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BW Player character theory

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Ultra Beast Lover, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    First off, sorry if someone else already thought of this.

    Ok so I loved BW/B2W2 but one thing that bugged me was how we never got to learn where the original player went. Everyone talks about them and the dancer in front of the Ferris Wheel from the last game seemed to miss the og player a lot, not to mention that their absence allows Team Plasma to rise again.

    Let's consider something first, the first player wasn't like N in that they weren't raised to be the hero. They did what every other protagonist did and fought the bad guys which their dragon likely saw as good enough to qualify. Also, note how they did stuff like possibly leaving the very orbs of the creation trio Ghetsis gave them within Dragonspiral Tower and they left their musical stuff behind (the latter might be because musicals kinda suck but still) and they also let Iris take over as the champion even though by rights they should be the champion. We also know that they went to go find N who we know can choose to not be found if he wants. Why do all of this when you know Team Plasma is out there still?

    Let's look at the other regions before Unova, it was very easy for the evil teams to run rampant throughout the region because no one fought back. Unova was the first time we saw anyone besides the protagonists, rivals, and a couple champions actually work together to fight back against the evil team. The other regions were lax without any hero to protect them, even if the gym leaders still fought they might not put in as much effort because the hero is backing them, at least that might've been the thought process for the still young player. They could've been like, "I'm not a good enough hero, if they depend on me and I fall... I must find N." They then left the other items behind either for N or for another heir of sorts to the title of hero while also taking their dragon.

    Finally, let's look at where they might be. I'm thinking the Nature Preserve, it's a mysterious place that is barely talked about and we don't have full access to it. It's a place with only Pokemon, the only people allowed are pokedex holders ones who've seen 197 Unovan pokemon which is extremely hard and anyone else that can be trusted is probably allowed to visit. I don't recall anyone saying when it was discovered either so I think the og player saw that they couldn't keep chasing N until he agreed to stop running, Team Plasma was still out there, and they could very well steal the player's dragon if the player falls. So they tell Skyla and Juniper about the Nature Preserve and who to allow on the island, leave everything behind perhaps including the creation trio orbs, and set up shop on the Nature Preserve which has rare Pokemon that N could find interesting.

    Also, N's stands for Natural and there's a Nature Preserve.

    Anyways that was just a random little thought I had, maybe they'll explore where the original player went in the remakes.
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  2. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    I always thought the B/W player characters went to another region to keep researching Pokémon and challenge the other Leagues. In Nuvema Town in B2/W2, Hilbert/Hilda’s mother talks about wanting to go out into the world to find out where her child has gone.

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