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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Meowth City

Staff member
Meowth City's Pokemon White Journey II - Part Five

I fly straight to Nacrene City to meet Lenora, who hands me the Dark Stone. Her and Alder have no idea how to awaken Zekrom, so they tell me to go to Opelucid City to see the Dragon gym leader there for more information on the matter. Alder flies off and Bianca tells me to head east from Icirrus City to reach the next city, so I fly back to Icirrus and begin to head towards the next route. I avoid the water pools as much as I can, but battle the trainers, before I see the entrance of the Tubeline Bridge. As I'm about to go in, Bianca races up to me and challenges me to yet another battle. My Pokemon make quick work of her, and she gives me a present to help me before leaving me free to ride the bridge. Along the way, the shadow triad appear out of nowhere like before and bring me close to Ghetsis, who comments on the legendary dragon Pokemon a bit more. After he leaves, I head into the next route and as I leave, a baseball player flings a TM (the TM for Fling, would you believe it) at me. I battle the trainers in Route 9 as well as those in the Shopping Mall. I check out what's on offer at the Mall, but decide not to buy anything as I'm already stocked up on items. So the only thing left is to head straight into Opelucid City...

As I step into the city, I am greeted by Alder and dragged to see Ghetsis at it again - trying to convince the inhabitants to liberate their Pokemon. After his speech, Alder introduces me to Drayden and Iris, the gym leaders of Opelucid, and tells them of N and Ghetsis' plans. Drayden heads to his house, while Iris tells us to follow her until I reach the house. Inside, Drayden tells us more about the legendary dragons - Reshiram and Zekrom. After the tale, he tells me to challenge his apprentice Iris to a battle to earn my last gym badge, in order to enter the Pokemon League. She heads straight for the gym, but before I head there, I decide it's time to catch the last member of my team. I head into Route 10 to look for one. After a hour, I finally find a Jolly nature one (with Keen Eye to boot), which I nickname Avenger. I begin to train it up using the Exp. Share on the trainers on the Route. After a decent amount of training, I am ready to take on the Opelucid Gym and its trainers. With SnowPatrol's new learnt move Blizzard, I plow through them easily. Iris is no match for me - I take her out and receive the Legend Badge (the last Unova badge). After I leave the gym, I see Juniper waiting outside for me. She comments on how proud she is and after showing me the way to the Pokemon League, she gives me the Masterball as a gift. I go inside the gate to Route 10, when sudden the gate attendant tells me that she's received some news of strong weather somewhere. On the way, my friends show up to wish me luck and Cheren even battles me. After we talk a while, all of us part ways and I head inside the Pokemon League entrance... I walk straight up to each gate, which is opened with each badge I have earnt on my journey, until I reach the Victory Road. I head inside the first opening and make me way around battling every trainer. As I reach the first cliff, I witness a scene involving two people demonstrating how to slide down the ledges. I keep going on sliding down when necessary until I finally reach a much-needed doctor, who heals my Pokemon. I continue through this simple maze of a place and reach the top of the Pokemon League. I explore a little more to collect all the items and battle everyone there. In one chamber, I see a Terrakion standing there so I talk to it. I let my Pokemon kill it since I don't need to catch it and extra experience is alway good. I do a little extra training by flying to all the locations that require surf, which I won't go into since it's long and not necessary to cover. Now after finishing up everything that can be done up to the Pokemon League and leveling up a bit, I stock up on tons of stuff mainly healing items. I head to the center of the building, where the guard stops me and lets me know that once I have entered I cannot leave until I beat everyone or I am defeated. He asks me if I still want to go in, and of course I say yes and I go straight inside... (My Pokemon are at Level 46-8).

Elite Four - Shauntal: I send out Gummy Bear to take on her Cofagrigus, and despite being burnt with Will-o-Wisp, Gummy finishes it off with a power Psychic. She sends out Jellicent next, so I switch to Richmond and attack her with a Wild Charge doing a little over half damage. Jellicent's Cursed Body disables the move, so I finish it with Thunderbolt. Her next Pokemon is Golurk, so I switch to Beartic and use Surf. It takes two hits to KO and for her finale, Shauntal brings out her last Pokemon Chandelure, which gives my team the most trouble. After knocking out three of my Pokemon, I rely on my weakest member Avenger to give the finishing blow. Luckily, Avenger beats it and gains all the experience.

