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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Face Oblivion
X's Journey Part Two: Grinding Time!

I started off with all of my Pokemon:
Timburr Lv16
Pansear Lv15
Pidove Lv17
Oshawott Lv15
Patrat Lv16
Roggenrola Lv17
Herdier Lv18
Petilil Lv15

I came out of Nacrene City's Cafe after enjoying a coffee to kickstart my brain, and it was simply divine! Needless to say, it helped me to be in the mood for Audino grinding. I decided to get my Pokemon at Level 20 at the end of the day, which wasn't to hard. I started with Timburr until Level 17, and I'll need to finish his grinding off later. Then I decided to go and train Petilil(Lillil). Whilst i did so, i encountered, in a shaking spot, Panpour! I Sleep Powdered it to...well, Sleep status. After that, a single Poke Ball sealed the deal. I need to nickname it as well! And quickly after, i caught a Sewaddle the same way! I nicknamed it Forage as i lost inspiration for nicknames a long, long time ago i guess, so i went with something forest-related. Petilil learned Magical Leaf and Synthesis during it's training and it now sits at Level 20!

Next, Pidove! It did what i wanted it to do, and it learned Roost and evolved!
Oshawott was next. It learned Razor Shell, even though it had a Calm nature, and evolved into Dewott! Patrat evolved and learnt Hypnosis and Confuse Ray. Sewaddle learned nothing and is at level 17, so more training is required.

My memory's a bit dull at the second so i'll just say, i trained the rest up to around level 18-21. Peace Out!


Well-Known Member
Well, EV trained Pinsir in 15 Minutes, and I have got a Wi-Fi battle.

Crobat Taunts, and U-Turns into Zoroark, which Flamethrower's Steelix and then faints due to Stone Edge and Iron Tail. Pinsir come out, EQuakes, and kills Steelix. Camerupt is out next, and another Earthquake kills Camerupt. Huntail is last. I SD, and he Shell Smashes. Pinsir is hit by Waterfall, and gets OHKoed. Crobat Cross Poisons, but dies to Ice Beam.

Another match:

Darn. Garchomp.

Anyway, Lanturn comes out first, but, I U-Turn, to Pinsir, but he dies to T-Bolt. Zoroark's Dark Pulse, deals damage, but I get T-Bolted. Crobat meets the same fate.

Another Match:

Volcarona comes out first, which I U-Turn against. I switch out to Zoroark, which I am predicting a Fire-Type attack to. Fiery Dance OHKOs Zoroark, and Crobat Cross Poisons. Poison, but Fiery dance hits, and OHKOs. Pinsir E-Quakes, and KOs. Swampert is sent out, and I SD. Swampert's Hammer Arm deals little damage, and my E-Quake hits the switched-in Tyranitar, and OHKOes it. Earthquake hits, and the Sandstorm buffets me...

With only 1 HP left, I E-Quake him, and kills Swampert! Hooray!


So long
Managed to capture Kyurem after some tries. It even struggled itself to death once, made me feel like using my Master Ball. But I decided to save it for later and use normal balls instead. Not sure what I should do next, probably some capturing/breeding, we will have to see.


AKA Snagger Outlaw
I'm heading out this afternoon to grab a Shiny Hydreigon from the McDonald's giveaway here in Japan. It'll really help when plowing through the Elite Four and whipping N's Zekrom into shape.

I still have yet to master EVs and IVs and all that math stuff (dyscalculia sucks) in the hardcore camp of training, but I hope to learn it to be a more successful breeder, since I seem to be doing okay there.


Well-Known Member
I've been training (not EV, because I don't play competitively) my Dream World Pokemon. I do two a day, at the Arena and Stadium. I get them to their fifties, then nickname them. I did Murkrow (now a Honchkrow named Corleone) and Sudowoodo (now named Alistair). I am working on Skarmory (name forthcoming) outside the arenas, since I used up my turns in them. Audino grinding with him, which is nice. The Audino use Entrainment, which gets rid of the meh Weak Armor ability. Also, I got a King's Rock from the Treasure Man today. I am going to evolve my Regenerator Slowpoke with it.


flying ninja monkey
first I baught white as soon as it came out in the US ... I traded 6 of my old games for it at gamestop ... had about two dollars to spare ... got a gift card
I finished the main story
then I transfered all the pokemon from previous games ; emerald, diamond and soul silver ... then accidentally erased the games on those and started new games so I didn't quite have a full dex ...
tried out the dream world ... had trouble winning the befriend a pokemon evee evolutions ... :(
so I traded, and I trained and I bred ... then I traded and hunted the gts and the forums and I traded some more ...
rented black from the video store got another liberty garden victini ... :)
played with entralink ... DS Lite and DSI ... I like the pass powers I wish there was an easier way to get pass orbs
finished black transfered all the legendaries and wandering legendaries over to my white ...
returned black to the video store
I finally finished the Unova dex ... got the plaque/award thing from the game designer/president guy
and began to work on the national dex
I found out you don't need the event pokemon to get the national pokedex completed plaque/award thing
but I wanted them all ... got celebi ... got all three shiny legendary dogs (GAMESTP)
amassed a pretty impressive pokemon collection met some cool trainers online and through trade negotiations (not everyone I met in negotiations was cool, not at all)
got a few really cool hacked pokemon ... and a few impressive legit ones
got mew
got jirachi
got arceus
got deoxys
got shaymin
got manaphy
so much trouble finding Darkrai ...
finally got darkrai ... darkrai's my favorite <3
began trading for cool pokemon ...
got a lot of cool pokemon ... shiny's and events and even shiny events
still trading.
wrote this post so that I wouldn't look like a troll just hanging around the trading threads.
posted it.


