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Butterfree and Me! (791)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    In Ash's defense tho, bug types evolve quickly compared to other kinds of Pokemon, so it didn't take much effort to help Caterpie develop. Plus Ash had a soft spot for Caterpie, so I understood why he was willing to spend so long helping it. :]
  2. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    It's still annoying, though. The fact that the wild Butterfree's departure scene was like an exact rip-off of Ash's Butterfree's farewell scene was this episode's worst moment though IMO.
  3. Alloutℯ

    Alloutℯ Banned

    One of my favorite episodes, funny enough even though these Kanto flashbacks seem to be episodes to gain more ratings. Also, loved Ash getting all emotional and he has the worst luck ever.
  4. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    To be frank, I'm sure that Satoshi's Butterfree flashbacks were a very calculated method of pandering to older fans who remembered his old Butterfree. In fact, in spite of this episode having a decent plot in its own way, the majority of the episode felt like an opportunity for the writers to focus on nostalgia indulgence.
  5. Daizy

    Daizy I call you honey

    This episode just didn't do much for me. Ash crying at the end was unnecessary since he didn't know this Butterfree that well anyway. The flashbacks to his old Butterfree could've been longer too.

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