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Buuburn's claws??

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Unify To Thrive
Magmortar's claws are clearly visible in the Sprite. But in the art, They're only visible on one.. On the othere hand that's pointing towards you, Where are the three claws?? What happens to them, is what I really wonder.

Thank the people that can answer my question. It's been bugging me for a while and I just wanted to know. :D


That guy.
i have no idea y sugimori made the artwork like that


the Blue trainer
They are call cannon kinad like megaman but with two


Unify To Thrive
Thanks for the answers but what I think is that they're just floating and maybe they stick to the sides.. But I wanted to know for sure.


Profesional Lurker
Looks retractable to me, though I guess we won't know for sure untill we see him in the anime or battle revolution.

But as it was said makes him awesome. And this coming from some one who never liked the magmar line.

Hyper Shadow

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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that there cannons that he launches fireballs from. and it makes him look cool
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