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Buy Wi-Fi ?

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Dr. Awkward
There's probably a sticky or something about this. Next time check.

Anyway, if you have a compatible router the only thing that costs money is the broadband connection. If you don't you have to buy a USB Adaptor. Just check your connection settings, if there's a blue lock it's compatible and anyone can use it, if the lock is red you need a WEP key, but it still works, and a grey lock is not compatible and you need the Adaptor.


The King
Okej? An example: when i get in to the menu in my DS, where i choose play DS-game, Pictochat, Downloads(or something) or Play GBA-game, i choose Downloads. And on the over-screen it says Searching for download softwere(or something). And the green "lamp" is blinking. Is that right?


Wow, you have no idea do you?
You get a Wi-Fi compatible game (Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters etc.) and you go to the Wi-Fi menu in the game.
You press the connect button. You are on Wi-Fi.

Also, have you even bothered checking www.nintendowifi.com/? It's the official Website for Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service.


Okay. So I dont need to buy a "disk" or something to install wifi ?
If you have a Wi-Fi router, no, you wont.
If you don't have on and buy the USB one, yes you will need to use a disk. Only once, though to install it.
I ordered the Wifi stick from Nintendo by calling them. If you have a wireless internet conection, then you don't need the stick, only the wireless router.

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!


Well, no.
You still need broadband or a variation of it (cable, DSL, etc.) to use the USB Adaptor. Heck, even if you have a Wireless router you may still need to buy it, as was my case.
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