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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Saw a Mat Arceus on the GTS. :O

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Just transferred my Modest Carvahna to Black. Waiting for DW female Carvahna to breed with it. It'll be a special sweeper.


Sol Badguy
I eved trained my Flawless SHiny Dragonite today


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Doing Battle Subway to get a Power Lens for my 31 IV Sp. Atk Venonat to hold for breeding with Japanese Ditto...


1 more day ^^
I beat all of the trainers in the gym and decided to try and beat Clay but I lost>.>


Live. Love. Ho-Oh.
I finally got my long awaited shiny patrat :D And now I'm going through the Battle Subway to get the power items. I wish I enjoyed competitive style battling. I'd rather crush all the trainers with Lv. 100 pokemon instead.


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Unlocked Windswept Sky! :D


Let's go to the beach, each.
Once I got to Nacrene City, I went to the Nacrene Museum and I met up with Lenora, Professor Juniper and Alder. They talked for a while about current events, and then I was handed the Light Stone item that had been inside of the Nacrene Museum all this time. I took that and then everyone else left. I was assigned to visit Opelucid City, and I healed at the local Pokemon Center before moving out. I then headed for Route 3 and I deposited a Pokemon at the Day Care Center there. I headed for Icirrus City after that, and I went east towards Route 8. I battled some trainers along the way and I had to battle wild Pokemon that appeared in the puddles as well. I eventually got to the Moor of Icirrus, and I saved there.


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Still working on my shiny Dratini hunt... no luck. And I found a couple of ok wi fi hotspots. Couldn't use them though :(. Darn it... it's so hard to find a good public hot spot these days that actually works.

Meowth City

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Meowth City's Pokemon White Journey II - Part Six

Elite Four - Caitlin: I begin this chapter with the grand finale of the Elites, Psychic extraordinary - Caitlin. For her first Pokemon Reuniclus, I send out mine own - Gummy Bear - take on hers. After a couple of Shadow Balls, I quickly depatch of it. Next, she sends out her Musharna, so I switch out for Wims giving it one or two X-Scissors to finish it off quickly. Out next is her Sigilyph, which I take out using Richmond's electric prowess. And for her final Pokemon, she sends out Gothielle, so I switch back to Wims and finish it with another X-Scissor. After my victory against the Elite, I take the green warp-pad back to the entrance. This time the statue in the center of the room has a glow to it. I approach it and interact with it, then I am taken down to the bottom of the Pokemon League. I now arrive in a largely empty place in front of a huge building, so I make my way into the only place left to go. Inside, I walk up the stairs and witness N and Alder arguing. It seems N has defeated Alder and is now demanding that everyone listen to him as the new champion. He wants everyone to liberate their Pokemon, but Alder refuses to listen and begs N to understand that Pokemon and humans cannot be forced apart. After a while, N finally notices me and challenges me to a fight, but until there is a suitable place to battle. And with that, N commands Team Plasma to surround the building of the Pokemon Leaue. Epic scene ensues with a castle coming out of the ground around the League, as bridges all over shoot out of the castle and smash into several parts of the League building. N dares me to stop me before he flees into the castle. Cheren runs up behind and him and Alder encourage me to go after N to stop Team Plasma's plans once and for all, so without hestiation I take the closest bridge into N's Castle...

As I enter the castle, I am confronted by six of the Team Plasma Sages who want to stop me from ruining their King's plans. With my wins against the Elites, I am ready to take them all on. But before I can, most of the Unova gym leaders arrive to hold them off. They tell me to continue ahead, so I head for the next floor checking out all the rooms and picking up some rather useful items. As I step onto the next floor, one of the Shadow Triads appears and tells me that I can rest and use the PC in one of the rooms. Another floor up and the guy tells me one of the rooms belongs to N, so I head inside and witness a rather creepy playroom filled with new toys and a Rare Candy lying around. I continue moving upwards until I reach the highest floor, and it is there that I bump into Ghetsis who tells me to go in and face N. I go inside and as I walk up to him, N comes closer telling me more of his plans. Once we both reach the middle of the room, N comments on how I can try but I'll never beat him as I have yet to awaken the other legendary dragon Pokemon from the Dark Stone that I have in my bag. Convinced that I won't be able to defeat him, N challenges me to a fight and sends out his Pokemon, the legendary dragon Reshiram, which results in an epic scene animation. In that very moment, the Dark Stone sudden begins to react and after another epic animation, Zekrom emerages from it. The legendary dragon Pokemon stands in front of me looking at me with a gaze that dares me to capture it. With Zekrom's glare and N's pushing, I have no choice but to capture and befriend this Pokemon.

