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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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I recently hatched some pokemon on my black and thought i would restart my white and run through with some old ones. So now I'm going through white again with a dratini, eevee, and growlieth. I evolved eevee into espeon. I have an arcanine, and a dragoniar now. These guys destroy all pokemon in their path. It's awesome.


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Recent Happenings in White

Let's see, where did we leave off on this lovely little adventure? Ah yes, I believe we have just arrived at Icirrus. Okay, so I already mentioned how much I love this city, with its merry air and its likeliness to the Irish countryside. I already mentioned exploring places such as Route 8 and the Moor of Icirrus. Well, after that, I did a bit of level-grinding for a LOT of my Pokemon--even the ones that were not on my training team. Quite a few of my Pokemon evolved and/or learned new attacks.

After the boring training against wild Pokemon, the first thing on my agenda was to battle Brycen. The battle was almost as easy as the battle against Skyla--I ended up using only three Pokemon, and none of them fainted. Of course, maybe that's because my team consisted of two Steel-types (one with a Rock attack), an Ice Pokemon with a Steel attack, two Fighting-types, and a Fire-type. Klink, Excadrill, Vanillish, Throh, Mienfoo, and Litwick Lampent Chandelure. That's right, Venifica (the... creepy candle) evolved twice as I battled the trainers in the gym. First she got to level 41 to become Lampent, but she didn't stay a Lampent for long--I decided she didn't need to learn any more attacks, so I used a Dusk Stone on her directly afterwards. All that and she didn't even participate in the battle against Brycen himself.

The first thing I did after earning my seventh badge was head to the Dragonspiral Tower. I caught a Golett somewhere along the way (I had also caught a Druddigon while training earlier), and fought a few Team Plasma people. While doing so, my Duosion evolved to Reuniclus! And learned Dizzy Punch, of all things. Anyway, at one point I was surprised to battle four Plasma grunts in a row, but it wasn't too bad. Then I reached the top and saw N flying off with Reshiram! Ooh, this wasn't good.

So I went to Nacrene City for a conversation with Lenora. After some talk, she asked me if I would accept the Dark Stone. My heart grew heavy, and I thought about how Frodo felt when he decided to take the ring to Mt. Doom. Naturally, I answered Yes. Dun-dun-dunnnn...

Bah, she told me to go to Opelucid City to find out more about this stupid stone. Oh well, time to do some more exploring. So I did, heading through the Tubeline Bridge and wondering where the heck the train station to get to Anville Town was. I wasn't too impressed with Shopping Mall Nine, but at least I got to battle some trainers. I also caught a Pawniard in the route nearby, but I don't know if I'm completely satisfied with his nature and ability (Brave, Inner Focus), so I might try catching another one. Then it's time to train some more in preparation for the battle with Iris...


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Now SRing for Terrakion at Victory Road.. Before that I do the EV Training my Volcarona and my Beartic.. And I also found my competitive team!
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I beat the Elite Four and Team Plasma today, super stoked :D Disliking the level jump though, forgot how sharp it was. 7 Pokemon away from completing the Unova dex too :D Minus the 3 event legendaries they haven't released at the end, those I still gotta wait for events I guess.


I beat the last Gym trainers inside of the Opelucid City Gym, and after healing some more at the local Pokemon Center, I solved that tedious Gym puzzle and I made it to Drayden's location within the Gym. I challenged him then, and he used his Fraxure against me. I used Simipour since it had Blizzard, but the first Blizzard attack missed, so I had to endure a hit from Fraxure. The second Blizzard attack worked well, and I defeated Fraxure. Drayden used Druddigon next, but my Darmanitan took care of that easily with Thrash. I then had to fight against Haxorus. I used Serperior for that, but it had to endure some hits as well, before it managed to beat Haxorus with Leaf Blade. I got the Legend Badge from Drayden as well as the TM for Dragon Tail. I saved before heading out again.

Easter Egg

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My Litwick evolved into Lampent and then I immediately evolved it into Chandelure with a Dusk Stone, and it's Special Attack is already 144! It went from 68 Special Attack (Litwick) to 98 Special Attack (Lampent) to 140 Special Attack (Chandelure)!


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I beat the gym leader in Icirrus Cty. I still forgot his name. He was really easy with scolipede and gigalith =D


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In Celestial Tower when I was searching for a good natured Litwick, I found a Modest one on my second try! I was shocked, I almost never get a good natured Pokemon. I would have even accepted a Mild one, but this is even better! It even has Flash Fire. :D

I love it when this happens. I hate searching for correct natures, but I can't stand using Pokemon with hindering natures, so I usually spend hours looking for the right nature on the Pokemon I'm hunting. Pokemon like Darumaka and Minccino took probably three hours each.


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And I spent a box and a half catching Litwicks for a Quiet Litwick (for a TR set postgame). I caught a Modest and a Timid one, both w/ Flame Body. Although on my about 20th seeming try, I got a Quiet Oshawott, on my fourth try, I caught a Jolly Deerling w/ Sap Sipper, on my second Roggenrola, I caught an Adamant one, On my third try, I caught a Jolly Sewaddle, and on my second try, I caught a Naughty Timburr. (All of these pokes are now fully evolved and in their late 60's, Samurott lv 70)

A Jolly Regenerator Mienshao is so hard to find. First of all, they spam Wide Guard if you try and check if they flinch, they end up killing themselves with HJK (It HJK'd my Golurk twice in a row, thankfully it's HP was odd, and I caught it.) AND they have a pesky 10% encounter rate.
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My main team for playing was
Musharna (Am I the only one who had one on their team?)- Tashi
I've changed it up a little bit, but that was my main strategy for the game


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Completed the Unova pokedex, only to be rewarded with a "good job! Now back to work!"

Thanks Juniper >.<


I left the Opelucid City Gym after I obtained the Legend Badge from Drayden, only for me to come face-to-face with Professor Juniper. I talked to her and then she showed me the way to the gate for Route 10. She explained what I had to do now that I had all eight Unova region badges, and she handed me the Master Ball since I finished the Gym challenge. I left to heal my tired Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. I then shopped for some items there and I headed out to Nimbasa City to do some more training at the sport stadiums. After a quick training session there, I returned to Opelucid City and I went on a catching spree on Route 9. I captured some wild Pokemon that I had neglected before, and I saved once that task was done.


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Just caught Zekrom with an Ultra Ball on my first try


Hopeful for Gen 8


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28–29 / 8–11 / 28–29 / 12–13 / 16–17 / 28–29
According to Veekun, those are my new Piplup's IVs. ^^ Pretty good for a fairly short amount of time and not having great parents to work off of.
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