Elite Four - Grimsley: I take the green warp-pad back to the entrance and go straight into the next to the previous room for a battle with the dark-type enthusiast. I do a little healing before the battle and then I send out Hammos to deal with his Scrafty. Two Brick Breaks is all it takes to knock it out, so he sends out his hardest Pokemon for my team - Krookodile. After it knocks out most of my Pokemon using Earthquake, I decide to switch strategies and send out Avenger, who delivers the finishing blow once again. Luckily, I kept Wims back and did not send it against Krookodile, as Wims makes light work of his Liepard using his super-effective X-Scissor move. Bisharp is easier to take out with Hammos and that concludes my battle with Grimsley.

Elite Four - Marshal: I take the green warp-pad back to the beginning and this time, I head for the right-most room where fighting champ Marshal waits. I heal my Pokemon very quickly and send Gummy out to take on his Throh. His next Pokemon is Meinshao, so I decide to keep Gummy out. I correct guessed that he was going to use U-Turn, which my Gummy just about survived with 4 HP. He switches to Sawk, which Gummy hits with Psychic. Sawk hangs on with 1 HP due to its Sturdy ability, which does not bother me. I take this turn to heal as I knew he would also do that. Another two Psychic seals the deal and knocks it out. Marshal sends Mienshao back out, and fearing my Gummy won't survive another U-Turn, I switch to Avenger hoping to make use of type advantages. However, it is Mienshao who make use of them by hitting Avenger with a Jump Kick. With Avenger is knocked, I go to my other flying Pokemon Richmond,and manage to kill him with Acrobatics. His final Pokemon is his least threatening, Conkeldurr, which is knock out with Gummy's Psychic before it can land a hit. I take the warp-pad again and head to the last remaining room, where the Psychic Elite Caitlin rests (literally resting in bed). I head my Pokemon and save at this point.
To be continued...

Current Team:
:500: Hammos (♂) - Level 48 - Moves: Rollout, Brick Break, Grass Knot, Flamethrower.
:530: Wims (♂) - Level 48 - Moves: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Shadow Claw.
:579: Gummy Bear (♂) - Level 48 - Moves: Dizzy Punch, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Psychic.
:587: Richmond (♂) - Level 48 - Moves: Acrobatics, Pursuit, Wild Charge, Thunderbolt.
:614: SnowPatrol (♂) - Level 48 - Moves: Blizzard, Slash, Surf, Frail.
:627: Avenger (♂) - Level 47 - Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Slash, Crush Claw.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Decided to try out the GTS trading for the first time in B/W, but was disappointed by the numerous amounts of people wanting level 9 and under zekrom and things like that. Either way, I got a few decent pokemon for fun.

EDIT: Also, got a shiny adamant snorlax for my shiny lickitung over GTS. Pretty happy about that. Still can't seem to get an adamant tynamo egg though...

Sweet luck :). I've been disappointed about the GTS as well lately.

My Golbat evolved into a Crobat. Didn't really use it that much battling wise, mainly carried it with me. I was happy to see it evolve though :).

Still working on the shiny Dratini hunt -- it's a little over 50 days hunting now, and the things are still resolutely unshiny :D. Same with the eggs... but I have hatched two Dratinis that have an outstanding nature, one for Sp. Def. and the other for HP.


Hot Drops
Did some Entralink stuff with my brother after he bought his Black Version. Haven't been playing White a lot lately.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Black Journey Post 42-Cheren

The next trainer on my list of important people to fight was Cheren. So I traveled all the way to Victory Road from Nuvema Town. At Victory Road, I found Cheren and Marshal came to share some of Alder's wisdom. Then the battle started. It was fairly easy except for that Serperior which I needed to paralyze first. I won that battle and now only have one more person left to battle.

