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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Yesterday I restarted White. This time I chose a girl and :498: (I can't tolerate snakes and used Oshawott on my previous playthrough). I trained Tepig a lot while playing until the Striaton City. I beat Cress on my third try (I wanted to beat him using just Tepig), ran the errand in the Dreamyard, and evolved :498: into :499:. Then I had to deal with Team Plasma again, who stole a girl's pokemon. In the cave I caught a :524:. I trained both of my Pokemon and easily defeated Lenora. in Pinwheel Forest I evolved :524: into :525:. Then I saved the game because I want to evolve it first.
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I have just battled a few trainers in the battle subway, and now I'm gonna try to complete the ENTIRE Unova Pokedex. I haven't gotten that far cuz I rushed through the main game. Anyways, wish me luck.


I battled some wild Pokemon outside of Victory Road, and then I headed back into the caverns there. I got lost along the way, so I had to exit the cave and try again. I still could've figure out where I had to go, so I flew off to Opelucid City to rest. I healed my Pokemon there, and then I did some Audino grinding on Route 10. After about 20 minutes, I returned to Opelucid City to buy some items, and then I battled at the local Battle House. I flew off to Nimbasa City eventually, and I trained there by battling the various trainers. Once the training session was done, I returned to Opelucid City and I headed to Victory Road on foot again. I saved there.


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Beat Aloe with ease thanks to Janobii and his Leech Seed :) destroyed team plasma in pinwheel forest and retrieved the stolen dragon skull. Returned it to a happy Aloe :) Battled all of the trainers in the forest to gain Exp, leading to Mamepato evolving into a Hatooboo. :) Crossed the amazing SkyArrow Bridge. Arrived in Hiun City and obtained a water stone to evolve Hiyapuu later :)
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White Journey Post 50

As Summer ends, I decided to do a few things. I finished battling all of the Riches in Undella Town. Other than rematches and the sports domes, I've battled everyone in Unova. That's about it.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.82
-Heat Crash -Earthquake -Wild Charge -Brick Break

:523: Equinox Lv.82
-Wild Charge -Facade -Flame Charge -Thunder Wave

:530: Simon Lv.82
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Swords Dance

:571: Link Lv.82
-Night Daze -Focus Blast -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot

:612: Barbarus Lv.82
-Outrage -Earthquake -Dragon Dance -Taunt

:625: Dynames Lv.82
-Iron Head -Night Slash -Brick Break -Swords Dance

No Pokedex thingy this post since I didn't work on it.


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I have recently started to train as I have finished Chargestone Cave with a new Pokémon! Joltik was that addition, with CompoundEyes and a Docile nature. Thunder's gonna kill! So, I started training my Lv30 Herdier, which evolved after an Audino or two on Route 6, into a mighty Stoutland! I headed back to make it learn Fire Fang, and swapped out to Tranquill, who had Fly. It evolved as well into an Unfezant of the Female form! I continued training everyone, but No-one has evolved as of yet:


I forgot to mention, I evolved Panpour and Gothita as well! And also caught a Litwick!

Saved in Route 6.


Stil determined to get a orange Tympole.
traded a watchog over with illuminate, im in the double grass, had about 1500 encounters :( sigh.... my team hasn't really changed, but i'll post it anyway :)

Location: - Pinwheel Forest (outside)

-:505: Watchog - lv47
-:524: Lorraine - lv18
-:519: Frank - lv18
-:499: Perry - lv20



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After crossing the SkyArrow Bridge, I arrived in Hiun City. I decided to explore the city, and beat the 3 dancers. I found the battle company tower and beat everyone in there, getting an Exp Share for my troubles. Finally I went into route 4 and beat all trainers that I could before beating the 3rd gym. Hiyapuu got to level 22 and learned scald - Evolution time! It is now a Hiyakkie :) Went back into town, healed up and saved, ready for the 3rd gym.

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Black Journey Post 44

Next up on my list of team members to level up is Cole. I trained around the areas near Undella Town. Next up to train is Link.

Current Team:

:503: Youni Lv.69
-Hydro Pump -Surf -Ice Beam -Grass Knot

:514: Cole Lv.69
-Fire Blast -Focus Blast -Bite -Yawn

:571: Link Lv.68
-Night Daze -Focus Blast -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot

:553: Dorako Lv.68
-Earthquake -Crunch -Stone Edge -Brick Break

:561: Nazca Lv.68
-Psychic -Air Slash -Shadow Ball -Calm Mind

:596: Uru Lv.68
-Thunder -Bug Buzz -Volt Switch -Thunder Wave


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Finished EV training my Empoleon. Soon, I'm going to breed for a Cyndaquil with Extrasensory.


