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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. .Bambi.

    .Bambi. Be Wise, Tell Lies.

    Sooo I decided to train my Shiny Lillipup even with it's terrible nature. I don't competetive battle, so I would just be training and using him in-game anyways. Nicknamed him Tuna. Ahaha.

    Anyways...leveled up Snivy and Tuna to 17 before heading to Striaton City, thus both of them have evolved. Shiny sparkle + Intimidate makes Herdier a bitch for random Pokemon encounters. It takes FOREVER just to actually start the battle! Though I've played through Ruby with a Shiny Mightyena before, but still, I feel like B/W has the longest shiny sparkle of the game series. Anyways, beat Chilli with ease; got Panpour and did the Fennel/Dreamyard thing; am now on Route 3 about to go into Wellspring Cave to confront Team Plasma.

    I decided I was going to have Victini as my fire type before I started the game. I've never trained a Legendary, especially in-game, but Victini is super cute, [naturally] has very good and balanced stats, and none of the Unova fire types really strike my fancy other than Chandelure. Though I'm pretty sure everyone likes Chandelure. But I just realized I can't get it until just before the 3rd Gym and you capture it at level 15! I just finished the 1st Gym and my Pokemon are at level 20! Gah.

    Current Team:

    - Servine Lv. 20 [Male/Naughty/Overgrow]
    - Herdier (Tuna) Lv. 20 [Shiny/Male/Quiet/Intimidate]
    - Lillipup Lv. 4 [Pick-up Slave]
  2. RedMage23

    RedMage23 The Red Mage

    I transferred a large number of Pokemon from HeartGold, Platinum, and Diamond (I even went back to FireRed to capture a few I didn't have). Although I did not transfer any Pokemon that is obtainable in Black and White. Personally, I like the challenge of catching them all, and I plan to do that in White.
  3. bobri28

    bobri28 Get your snacks

    well, i have had the game for about 10 days now. I chose snivy as my starter. went out on route 1 and caught a lillipup. Got to the first gym town (can't remember its name) and got the water monkey thing that i also can't remember the name of. Defeated chili 1st time. Went to the fatory thing out the back of the gym town (suprise suprise i can't remember the name of that place either) and caught a munna. went on to that warehouse city (you know by now...) took 5 tries to defete Lenora. Caught a pansear in pinwheel forest and defeted the bug gmy in castelia 1st time. I've now spen the last 3 days on route 5 trying to catch an emolga (that's the right name, isn't it?)

    current team
    the 1st evolution of Snivey
    the first evolution of lillipup
    that blue monkey thing

    next job - learn the names of everything
  4. TehBrawlGuy~

    TehBrawlGuy~ Well-Known Member

    Got up to about 11 Pokemon left in the Dex, currently taking a break and doing the Battle Subway since I'm only missing stone evolutions, Zorua/Zoroark (which I'll be getting when I see a friend) and Pokemon I'm going to train for my Subway team.

    Well, and Woobat, but who cares about Woobat? The subway's surprisingly fast and fun, I swear it moves much faster than the Tower ever did.
  5. Stardust .

    Stardust . Well-Known Member

    Why did you use pokemon from older generations? Ruins all the fun. To ones own I guess..
  6. NES

    NES Flip me to the side!

    I finally beat Alder, and i also found a shiny Sunkern :D first 5th gen shiny for me.

    Breeding stuff like crazy, too. I agree with above post, older pokemon seem out of place in the first round of the game, they are ok afer the adventure, but i really enjoyed the game more using new pokemon and fighting new pokemon.
  7. KAS

    KAS Well-Known Member

    I now have 6 gym badges from the Unova region on Pokemon white.

    Seen 85 pokemon in my dex

    Emboar - level 37
    Zebstrika - level 39
    Palpitoad - Level 35
    Kokoruk - level 34
    Swoobat - Level 32
    Pansage - Level 29

    Got surf, waterfall and Fly.
  8. sleepyhealer

    sleepyhealer Member

    I had complete all the gym and defeated Elite Four and for the first time.

    I do not have the mental strength and ability to defeat E4 and Champion, So i am going to catch them all till i get 3DS and bring in all my power big guns from Plat.

    Now i become more of a breeder and a trader to help myself and others to catch it all.
  9. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    I have defeated N and Ghetsis, was a lot tougher with the 3rd game. I am going to level up Serperier and the 3 monkeys to level 100, battle the E4/Champion, then transfer to my 1st game and wait for April 1st.

    Updated levels/movesets -
    Serperier Level 62 - Dragon Tail, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Aeriel Ace
    Pansage Level 62 - Seed Bomb, Shadow Claw, Dig, Crunch
    Pansear Level 62 - Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Dig, Crunch
    Panpour Level 62 - Ice Beam, Surf, Dig, Crunch
  10. Woohoo, beat Ghetis! Hydreigon wasn't so bad. Paralyzed it with my super fast Swoobat's Thunder Wave then took it out with my Emboar's Hammer Arm.
  11. Well guys, it appears my tour across eastern Unova has come to an end.

