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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Meh, beat Bel and both Sports Domes today. Warubairu pretty much swept Bel. I used one dome to level Sazando up (darn fighting-types kept killing him though :c) and I used the other one to level Warubairu even more. Surf around the GTS, and caught Kibago finally. I'm about to go hunt for either a shiny Meguroko or shiny Fushide for a bit when I get bored battling.

Lv. 69 Jaroda
Lv. 69 Pendoraa
Lv. 72 Warubairu
Lv. 68 Abagoora
Lv. 70 Sazando
Lv. 71 Reshiram


bored finished everything
got everything
just sweep elite 4 with Butterfly dance combo


Let's go to the beach, each.
After having defeated both Giima and Renbu of the Isshu Elite Four quite easily, I decided to really put some actual effort in the challange of the Elite Four and proceed to the next rooms! Luckily for me, the first two rooms and trainers were the hardest to beat and all that was left were the two female Elite Four members; Shikimi and Caitlin. I entered Shikimi's lair which looked like a haunted library and proceeded to battle. Her Ghost-type Pokemon looked scary, but most weren't all that bad in retrospect. Her Desukan was the hardest to beat but I used Yooterii3's Crunch to seal the deal. After that, her Water/Ghost Pokemon was the hardest, but Doreida's Petal Dance helped out with that. Next was Caitlin and I had to battle her Psychic-type Pokemon. Only Gochiruzeru gave me trouble though I used Daikenki's Megahorn to knock her out cold and beat Caitlin! Healed my team and then saved before challenging the Isshu Champion.


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Found all the sages. I tried to beat the E4, but they destroyed me. Tried to be Cynthia, but her Milotic swept my entire team. I was at least able to beat the gamefreak guy. I'll probably utilize the sports dome a few times before I attempt the E4 again. I'm looking to get to about level 65 before I challenge them again.


Emboar 63
Mr. Crocodile 63 (actually 62, but only needs one more battle so I'm counting it)
Mr. Alien 62
Mr. Deer 62
Ono 62
Wargle 62

Once I can beat the E4 with ease I'll train my Zebra, Terrier, Mr. Turtle, Rancles, the eel, and maybe the dark dragon.


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I was just running around in catching pokemon I haven't caught yet and lucky me found a furiijio with ease in the ridge.


Beaten most of the game now, just need to defeat Cynthia then I will have defeated every trainer in the game I think?

Interesting find though, the Team Rocket Takeover music started playing after talking to one of the gamefreak guys. WIERD.


I just got the game, and right now I'm in that cave with Cheren, chasing after two Plasma Grunts.

My team so far:

Pokabu Lv. 14

Shimama Lv. 14

Yanappu Lv. 13

Yooterri Lv. 14

In Box:

Munna Lv. 9


Just defeated the 8th Gym, and obtained the Masterball from the professor. Also, just defeated my male rival. Evolved Hiyappu into Hiyakki at level 43. And am now training for the Elite 4.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Ok then here we go! I had previously defeated the Giima and Renbu of the Isshu Elite Four and had gone ahead and defeated Shikimi and Caitlin while I was at it yesterday. That means I only had the Isshu Champion left! I went outside and I talked to a statue that allowed me to go to the top of the Elite Four building, to the Isshu Champion's room. I went it but instead of just finding Adeku as I had assumed, I found him there with none other than N from Team Plasma! They talked and then N did something amazing; he made a whole freaking castle appear in the desert around the Elite Four building! Several staircases attached themselves with the Elite Four building and then N left to his castle. Cheren arrived and Adeku and him told me to go ahead and stop N. I went in the castle but was stopped by the Six Sagas of Team Plasma. Luckily, the Isshu Gym Leaders came to stop them and I was allowed to find N. Saved before the search.


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I've been catching Ditto like crazy for the sake of getting a variety of natures and perfect IVs to work with once I start breeding.

Also got around to summoning Randorosu after borrowing a friend's Torunerosu. He tried to do the same with a Borotorosu he got from the GTS, but it didn't work, presumably because it wasn't a legit one (It was caught at Route 2, at the normal level of 40).


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I received my copy of White version in the mail on Saturday. I have been playing nonstop with very few breaks in between and have blasted trough several towns and trainers. I have obtained five badges and currently in Fukiyose City. Denkiishi no Horaana was a tough cave to traverse in. Mainly because I ran out of repels and potions so it was a drag but made it out after a battle with N. Right now I'm just leveling up my team so i could get some more evolutions. Once a pokemon evolves and If I like the form I'll keep it if not I'll deposit it and try something new. So far the Isshu region is awesome and has a lot of memorable things but the Pokemon in this region are terrible IMO. I'm not saying all of them but more than a few have dumb evolutions. Anyways, here's my current team.

Enbuou Lv. 37
Purotouga Lv.32
Warubiru Lv. 33
Kaburumo Lv. 36
Kenhorou Lv. 32


I finally defeated the E4 and Plasma, transferred over dozens of Pokemon from Heart Gold, modified my team, and began to explore route 11.
Oh and I found 2 sages so far.


I just beat Team Plasma in Yagaruma Forest, and I'm heading towards Hiun City. All my Pokemon are level 20, but for some reason leveling up seems harder to do than in previous games.


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I defeated the Sixth Gym Leader and leveled up a couple of my Pokemon so I could see the new evolutions. A couple of Pokemon on my team that had lame evolutions so I deposited a couple more and tried new things. I went to cave where you capture Kibago and caught me a Adamant one with Mold Breaker. While I was in the cave I caught the Legendary Pokemon Kobaruon. After that I went to Sekka City and went a little bit north to encountered a new dragon to my team which was Kurimugan. Battled some trainers to level up Kurimugan and my other team members and saved in Sekka City again.

Kurimugan Lv.34
Denchura Lv. 38
Onondo Lv.38
Enbuou Lv.42
Abagoura Lv. 38


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after 30 hours of playing i beat the E4.

My dainkenki is lvl 65 now and leading my party, followed by reshiram lvl 51 (fell in love with it after seeing it in action).

Now just training while slowly making my way around route 12.


I just came out of Route 4, and I am currently training in the Resort Desert. Also, I played at 7-8 p.m. once, and the sun never seemed to go down. It hadn't turned night by then for some reason.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After the encounter with the Plasma Sagas at N's castle and the return of the Isshu Gym Leaders, I proceeded to finding N so that I could have my final battle with him at last and save the Elite Four HQ. I ran down a hall but was stopped by one of those "Dark Trinity" guys. He talked to me and point to a room and I went inside. It was a room where the "Goddesses of Peace and Love" resided and they healed my Pokemon. Ran into tons of other rooms, at least about 10 more filled with Team Plasma grunts. They didn't battle me, but one teleported me to the Pokemon League Pokemon Center/Mart so that I could deposit and withdraw Pokemon, buy items, etc. Found another room with toys which I assume was N's room long ago. Spotted Geechisu and he told me that N was in the last room. Saved before the encounter.

O Fortuna

Velut luna.
I've heard about a place called the 'Giant Hole' where might I find this in Black/White if it exists?

Keep going east from Souryuu City and you will eventually find your way to Village Bridge and then cross that to get to Kagome Town. Leave Kagome Town due east and you will find the path eventually forks either north or south. If you leave north, you will soon find the entrance.

'Giant Hole'

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