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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Wow, team Plasma is everywhere. Hopeing to find a new team member soon, so far I have:
-Janobi: Uri Level 22
-Koromori: Ferin level 21
-Hiyapuu's evolved form: Ace level 23

Currently battling the third gym(bug) trainers. Hiun City is amazing!


M'aimes-tu? :3
After wandering confusedly, I figured out how to remove the yellow spiderweb from the electric rock cave. Caught a cute little Bachuru named Chu! :3 About to go through the cave, after I grind a bit more to catch up Chu and Pteri. I'm thinking about sending over suicune to get Zoroark and breed for zorua, but I'm not sure.

Mijumaru's middle stage: Miju lv 31
Victini: Teeny lv 31
Shikijika: Bambi lv 33
Fossil bird: Pteri lv 28
Bachuru: Chu lv 24

Past members:
Batti Kokoromori lv 31
Cujo Second evo of puppy lv 30


Can somebody confirm Jaroda's crappy stats? I've read that they were mixed up and Speed and the Specials were switched around. Is this true? I don't want to be nervous whilst picking my starter :p

Also, is the little Ghost/Fire candle easy to find?


After I got the PokeDex from Araragi and after a tutorial on catching Pokemon, I went north to the next town and encountered Team Plasma giving a speech after I did some healing and exploring around the small town. Geechisu and the Plasma gang left and then it was just me and Cheren until N walked up to us and demanded a battle! His level 7 Choroneko was a handful but I won and he left after spouting some random dialogue. Healed and then headed west to Route 2 and encountered a Minezumi and a Yooterii. Caught both and made it past the trainers along the route. Entered Sanyou City and fought the rival in the Trainer's School. Went on to heal then went east and got a Baoppu of my own! Saved at this point.


I just beat Aloe - her entire gym is quite a jump in difficulty, and I barely scraped by. Thankfully there's a good spot to grind nearby, with a nurse right next to a patch of grass. Now I'm going through some forest chasing after Team Plasma since they stole...a fossil skull? I assume their motivation would make sense if I could read Japanese.

Chaobuu Lv.20
Minezumi Lv.17
Yanappu Lv.17
Mamepato Lv.17
Shimama Lv.17

I'm already running out of room and I just got past the second gym. Oy vey. At least this means that Gen 5 has lots of Pokemon I like. (although I'll probably replace Minezumi eventually, since it's the weak trash mammal of this gen)

O Fortuna

Velut luna.
Hate gender rates.

I spent half an hour SRing for a female Tsutarja and now I am soft resetting for my female Hiyappu. -_-

Otherwise, very excited my game came today. I have been enjoying it immensely, although my team currently consists of just Yorterrie and Tsutarja.


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My game just arrived, and got a female Pokabu. Headed to the lab and the next town. I have to say that the normal non-3D graphics despite also being on the DS, are definitely much superior to the IV gen. There's the bright mid-noon sun shining at the top left screen when I first exit my house, to the sparkles of the sun reflection on the waters south of town.
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what the hell, i encountered tabunne TWICE in A ROW outside aloe's gym. killed the second one cause there was no point in catching another one. not sure if tabunne's rare though, if not, that'd be a real embarrassment.

v Solstice x

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Just finished getting the skull back from Team Plasma. On my way back to the 2nd gym city to see whats going on. Then Im going towards Hiun City.

Team so far:
Futachimaru 18
Haderia 18
Boappu (Fuse) 18
Dokkora (Champ) 16
Dageki (Bloo) 19
My game just arrived in the mail today!~

I picked Tsutarja (he's so sexy. <3) as my starter. Surprisingly I understand most of the Japanese which is totally awesome! All thanks to my sensei. :3

Anyway, I just watched Team Plasma leave after Geechiru gave his first speech. I kicked N's butt afterward with much ease. So far so good! I love the game to pieces already. Knowing what they're saying really makes it a new experience for me since this is the first time I could understand this much of the language. 4 years ago with Pearl I couldn't read hardly anything, such an amazing difference. ^^

My team is currently this but it most likely will change completely:

Tsutarja Lv. 8
Yooterii Lv. 6
Minezumi Lv. 4


Pokemon White

7th gym beat, 4 Pokemon caught.