Well-Known Member
White update:

-Dewott evolved into Oshawott
-Decided to scrap the rest of my team...
-Defeated Elesa, Clay & Skyla
-Got the lucky egg!


Shiny Breeder
1.Got Servine to evolve into Serperior!
2.Got Woobat to evolve into Swoobat!
3.Got Sandile to evolve into Krokorock!
4.Got Munna & Zebstrika to lvl 34!
5.All before I take on the 4th Gym Leader.


Yesterday I went on White again. Firstly I went to Undella Town to sell my treasures to the rich man, and I got over 800,000 Pokedollars for them. He got excited when he saw I had the Relic Crown, but I decided that I'd keep it and let my Samurott wear it. Also, I was glad to see that Lenora visited Cynthia's villa, along with the other three female Gym Leaders

I headed to Route Six to catch Minun, the swarm Pokemon, and I finished playing after I defeated Alder at the league (I rechallenged the Elite Four out of boredom)


Well-Known Member
Well, Pinsir is 71, and I'm training it up against Caitlin + Grimsley. I have beaten all of the Nimbasa Trainers, and am going to battle on the Royal Unova. Going to EV Train my Modest Dream World Nidoran(Male) after Pinsir gets to 100, which'll only take another day, or so.


I'm bored so I decided to make my third E4 Team, this time consisting of Emboar, Eelektross, Mandibuzz, Gigalith, Stoutland and Krookodile. First my Emboar had Pokerus, and I thought I'd take advantage and EV Train it in Att. And now I've just taken it to the Battle Subway to find that its Attack stat is one off maximum at Lv50 :D Okay, its other stats are rubbish but still it's really awesome :D
Beat the elite four rematch a couple days ago...Funny thing is I took exactly one month to rematch them so crazy cool timing on my part.
Caught all Unova pokemon save a rufflet, thundurus, and zekrom which I'll get from my sister later. Bred them all with Ditto and now training them one by one. I hope that I'll encounter a shiny when training. :)


Well-Known Member
White update:

-Dewott evolved into Oshawott

That's a surprise...

I'm trying to find a shiny in White while I'm not hatching Aron in SoulSilver.


Active Member
Just finished the Elite Four for the second time. I don't know what to do now, though.

I'm already done hunting the sages, I guess all I can do now is try to complete my pokédex and keep working on my team.


Well-Known Member
Pinsir is Level 86, and I just defeated the Champion, with just him!

Swords Dance +:

Stone Edge > Accelgor
Stone Edge > Volcarona
Stone Edge > Vanilluxe
Earthquake > Excavailer
Earthquake > Druddigon
X-Scissor > Bouffalant

Yay! Battling against the Royal Unova trainers.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I headed for Twist Mountain one more time to capture some of the Pokemon that I had missed while I was there the first time. I did that and I healed at the Pokemon Center after grinding a bit more. I headed for the Icirrus City Gym after that since I had to get the Freeze Badge from Brycen. I entered the Gym and I got some more Fresh Water from the gym attendant. I then headed for the icy floors of the Icirrus City Gym, where I began to slide around, battling the various Gym trainers in the area. I battled two of them, but then I had to leave to heal my Pokemon. I did that and then I returned to the Gym and I battled the next set of trainers. I kept that up until I got to Brycen's location within the Gym. I saved there before battling against him.


Be Wise, Tell Lies.
I had comleted my Pokemon White game and was itching to train more new Unova Pokemon so I decided to start a new game. Sooo I traded all my valuable Pokemon and items [including my White team: Serperior, Stoutland, Victini, Archeops, Galvantula, and Jellicent all levels 85-87] to my Japanese Black game. When I was planning my team out for the new game I realized both Unfezant and Vanilluxe have VERY limited move pools and came to the conclusion that I was going to have to breed some moves onto them. This marked the first time I had ever bred for egg moves...yikes.

So I transfered over my Adamant, male Skarmory from Heart Gold and caught a Japanese female Pidove from Black [in hopes I could possibly get a Shiny from the limited Eggs I was hatching], gave Skarmory an Everstone and taught it Aerial Ace [as Pidove cannot learn a Physical Flying move until at least the 5th Gym/Lv. 50] and started breeding. I collected 10 Eggs in total, saved my game and started hatching on Wonder Bridge with Volcarona to determine which Egg I was going to trade over to my new game. Egg #8 ended being the best one: hatched a male/Proud of its Power/Adamant/Super Luck Pidove with Steel Wing and Aerial Ace.

Then I used my Modest, Synchronize Espeon to catch a Modest, male Snorunt in my Platinum game, taught it Water Pulse and transfered it over. Caught a Japanese female Vanillite from Black, gave Snorunt an Everstone and started breeding again. I only collected 6 Eggs this time and the best one ended up being a female/Often dozes off/Modest Vanillite with Water Pulse. I taught it some TM moves and trained it to level 35 [but didn't evolve it] and is now waiting to be traded over to my new game at the appropriate time. Its moves are: Uproar, Water Pulse, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam.

Aaaand I wanted to train a Chandelure as well, so I decided to catch and train one as one of the last things I did on my Pokemon White game. It took quite a while, but I finally found a decent Litwick in Celestial Tower: female/Mischevious/Modest/Flame Body. Both its characteristic and nature are Sp. Attack-boosting...it is going to SLAY! Taught it some TM moves and trained it to level 45. It is now a Lampent with Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball and Flamethrower waiting to be traded over to my new game as the last addition to my team.

*AHEM* So that took a while to do. But at least my new White team is going to be amazing. I'm planning on my team being Samurott, Unfezant, Leavanny, Cinccino, Vanilluxe and Chandelure. And I will be starting my new game soon...can't wait!
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