    After clearing the abundant shrine, I decided to head back to Black city and explore it, where I was incredibly underwhelmed. Then, I cleared route 15 where I had trouble with some boulders. After that, the tour was done.

    Now all that's left is to re-battle the elite 4, then I'm done. However, I do not have the patients to grind 30 mid 50s pokemon to level 70. So instead I'm gonna take out my highest level reserves, which are in their mid 60s, and only train those. I'm gonna be doing sport domes, royal Unova, black city, and inner giant chasm Audino grinding
  12. Mitzeh

    Mitzeh Well-Known Member

    White: Currently working on evolving my pc box pokemon by battling lv60+ trainers at nimbasa stadiums

    no permanent team used
    most used pokemon thou is

    lv 80 Zoroark
    lv 100 Milotic

    currently training up golet and volcrona's pre-evolution as im too lazy to go catch it :p

    Black: currently at the entrance to pinwheel forest searching for a throh (5% attraction in shaking grass) getting sick of audinos even if they give great xp :D

    current team:
    Dewott lv 24
    Munna lv 22
    Herdier lv 20
    Watchhog lv 20
    Pansear Lv 20
    Purrloin Lv 18

    I'm attempting to catch each pokemon in each area as I go through them (providing I don't have a pokedex entry for them)
    if my team gets too strong before the 3rd gym i'll most likely switch them with my pc pokemon and train them while searching for throh or other pokemon in the areas before :)

    Seen - 25
    Caught - 17

    Badges - 2
    Tms - 4/95
    Hms - 1/6
  13. Went back to black city to battle the trainers, and then went to Nimbassa for the sport domes. My god, they give a lot of exp. From doing just one dome, I got my Bronzong from level 61 to 64, and my Electivire from level 64 to 69
  14. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    I caught some more pokemon in my black version. Including tangela, golbat, drifblim, cherrim, rapidash, and pinser. I almost caught a crobat but I criticaled and killed it DX
  15. aDr1v3

    aDr1v3 Member

    Started my white over, went with Oshawott

    Right now I just entered Castelia city and used the liberty pass to catch Victini, bashful nature, decent IV's.
    My team is
    Dewott 28
    Petilil 25

    Looking to add a third person pretty soon, I was thinking Reuniclus, any suggestions?
    Haven't faced Burgh yet
  16. Actually, it's just your first fifth-gen game shiny, because technically it's a second-gen species, not a fifth-gen one. Good job either way, but I'm just a sucker for semantics. I got two shinies in White and none in Black (probably because I've played White about twice as long as Black). I now have my first shiny third-gen species, Swellow, and my first shiny fifth-gen species, Audino.

    I can't believe it. Yesterday I had two wild Pokemon escape from critical captures, an Unfezant and a Wailord. Each one was at full health because I knew one hit from any of my Pokemon would be enough to take them out, but I was still shocked. In each case the ball paused and shivered in midair, signaling a critical capture, but still ended up failing after shaking once.

    Yesterday I filled a ton of empty spaces in my Pokedex by breeding like forty different Pokemon with the same Ditto. That's right, he be pimpin'. He be pimpin' big time.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2011
  17. Nibbles4Ever

    Nibbles4Ever 1 more day ^^

    Reuniculus is pretty good. it has good special attack but it's pretty slow. Maybe try joltik or tynamo. Those are good to. Or sandile or scraggy.
  18. Mitzeh

    Mitzeh Well-Known Member

    Black Version Update:

    Finally found throh (probably spent the whole day at the pinwheel forest entrance searching for it >.<)

    currently fighting plasma grunts in the forest while searching for cottonee x2 (1 to trade for petilil), pansage/pour, venepede, swadloon & any other pokemon in that area i haven't caught yet :)

    then off to castella(spelling?) for my 3rd badge :D

    team stats

    Purrloin Lv 18
    Herdier Lv 21
    Watchog Lv 20
    Munna Lv 22
    Dewott Lv 24
    Pansear Lv 26

    Seen - 28
    caught - 18
  19. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    Currently I'm training in Chargestone cave, hunting for items and Pokemon I haven't found yet. I'm preparing for the meeting with N with hopefully a strong enough team.
    So far:
    Servine Lv34- Grass Pledge, Leaf Tornado, Leaf Blade, Mega Drain
    Tranquil Lv31- Air Cutter, Gust, Quick Attack, Fly
    Tirtouga Lv31- Aqua Jet, Ancient Power, Brine, Crunch
    Gurdurr Lv30- Rock Smash, Low Kick, Chip Away, Rock Throw
    Panpour Lv28- Scald, Bite, Water Gun, Lick
    Sandile Lv27- Assurance, Sand Tomb, Mud Slap, Retaliate

    Is it a good team, or do I need to change? I will use the Water stone on Panpour at Lv30.
  20. Dragoniteftw

    Dragoniteftw SWAGONITE

    tried some random online matches,
    went in with my ingame team expecting some other casual battlers.
    man I suck, focus sash caused my downfall twice when scrafty was doing his sweeping work only to get stopped in his place by a focus sash

    I am never doing any competitive battling ever again, I don't have the time to become good at it, learn the EV ways and train a rounded team
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