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But Would You Be A Trainer?


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i would probably be a trainer from age 10-18 then i would settle in one of the smaller towns and become a pokemon breeder and sell the baby pokemon for a living. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL OR ANYTHING. an example would be: two parents want to give their kid a dratini as his/her first pokemon and i have multiple pokemon breedings at once and for x amount of money i give them a lvl 1 dratini. Plus i could get extra money by breeding starters for the pokemon proffesors and some of the parent pokemon i use could be members of my old team.


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I am very lazy by nature and prefer not to spend a single joule more energy than I absolutely have to except under duress, so I'm not sure I'd be a trainer. Entirely too much walking. I'm That Person who drives to the store even when it's only two blocks away. Definitely not trainer material.

Would love to have a pokemon, though. An Arcanine or a Scolipede, something I can ride on. And something that would listen to what I say, because no one else does.


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Yes. I've always wanted to travel, and I am still at the age where I have no legal obligations or financial responsibilities.


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I think I'd want to be a researcher because in real life I'm curious about how animals work, and am always fascinated when I see or read something new that I did not know about them.

Lady Kuki

I wouldn't mind being a trainer. Not at all! It's the best part of Pokemon! Just as long as I don't get hurt or something haha.


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...it would cost a hell of a lot of money to go on an adventure like that.

Therefore, I would be a trainer only if I had Tropius. Bananas for food and it can fly for travel.

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Well, I think that if i were placed into the world of Pokemon, i would definitely go on a Pokemon Journey. Although I would eventually settle down after travelling for a few years. To me it seems like being a full time trainer is only viable if on a journey aiming for Pokemon Leagues and the like. As a regular trainer in the Pokemon World I don't think I would be able to make it that far without a massive a out of effort. (Or you know, if i cheated and used my outside knowledge to capture or befriend some legendarys).

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I would definitely be a Pokémon Trainer. The pokedex challenge has always been one of my favorite parts of the game. If I were in the pokemon world, I would work on being a training to be a pokemon professor. I would still capture, train, and battle pokemon, but a lot of my journey would be for academic purposes. I've also fantasized about using my winnings from pokemon battles to open up a pokemon nature preserve so all my pokemon could live in a reproduction of their natural habitats. I've never been fond of the pc box storage. so if I had my nature preserve, my pokemon can frolic with each other until I need to switch up my team. That's always been my little fanfic dream.


Title Drop

Nah. Maybe if you had asked me a few years ago, but these days I'd rather do something that would allow me to stay with my husband. I would, however, definitely own a Pokémon and maybe work with them. Y'know, one of those jobs that the boring talky NPCs in the games have. That might be nice.


Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much fun I would have in the Pokemon world. Of all the Possible Mes that there are, this one is quite possibly having the most fun.

For one thing, I am an avid hiker and love to travel through the backcountry. It's even a mild fetish of mine that I can do whatever I want out in the middle of nowhere and nobody will see or care. The biggest problem with this is the possibility of dangerous situations like brush fires, bear attacks, and the like. Having a Pokemon or multiple Pokemon would allow me to keep my allies out of sight out of mind when I want to travel quietly and alone, but still safe - even more so than having a hiking partner along.

You can be well assured that I will spend almost all of my time outdoors. Possibly in multiple states of dishabille, who knows.

I would ordinarily say that this would make me a non-Trainer, but think about it. Where are all he Pokemon hidden? In the wilderness. Where am I 85% of the time at least? The wilderness.

I may not be able to assemble a dream team merely by walking through the forest, but it could be enough to weaken and catch some stronger, rarer, or prettier Pokemon sometime down the road. With my experience and (sorry I am not bragging too hard here I promise) intelligence, I could easily become a Gym Leader, if not an E4 member, if not the Champion.

I am drooling just thinking about walking out of my house with nothing but a backpack full of supplies and never returning. Sadly, someone would call the cops, everywhere is too populated, and the more time I spend out there the more likely it is that I will die in some freak accident.

But yeah, I do plan on going hiking with my Significant Other someday. If only it could be Pokemon Hiking, then it would be perfect :( I shall have to settle for my dog and pretend she is a Houndour who can breathe fire.
I would want to be a trainer but on the other hand I might want to be like nurse joy, because I would be nursing Pokemon to full health!
If you would want to know what you would want to do you might want to compare the Pokemon world to our world!
(Go with want your heart desires basically)


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I think I'd be a coordinator, or something similar. I'd love to experiment with pokemon moves and push them to their creative limits to put on a good show. If not, I'd probably try to study pokemon biology. Overall pokemon are very interesting creatures, speaking from a biological perspective. Imagine all the new technology that could be invented from studying pokemon biology.

Compared to that, being a trainer seems kinda lame.


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I would probably be a frontier brain or elite four member cause it sounds fun and you get to battle powerful trainers.


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I Would be a Coordinator,if it was like in the anime.
And I Would defeat Dawn. LOL


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Let's do a hypothetical, you're an inhabitant of the Pokémon world. You've not suddenly been transported there, you've always lived there. Born and raised.
Considering how that might affect your attitude towards Pokémon...

If you lived in the Pokémon world would you actually become a trainer?
Something I often found interesting with the anime, one of the few things, was when it showed people who lived and worked with Pokémon but weren't trainers.
We all play the games and are happy to set off, travelling the world and taking the Gym challenge. But is that what you'd want to do?

I like the idea of being some kind of landscaper/ranger for an estate/area of land. In actual life I've done arboriculture, landscaping, some basic gardening... Some experience in grounds keeping. Jobs that can be very good for the soul, I find.
Assuming that element of my personality is the same, I think that's something I'd very happily fit into. I'd get to spend a lot of time in relatively peaceful and un-tarnished natural environments and I think that's the best environment to live with Pokémon in.
I don't think I'd actually be comfortable being a Pokémon's trainer, who is obeyed because that's how it works. I'd rather be their friend and if I make a suggestion they do it 'cos they trust me and we have an understanding.
We have very similar interests and experience it seems. I would probably want to work as an environmental scientist with emphasis in Pokemon conservation and management, and work in a Safari Zone. In my younger days I would have wanted to go off and take the league challenges and then retire from that and go into my professional career, much like Gary.

A Pokemon Ranger would be pretty cool too.

Perhaps a blending of the two Ranger/Scientist
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In all honesty I do not think I would be a Trainer, I think I would run a Daycare or something. When it all comes down to it, I would not want to battle, I would just want to be with Pokemon


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Yeah, I guess I would be a trainer because I feel like that is what most people do when they are young. Eventually I would retire and I wouldn't mind end up being in charge of a Daycare or a Pokémon center. I think those jobs would suit me best because in real life, I am studying to be a nurse and then maybe a doctor one day.


I don't see myself as a regular "Trainer"..meaning, i don't care for the gym challenges and care more for the traveling and getting Pokemon, breeding them and training them. If i ever was in the Pokemon world, i would most likely travel throughout the regions and teach trainers skillsets that would best help them, "Traveling Merchant" of skills. Mostly the traveling with my dear Pokemon companions. Help others when they need it, and only battle trainers when necessary.


I've always had a knack for adventuring and exploring, so I want to travel the world when I grow up. Without a doubt, I'd be a Trainer, especially if I was in a region with a diverse ecosystem, such as Hoenn.


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I think I would be a pokemon trainer . Not just a regular trainer , but the elite four's grass specialist!
The best grass trainer ever! If I had to choose a region to travel in it would be kanto or sinnoh.