45-Season Pokemon
41-Denchura <3

Not sure if I'll bother catching 2 more pokemom.


Mr. F
I beat the seventh Gym, caught 41 Pokés so far and the only Pokémon I've trained is Jaroda, who is now at Lv54.

Let's hope the next Gym is not too far off (although, knowing Pokémon, it probably will be D:).


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Last time in black i beat the 4th gym leader but then i decided to raise pokemon for a while


Just finished the third gym and now training my Zuguruu. Hiun City is the best city ever, it's just amazing. It's kind of hard to explore with all those strange angles, but after a while you get used to them.

Team so far: Janobii (Lvl. 27) - Hiyapii (Lvl. 27) - Kokoromi<3 (Lvl. 26) - Zuruguu (Lvl. 19)

I love Kokoromi desing <3.

The first part of the game, for those of you that don't have the game is pretty fun, but it has a major problem, until the route before the forest and except for one little cave you'll ONLY find Choroneko, Yooteri, Minezumi and Mamepato in the wild and the regular trainers also are going to have only these pokemon in their teams, which make the game a little boring until you reach the desert.


Just challenged Dento in Sanyou City. I was disappointed that the other two guys couldn't be challenged though. I defeated Dento easily thanks to Baoppu's help and my Futachimaru's speed. I got the C-Gear from Makomo and went west to the next town. On Route 3 I encountered Cheren and had a quick battle with him. I barely won thanks to my Baoppu using a Fire attack on Cheren's Tsutarja. Had a run in with Team Plasma and went to look for them in a cave. I was challenged by them but beat them quickly and solved that crisis. Caught a Koromori in the same cave and left it at the Day Care Center on Route 3. Left south towards Shippou City. Saved.


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I came home to find that my game was delivered, so I started playing a little bit ago. I got Tsutarja as my starter, did the stuff with Araragi at the Lab, saw how to catch a Pokémon... and whatever other boring stuff I had to do. Now I'm starting the actual game and will be soon getting into the good stuff >3

@3:43EST: Battled N :3 Now I'm off to train and catch any Pokémon I can find that I do not own ^^
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Defeated Plasma grunts at that Dragon Tower in Sekka City.

Now i'm just flying around..exploring...

And I just found a wild Yannapu o_o I thought you were able to get only 1, and I got a Baoppu since I picked Mijumaru.

Sailor Saturn

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My game arrived! Picked Tsutarja as my starter. I like its evolutions the best. Set up my wifi and got the Liberty Ticket =). So far have captured a Yooteri and a Minezumi. Got to Karakusa town and visited the center, bought some pokeballs. Beat N (barely), and now it's time for a break. I'm loving the game so far. The animations are cute, and I like the new battle music. The new battle menu is really cool. Wish I could just play all night, but...things to do =(.


~Recent happenings~

Got Zuguruu to level 26, went to Hiun to heal and stock on potions and went to the desert. There, Cheren awaits:

Cheren v/s Loghan


Mamepato | Zuguruu
Normal/Flying Lvl. 20 | Dark/Fighting Lvl. 26
Fainted OHKO


Chaobuu | Hiyakkii
Fire/Fighting Lvl.22 | Water Lvl. 27
Fainted OHKO


Yanappu | Zuguruu
Grass Lvl.20 | Dark Fighting Lvl.26
Fainted 2HKO


Lepardasu | Zuguruu
Dark Lvl.20 | Dark/Fighting Lvl.26
Fainted OHKO

Pretty easy battle, Zuguruu is the best <3.

Credit to Veekun for the sprites


*swoons for Noland*
Got my copy in, only to find they shipped me Black instead of White, which I ordered. :( Oh well. Started playing. Noticed right away that like HGSS the stat that gets raised due to your nature is red and the stat that gets lowered is blue. Pretty handy if you ask me. =)

I'll post something more in depth tomorrow. I want to play more. :)
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