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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Just gaining experience at the Stadium. Its a hell of a lot easier then calling people for rematches in HG/SS! And after you beat the E4 their pokemon are like lv. 60! That lucky egg sure comes in handy :D

Also my bf caught me a Tropius last night. GREAT addition to my Grass party. Feeling pretty proud that I have 4 grass pokemon in my party now. Slowly but surely working on monotyping!
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Transferred over a Ponyta from the Dream World and a few items. Bought a Life Orb at the Battle Subway and then I unlocked the Super Single Train. Also acheived a 21 win streak at the Super Multi train and a 14 win streak at the Super Double Train


1 more day ^^
I caught a male sassy scraggy on route 4 and am going to get everyone to lv 22 before battling Burgh.


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I was right about Audino getting annoying. On the plus side, Gothita evolved. I was mainly focused on it and Trubbish that I didn't really care about the rest of my team. Woops. Emolga finally appeared, Timid nature, so that's good. I am trying to train it and the rest of my team before I head off to defeat Elesa.


not the color

My White version is gone. I can't find it anywhere. I'm afraid I may have dropped it somewhere...

It sucks because I had my dream team on it. Samurott, Lilligant, Darmanitan, Scrafty, Braviary, and Seismitoad. It also had the Dreamyard Musharna with a good nature, a Reuniclus, a Golett trained to a high level, my Volcarona...

AND, my Black team before I reset was on there, too. Leavanny, Emboar, Cinccino, Beartic, Vullaby, and Excadrill.

Along with all of the Pokemon I captured and traded for...


So, I've been trying to get some of my White favorites on my Black version. My team in Black is:


And I'm considering getting a Minccino, though I'll probably just wait and get a Golett like I planned. Post-game, I'll probably get my favorites of the ones I've just lost and train them. Luckily, all of my current Pokemon are nice natures (although my Jolly Leavanny was very nice, a Naughty one is alright too. I might try and get a Sewaddle that is Jolly again, or maybe another nature that's overall beneficial). My Samurott in White was Impish, for example--I didn't care much for natures in my White and so my team suffered.


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I have spent the morning searching for Politoed, or a decent Poliwhirl I can evolve into one. I finally found the Politoed I have been searching for, and am now looking for a nice Tympole for evolution. I don't know if it's because I have been using Dive Balls, or what, but I have had an excess of Critical Captures today. I caught three or four Poliwhirls with Critical Captures, and about an equal number of Tympoles.


Let's go to the beach, each.
After Striaton, I got some stuff done in Lucanosa Town and then I headed south to Undella Town. I stopped by the treasure hunter guy on Route 13 and I picked up a King's Rock. I then entered Undella Town and I healed at the Pokemon Center. I left to Nimbasa City after that since I had some training to do at the Nimbasa Sport Stadiums. I got that done after about 30 minutes and I headed for the daily battle at the Nimbasa Ferris wheel. After that, I turned on the C-Gear and I warped to the Entralink where I captured my Dream World Nidoran. I left to Striaton City once again and I visited the Day Care Center. I withdrew Dragonair and after training with it some more on Route 14, it evovled into a Dragonite. I deposited that into the PC and I headed for Nacrene City. Saved.


So long
Transferred more Hoenn Pokemon from 4th gen, have the possibility to get all of them now, just need to to some training and trading, the trading will however have to wait for a while. Went to the Royal Unova again and managed to beat all seven trainers. Captured a Kingler in Driftveil City. Evolved a lot of Pokemon: Whismur into Loudred, then Exploud, Makuhita into Hariyama, Aron into Lairon, then Aggron, Elektrike into Manectric and Gulpin into Swalot. Now training a Spoink to become a Grumpig, it is at level 1 so I have 31 levels to go, but it should not take that long.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Transferred 40% of my Pokemon from Diamond.
Can't find my HeartGold cartridge.
Beat Elite Four TWICE and gave my starters and other Unovian Pokemon an EXP. Share.


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One Weavile, all EV trained up in attack and speed. Just need to raise her levels a little, as well as the levels of my Starmie and Archeops, then my second team will be ready for the takeover!

Beat all seven trainers on the Royal Unova for the first time (( I always seem to forgot doing this on Sundays )), as well as Morimoto and Cheren. My battery died before I could do anything else. Dang.

Cuulthorne (( Emboar )): level 97
Harribel (( Liepard )): level 91
Lilynette (( Emolga )): level 91
Zyrisseti (( Virizion )): level 91
Krashark (( Golurk )): level 91
Flaizen (( Volcarona )): level 90


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Is the name Lerna based off of the Lernaean Hydra?