Current Team:

:503: Youni Lv.68
-Hydro Pump -Surf -Ice Beam -Grass Knot

:514: Cole Lv.68
-Fire Blast -Focus Blast -Bite -Yawn

:571: Link Lv.68
-Night Daze -Focus Blast -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot

:553: Dorako Lv.68
-Earthquake -Crunch -Stone Edge -Brick Break

:561: Nazca Lv.68
-Psychic -Air Slash -Shadow Ball -Calm Mind

:596: Uru Lv.68
-Thunder -Bug Buzz -Volt Switch -Thunder Wave


Let's go to the beach, each.
I continued climbing Dragonspiral Tower in order to reach the summit and stop Team Plasma's plan of releasing the Legendary Dragon Pokemon. I battled some wild Pokemon like Golett and Druddigon along the way to the summit, and then I encountered Cheren and Brycen halfway up the tower. I battled against some Team Plasma grunts as I climbed the tower some more, and then I reached the spiral room in the tower, and I picked up some items. I moved on ahead and I met a Sage of Team Plasma. I had to battle four Team Plasma grunts in a row to proceed, and then I reached the tower's summit and I saw N there. He released Zekrom, and after chatting, they both flew away. I saved as I got back to Icirrus City.


Yesterday I went on my White to do a few things. My White Forest is pretty barren except for a few people and patches of grass (worst Game Function ever) but I'm not fussed since I caught every Pokemon available there. My outbreak Pokemon was Smeargle which was on Route 5, however I had already caught one. I did a few battles with my new E4 team and saved.


So long
Not sure if I should post here or in the RNG thread, but anyway, let's go.

After struggling with wild Pokemon RNG for a few days, I finally managed to get something useful.

#607. Litwick
OT: Snacko | ID: 61034 | Gender: Female
Nature: Modest | Ability: Flame Body | Type: Ghost / Fire
Hidden Power: Dark [68] | Location caught: Celestial Tower
IVs: 31 HP | 9 Atk | 31 Def | 31 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Moves: Night Shade / Will-O-Wisp / Flame Burst / Imprison
Of course it had to have to worse of the two abilities, but at least the Nature is right. And it is female, which means it might be useful for breeding in the future. Got an Elgyem and a Durant with the same IVs (though the Durant was Bold), although I guess they do not have that much use.
Will try some more wild Pokemon, might go for an Axew or Deino next.


1 more day ^^
I caught a female moxie sandile and got to the desert resort =D


Well-Known Member
Finally continued my Black game today. I entered Chargestone Cave and received the Lucky Egg. I battled all the trainers inside for the added experience to my team. I beat N and exited the cave. I headed out to Route 7 towards the Celestial Tower and Mal evolved along the way. I stopped right in front of the tower.

:502: DrHorrible lvl34
:514: Jayne lvl34
:539: CaptHammer lvl35
:547: Inara lvl34
:567: Mal lvl37
:589: Escavalier lvl34
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So long
Decided to breed a second Chatot as I thought it could be useful, which is just what it proved to be when I captured my Cottonee a bit later (see below). Hatched said Chatot and trained it to level 21 so it could learn Chatter. Did some more RNG of wild Pokemon...

#621. Druddigon
OT: Snacko | ID: 61034 | Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant | Ability: Sheer Force | Type: Dragon
Hidden Power: Electric [70] | Location caught: Dragonspiral Tower
IVs: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 2 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Moves: Slash / Crunch / Dragon Claw / Chip Away


#610. Axew
OT: Snacko | ID: 61034 | Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant | Ability: Mold Breaker | Type: Dragon
Hidden Power: Electric [70]| Location caught: Guidance Chamber
IVs: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 2 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Moves: Scary Face / Slash / False Swipe / Dragon Claw


#622. Golett
OT: Snacko | ID: 61034 | Genderless
Nature: Adamant | Ability: Klutz | Type: Ground / Ghost
Hidden Power: Electric [70]| Location caught: Dragonspiral Tower
IVs: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 2 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Moves: Iron Defense / Mega Punch / Magnitude / Dynamicpunch


#546. Cottonee
OT: Snacko | ID: 61034 | Gender: Female
Nature: Timid | Ability: Prankster | Type: Grass
Hidden Power: Dark [58] | Location caught: Lostlorn Forest
IVs: 31 HP | 5 Atk | 31 Def | 21 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Moves: Stun Spore / Mega Drain / Cotton Spore / Razor Leaf
Cottonee was the only one where I went for both Ability and Nature, though it did not need more than 4 flawless IVs. Will do some more tomorrow, might try to get the Deino I am looking for then as well.