Zekrom and N: With SnowPatrol as the lead Pokemon of my party, I face Zekrom in an unavoidable battle. I use Blizzard and get it health down to the red zone - the ideal capture range. I start by throwing Ultra Balls and after three attempts, I successfully capture Zekrom. After this, I'm asked if I want to add it to my party, and given my Pokemon levels at this time, I opt to switch Avenger with Zekrom. As of now, Zekrom is a member of my party with Avenger taking a backseat in my PC... N heals my Pokemon and challenges me to a battle. My newly caught Zekrom at Level 50 against his Level 52 Reshiram does not provide to much of a challenge - Nothing a couple of Dragon Pulses and Fusion Bolt can't take care of. Against his Carracosta and Vanilluxe, I switch to SnowPatrol and Hammos to take them out. For his last three Pokemon, I choose Wims to help me out. His Archeops is easily defeated using Wims' Rock Slide, so he sends out his next Pokemon which at the time I believed was a Klinklang. Luckily, his Zoroark (disguised as Klinklang using illusion) misses with Focus Blast so Wims is able to kill it with one hit using Earthquake. Same with the real Klinklang, Wims takes it out without taking a single hit of damage. With his team knocked out, N begins to question his beliefs wondering if he's wrong about liberating Pokemon from their trainers. In the middle of this, Cheren and Alder arrive to console N, but then Ghetsis suddenly bursts and berates N for being so foolish and weak. Ghetsis reveals the truth - that he never wanted what was good for the Pokemon, but rather that he wanted it so that he could rule the world as the only person with Pokemon. After the crazy outburst, Ghetsis turns on me and challenges me to the last battle.

Ghetsis: With Zekrom still as my lead Pokemon, I easily finish off his first Pokemon Cofagrigus. For his next Pokemon Bouffalant, I send Hammos out to take advantage of Brick Break. Next, I sitwch again to SnowPatrol to take on his Seismitoad with a mixture of moves. His next Pokemon gives me the most trouble, Hydreigon knocks out Zekrom before I can make a single move. With no other super effective fighting type move, I depend on Hammos to use his famous Brick Break. He outspeeds Hammos and scares me by using Surf. Shockingly, Hammos survives it with only 4 HP left and manages to kill Hydreigon with one hit. Even after taking out his most powerful Pokemon, I still have a tough fight ahead of me. For his Eelektross, I send out Wims - my strongest Pokemon at the time - and use Rock Slide. I do a decent amount of damage, but Wims gets knocked out after two Flamethrowers. During the previous turn, I used a Revive on Zekrom, who delivers the finishing blow to his Eelektross. Last on his roaster is Bisharp, so I decide to stick with Zekrom as Hammos is almost dead from his battle with Hydreigon. I give it two Fusion Bolt, but run out of PP before I can finish it off. Luckily, I manage to paralyze it and win it with a Dragon Pulse for the final blow. After an incrediblely close battle, Ghetsis disappears but promises to continue his plans while N confides in me. And after a long heartfelt speech, he brings his Reshiram out of his Pokeball and fly off on it. The credits roll...
or at least for the main story, it is.

Current Team:
:500: Hammos (♂) - Level 52 - Moves: Head Smash, Brick Break, Grass Knot, Flamethrower.
:530: Wims (♂) - Level 53 - Moves: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Shadow Claw.
:579: Gummy Bear (♂) - Level 52 - Moves: Dizzy Punch, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Psychic.
:587: Richmond (♂) - Level 52 - Moves: Acrobatics, Pursuit, Wild Charge, Discharge.
:614: SnowPatrol (♂) - Level 52 - Moves: Blizzard, Slash, Surf, Frail.
:627: Avenger (♂) - Level 52 - Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Slash, Crush Claw.
*:644: Zekrom - Level 50 - Moves: Dragonbreath, Slash, Zen Headbutt, Fusion Bolt.

*Zekrom temporarily replaces Avenger when battling N and Ghetsis.


SS - SR'ed for the right natured Legendaries. Got everything but the Lati sorted now.
Platinum - Crumbled at the lvl 50 doubles Rent-a-poke Battle zone against the 2nd Brain match.

Black - EV training my Dark Pulse Deino
White - Started my catch-every nature of Ditto- project


i've caught 2 pokemon in this game in the wild which is insane because i've never made a wild encounter with an pokemon for my almost 10+ years playing pokemon. shiny deerling which i still have and no one thinks is shiny because it has so many colors no one can tell. and a shiny vanilite which i traded to some shiny freak who gave me a cresselia for it haha
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