Yes, yes it is. ^_^

I finished EV training Deino, and so decided to level it up. I went to Nimbasa City to battle in the domes, and while I was there, I entered a Musical. Biggest waste of four minutes EVER. There's no point to it, except for the items which give you another star on your Trainer Card!

Then, I purchased one more Power item in the Battle Subway, and proceeded to complete a third 21-battle streak (I find the Super Lines to be too difficult, so I'll wait until I've got a fully-EVed team).

I flew to Castelia City, and made my way to Route 4, where I captured a female Bold Frillish, in order to breed for a Bold Water Absorb one, which I plan on EV training.

C U R R E N T | T E A M
:503:Triton Level 55
-Razor Shell

:505:Suri Level 53
-Hyper Fang
-Super Fang

:634:Lerna Level 51
-Work Up
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Pulse
-Dark Pulse

:581:Swanna Level 54
-Water Pulse

:609:Apate Level 56
-Flame Burst
-Shadow Ball

:612:Kratos Level 54
-False Swipe
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance
-Swords Dance


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Been working on training up some of my Pokemon... just got a Tangrowth, completely threw me for a loop there too :). Didn't think you could catch one of those in the game.

Just found out that a friend of mine isn't getting a DS :(... so now I'll be waiting until my birthday to hopefully get a DSi and Pokemon Black, so I can trade myself.


1 more day ^^
I caught a male sassy dwebble in the desert resort. It's kind of annoying catching pokemon with the same nature as other pokemon I have but oh well it isn't a bad nature for it so.


stay sweet
Currently hatching a female Adamant with an attack-based characteristic Mienfoo, with the Regenerator ability. Taking longer than I expected, even though I've got a female Adamant Mienfoo sitting in Day Care with an Everstone. She'll be the third member of my team.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I did some trades just now and I managed to add some Shiny Pokemon as well as some version-exclusive Pokemon to my Pokedex; the jewel of my collection is now a Zekrom that has all of the correct information and has an OT that isn't in all capital letters. I also went ahead and battled on the Battle Subway since I was bored. I made it to round 5 before my opponent completely overwhelmed me. I left the Battle Subway and I headed for Driftveil City. I got there and I obtained a Heart Scale from the girl in one of the houses after I showed her a Pokemon with Waterfall. I left to Mistralton City after that and I had Swoobat relearn Attract. I moved on to Celestial Tower and I captured a Litwick. I left it at the Day Care Center to train and I went to Skyarrow Bridge and ran around a bit. I saved right before going to Unity Tower.


Bay Watcher
Oh man, this is like the best thing that's happened to me in a while.

So I had a ton of eevees. Specifically, I had 25 newly hatched ones because I was trying to get a female to breed some egg moves onto, and I got two females. So I decided to use all these excess eevees on the GTS. I put one up for an oshawott and got one, put another up for a tepig and got one of those, and then put the next up for a solosis since I'm on Black.

So I go to the GTS and get my solosis, then put an eevee up for another oshawott since I traded my first one for a zorua. Then I leave, and what do I see?

The solosis is modest and has the pokerus. These kinds of people make the GTS worth it despite the thousands of people who want a level 9 reshiram for their bidoof.


AKA Nightlingbolt
Ehhh, not a lot of progress. All I did was fight the Trainers on Route 16. I could fight the ones on Route 5 at this point. You know, just to get Darbus another level or two so he can hopefully provide backup if Elmo needs it during the Gym battle(those two never show it, but they care for each other), but hopefully that won't be a problem.

I'm kind of torn between waiting for a Joltik/Tynamo and sending over a Scraggy egg from Black with the moves Dragon Claw, Thunderpunch, and Brick Break. Maybe even Dragon Dance, but I haven't decided yet. I'd have Electric covered either way, but I would have four Rock weaknesses (Leavanny, Sigilyph, Darmanitan, and Galvantula). The good news is, for once, there are no Rock specialists in this game! The bad news is, Boldores are going to be HELL for me! If it gets to be too much, I might even replace Silke with Virizion, which is saying something, because I NEVER use Legendary Pokemon!

Oh, and I caught a Solosis with the intent of using it before I realized Sigilyph was part Psychic-type. Duh!
Well yesterday me and my friend started our copies again....Before I had Oshawott so I picked Tepig this time.when I beat the 1st Gym my friend traded me my Lv1 Rufflet w/Lucky Egg and the Lv 1 Gian Deino.We played them like hell and too cut a long story short,I am now at the 7th gym with my whole team in the late 30's early 40's.Team in sig


Sword&Element Master
Evolved Deino, waiting for DW to recharge, in which I'll level Zwelious to 55 again.
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