Red Raichu Returns

Raichu Enthusiast
This wasn't too recent, but I caught Zekrom with a quick ball, I was so excited because it was the first legendary I had caught with a quick ball, and it was adamant, yay go me.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I healed at the Icirrus City Pokemon Center, and then I headed out to Nimbasa City. I arrived there and I challenged the trainers at the Sports Stadiums there, since I needed to level up my Pokemon for the upcoming challenges. After about 15 minutes, I finished with that and I headed on over to Route 4 since I had to help look for that legendary stone item to put a stop to N's plans. I got there and I went west to the Desert Resort. I made it all the way to the Relic Castle, and after meeting up with Cheren again, I entered the ruins. I headed down the sand pits, and I met up with some Team Plasma grunts along the way. I battled them as well as some wild Pokemon like Cofagrigus, and I saved as I got to the bottom of the Relic Castle.


Claydol User
Man, I've been through 2 HACKS ALREADY! I gave up a Zapdos and Timid Groudon, but I traded the hacked Charizard I got for a Salamence, and the hacked Zoroark I got for a shiny Rhyperior.

Anyways, almost to Windswept Sky on Dream World. :D


Shiny Breeder
All of a sudden I have a desire to play pokemon again so after many months of getting B & W and them just gathering dust somewhere in my room, so now I am currently playing both versions. On White I almost have my 6th Badge and my current team has me content. :D Serperior, Musharna, Krookodile, Eelecktrick, Swoobat, and Litwick(currently training the lil guy). On Black I got the Oshawott and have made it to the 1rst gyms city (idk the name) Lol im hyped to keep on going on White so progress on Black is slow. Cant wait to start hunting/breeding for Shiny's in this generation.... :D


hey trainer
June 23, 2011

Excerpt from Pokem on Trainer Justin's Journal:

Man, it's been a very busy couple of days. LOTS of things have gone down.

Well, first off, I have four badges now! It wasn't very hard either; looks like the training that I did with my Pokemon paid off.

Which leads to the next thing, I have four new Pokemon!

Well, Albus, my Oshawott, evolved twice and is now a Samurott. Its crazy how fast that little Oshawott has grown... I was talking to Renee, and she told me that her Samurott Sif didn't evolve until before battling the fifth Gym Leader. Albus evolved before we even faced the fourth.

And I caught a Timbur back at the Pinwheel Forest, which evolved quickly into a Gurdurr. I met someone named Rocket at the Pokemon Center, who offered to trade me his Boldore for my Gurdurr. His Boldore evolved into Gigalith, and when I traded back, my Gurdurr was a Conkeldurr! Named Bruno, after the Kanto Elite Four member.

I also caught a Darumaka on Route 4 that I named Zalbaar. After some intense training in the Pinwheel Forest and Nimbasa City, he evolved into a Darmanitan. Lots and lots of power behind this Pokemon.

And after defeating Elesa for my fourth badge, I traveled to Driftveil City and found a Vanillite. I'm currently training her, trying to build up her defense, speed, and special attack. I named her Crumbs.

So after explaining that, the next event on my list is that there's this group called Team Plasma running around, with N as their 'king'. I should pay attention to them.

Currently, I just finished my nth try at the Battle Subway Singles Line, and once again failed. I can never get passed thirteen straight wins. I really need to train up some more.

But yeah. Back to training Crumbs.

Team Go!


Albus, M lv. 36

Bruno, M lv. 34

Zalbaar, M lv. 35

Crumbs, F lv. 26

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Breeding for a Modest Sharpedo. No luck yet as I haven't been able to transfer suitor for it yet. DW female Carvahna being searched out.


1 more day ^^
I got to Driftveil city and beat everyone, including the plasmas in the cold storage. Now I need to get everyone to lv 28 before battling Clay.


Let's go to the beach, each.
As I got to the bottom of the Relic Castle, I explored some more, but encountered only wild Pokemon and Team Plasma grunts. I captured a wild Krokorok while I was heading for another sand pit, and I battled two more Team Plasma grunts. I eventually found the correct sand pit, and I went down and encountered Alder and Ghetsis there. They talked for a little while, and then Ghetsis left the Relic Castle. I headed out of there as well, and I got a call from Professor Juniper as I arrived outside. I was supposed to meet up with her in Nacrene City, but I went back to Nimbasa City so that I could train against the trainers at the sport stadiums there. Once I finished training, I flew to Nacrene City and saved in front of the Pokemon Center.
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