money as you get in the game then i would say yes, but if being a pokemon trainer would be like being in the olimpics then no.

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I would kill my enemies, tear into their bodies and feel grrrrreat!
Just kidding, I would be the Pokemon Champion... no one will conquer me!


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In real life, I aspire to someday became a notable singer and actor, I lean towards the show-offy side. If I lived in the Pokémon World, I feel that I would enjoy battling, but I would much prefer to be an idol, or a Top Coordinator *~* , shiny shiny coordinator :) My niche would be to show off Pokémon that don't really come off as cute/beautiful as just that. If I was an idol, then I'd just have a pet Venusaur. However, being a grass-type elite 4 member would be nice :)

I would be a trainer with 6 Tropius so I can have an infinite supply of Bananas!

LOL :3
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You can go wherever you want whenever you want, there are centers everywhere which dish out free food (anime) and you get money for winning battles (game) who wouldn't want to live in a world like this? :)


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Honestly, I wouldn't want to be a Pokemon Trainer in real life. In fact, I'd probably end up like Tory from Destiny Deoxys: absolutely TERRIFIED of Pokemon. I'm not fond of wild animals in real life as it is, but when those wild animals can burn you to a crisp, electrocute you, hit you with giant rocks, mess with your mind, freeze you solid, poison you, put you to sleep, and slice you in half, I don't think I'd want to get anywhere near them. Now, I realize that most Pokemon are friendly and wouldn't hurt a human, but the point still stands. I also don't see myself as being able to take care of an animal, I just feel like don't have the responsibility.


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So, some interesting and considered answers.
Slightly amazed at how full of themselves some people are, however, by their answers...