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I'm always breeding or trading surprisingly I have yet to even attempt to catch any unova Legendary....

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Yesterday afternoon i got black instead of restarting my white version for the 3rd time. So far i'm going slow to enjoy the sights which i didn't pay much attention to in white. Im at the 4th gym as of now and it's going well. Let's get to the story...

The prof. dropped a box off and we all chose a pokemon, actually Cheren didn't, Bianca kind of chose for him. Anyway didn't do much after that, I battled Cilan for the Tri badge and made a fantastic win with not one pokemon fainting. And then lenora came. She gave me a run for my money, literally, I think she wanted it for more research money. Anyway after that came Burgh who lost rather fast. Shocking considering on white when I chose snivy it took me ten tries to beat him. After that did some more errands, caught some more pokemon and am currently training my pokemon up for the battle against Elesa and her annoying freak'en emolga's.


I got back to Victory Road, and I entered the cavern there once more. I managed to find the correct path this time, and I was able to battle the last few trainers within Victory Road. I picked up some items right before I left the cave, and then I arrived at the Pokemon League HQ. I healed my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center there, and then I left to grind on Route 10 once more. I spent literally an hour grinding against the wild Pokemon in the area, and then once I finished there, I bought items like Full Restores and Revives at the Shopping Mall Nine place west of Opelucid City. I got back to the Pokemon League, and I saved right before I challenged the Elite Four.


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Wow! Just encountered and caught a shiny Deerling!


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So today Autumn started on the games, I decided to run through mode street in Hiun and gaze at the orange trees. They remind me of Ecruteak back in HGSS *_* Beat team plasma, got Bianca's munna back, yadda yadda. Thrashed everyone in the gym and destroyed Burgh's Whirlipede and Dwebble with Darumaka's Fire Punch :) Leavanny was too fast, and knocked out Darumaka with a swift Razor Leaf. Tranquill came in. An Air Cutter and Quick Attack, and Leavanny was out. I got my 3rd gym badge! :) Easiest gym so far IMO. I left the gym with my shiny new badge, and Bianca called me for a battle. Why not? It's easy Exp. I healed up and headed north.

3rd battle with Bianca - START! She led with Herdier (sp?), I led with Simipour. A quick Scald and it was out. Next was Munna. 2 Bites and it was down. Simipour went to lv23 :) Next up was Dewott. I set out my Servine. Leaf Tornado. Bye. Last was Pansear. Hello Scalding Simipour. Bye Pansear. END!

Continued onto route 4, to find Cheren. He began with his Pidove. LOL SCALD. Next up was Pansage, I released Darumaka. Fire Punch, and done. Next was Liepard, I sent Simipour back out (Exp) 1 Scald and down. Finally was Pignite, obviously kept Simipour out. A final Scald and I was done. I need stronger rivals :p

After the battle I healed in the house to left and saved.


I finally got the nerve to challenge the Unova Elite Four. As I got to the courtyard there, I had to choose which Elite Four member I wanted to battle. I decided to switch things up a bit and fight Shauntel first. I got to her room and I made my way up to her location. She talked and then we began to battle. She sent out her Cofagrigus first, and I used Simipour. I managed to knock it down with a critical hit Ice Beam attack, and then Shauntel used her Jellicent. I used Zebstrika's Thunderbolt, but Jellicent still had some life in it. I took it down with Thunder after that, and I used my Serperior against Shauntel's Golurk. I beat it with Leaf Blade, and I used Simipour against her Chandelure. I beat it with Surf, and then I proceeded to the courtyard once more after I beat Shauntel.

Meowth City

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Black: Completing Pokedex - Evolved Litwick into Lampent (+1 entry), Mareep to Ampharos (+2 entries), Hoppip to Jumpluff (+2 entries) and Aron to Lairon (+1 entry). While leveling up my Mareep, which I caught in White then traded over, it learned Charge. I let a guy in Opelucid City borrow it and he gave me a Cell Battery as thanks. Now looking to evolve Lairon to Aggron.

White: Trained my team all to Level 70 and took on the Pokemon League. I breezed through them very easily, as well as the Champion Alder with my Hammos (Emboar). Beat the game and viewed the credits a second time. Looking to trade over my valuable Pokemon before restarting the game again.


What do I do now?
Started out with Autumn season today then continued my futile attempts to MM a shiny Absol.


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I just taught my lv. 31 Deino I'm EVing Draco Meteor!


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Decided to start finishing up EV training some of my pokemon, so as I made my way to route 3 to EV train in speed, I ran into a daily wynaut swarm. Because they all had shadow tags I had to catch them all in order to not affect the EVs...

Also, I decided to stop by the legendaries and got extremely lucky with the natures, getting jolly, adamant and timid for first time visits.
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