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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
White Journey Post 51

Autumn. Everything is back to how I recognize it, yet it all seems different. Undella Town has gone back to it's peaceful music which I prefer. Now I'm heading over to Nimbasa City so I can level up my team.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.82
-Heat Crash -Earthquake -Wild Charge -Brick Break

:523: Equinox Lv.82
-Wild Charge -Facade -Flame Charge -Thunder Wave

:530: Simon Lv.82
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Swords Dance

:571: Link Lv.82
-Night Daze -Focus Blast -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot

:612: Barbarus Lv.82
-Outrage -Earthquake -Dragon Dance -Taunt

:625: Dynames Lv.82
-Iron Head -Night Slash -Brick Break -Swords Dance


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I finally went back to the Sports Domes to train some of my EV trained Pokemon today. Speaking of EV trained Pokemon...I EV trained 2 today. I started off with a Roggenrola and trained it in HP and Attack. I evolved that Roggenrola into Boldore also. The second pokemon was a Sneasel who was trained in Attack and Speed. Since I EV trained Sneasel at night I also evolved it into Weavile. I took Weavile to the Elite 4 and raised it up there.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Black Journey Post 45

Autumn. Nothing exciting happened. I did manage to level up Link. Next up is Dorako.

Current Team:

:503: Youni Lv.69
-Hydro Pump -Surf -Ice Beam -Grass Knot

:514: Cole Lv.69
-Fire Blast -Focus Blast -Bite -Yawn

:571: Link Lv.69
-Night Daze -Focus Blast -Flamethrower -Nasty Plot

:553: Dorako Lv.68
-Earthquake -Crunch -Stone Edge -Brick Break

:561: Nazca Lv.68
-Psychic -Air Slash -Shadow Ball -Calm Mind

:596: Uru Lv.68
-Thunder -Bug Buzz -Volt Switch -Thunder Wave


La Melancolie Noir
Recent Happenings in White

...Where did I leave off? I had just reached Opelucid City? I believe so. And I think I mentioned the talk with Drayden there... Well anyway, after another long and boring training session, I got a bunch of my Pokemon to level 45. Then I put together a team consisting mostly of Ice and Steel-types (plus I taught my Stoutland Ice Fang) and battled Iris...

This is the only gym battle in which I only had to use one Pokemon: Klang. It started off the battle with Autotomize, which made it faster than her Fraxure even after two Dragon Dances. Then it just spammed Mirror Shot without taking too much damage.

So then I headed to Victory Road, predicting that I would have to battle Cheren along the way. Along the way, Professor Juniper gave me a Master Ball! But before I could get too far, the lady at the building between Opelucid City and Route 10 informed me of a storm on Route 7. Curious, I decided to check it out... and what do I see but Thundurus. The scaredy-mon disappears before I can battle it. Whatever--I don't feel like trying to catch it now anyway.

By this time, I decided what my final team was going to be--it's featured in the banner in my signature! (Even though JadeDragon and Scathach haven't evolved yet.) So I took that team and headed to Victory Road at last... and as I predicted, I had to battle Cheren before reaching it. What surprised me was Bianca giving me Max Revives afterward. That should help while facing the Elite Four.

The badge-check area before Victory Road was... beautiful, and memorable. I especially liked the section after the sixth checkpoint, when I literally got to walk on air! So I went through Victory Road, which, as I expected, had lots of trainers in it. Some of the trainers' Pokemon were at level 45--the same level my team was at! And for part of it I had to bring my Stoutland along so she could use Strength. In Victory Road and the surrounding areas I caught four Pokemon: Rufflet, Deino, Heatmor, and Durant.

So it looks like now the only thing to do is train for the Elite Four... I'm gonna raise my team to level 52 first, so that Scathach can evolve.

Team: Kikucho the Samurott, Venifica the Chandelure, Ameba the Reuniclus, JadeDragon the Mienfoo, Scathach the Pawniard, and Mayflower the Lilligant. All except Kikucho are female.


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I'm currently Audino grinding at Route 14. Considering I hatched my Dark Pulse Deino today, and he's already fighting the Audinos himself! I've been Audino Grinding for a few hours on Route 10, and I recently changed to said route. What I caught on Route 10 in shaking patches:
2 Emolga
1 Throh (I have Black)

:) That's the wonder of Audino Grinding: you find other rare stuff too. My Deino is currently lv. 48. After I lv. up one more level, I'm going to use my RC. I'm tired of Deino. I WANT A ZWEILOUS ALREADY. After evolving to Zweilous, off to Giant Chasm.

EDIT: Deino just evolved! Zweilous now has 113 Special Attack and 105 Speed.
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I got back to the Pokemon League's courtyard after I defeated Shauntel and her Ghost-type Pokemon. I decided to battle Grimsley after her, so I went into his room. I made my way around to his location, and after a brief chat, we began to battle each other. He used Liepard first, and I countered with Darmanitan's Superpower. I managed to defeat Liepard with that, and then I had to deal with Grimsley's Scrafty. I swapped out to Unfezant, and I used Aerial Ace on Scrafty. I worked well, but Scrafty didn't faint. I used Fly, and then I finally took it down. Grimsley then used Krookodile, but it didn't stand a chance against my Serperior's Leaf Blade attack. I defeated his Bisharp with my Darmanitan's Fire Punch attack, and then I saved after I beat Grimsley.


<-- I will get'em
My haxorus just hit level 99. Kinda sad about level 100. It won't be able to level up again.


Space relic
Finished EV training my currently-Quilava. Now I'm going to train him on Audinos until he evolves, then I'll take him to the subway and work on getting his Choice Scarf.

Edit: Or not. Apparently Typhlosion doesn't get Eruption until level 75. Goodness. Grinding time!
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Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Today I worked on raising my Lonely Charmander. Waiting for a Power Bracer to give it 252 atk. Exp.Share and Lucky Egg got it to be a Level 65 Charizard in one hour.
Caught a Manidbuzz level 58 female.
Found a Hipopotas swarm route 4. May be placed in Sandstorm team.
Befriended a Shinx with Guts in the Dream World today. Either Rain Dance or Gym team.


Shiny Breeder
Pokemon White:I got my 8th Badge today, I smoked Iris with my lvl 54 Haxorus, Dragon Clawed her whole team. :D Pokes current lvls
Serperior 56
Haxorus 54
Krookodile 53
Chandelure 53
Eelecktross 54
Meinshao 54

Pokemon Black: Well I beat the first gym leader with only my Dewott :D
caught a female Pidove after that and im currently training her (I hate how male Unifezant's look, WTF is that disease lookin thing on its head)
Pokes Lvls
Dewott Lvl 17
Pidove Lvl 10

Well im still trying to MM for a Shiny Bold Munna is White and im planning which should be my third pokemon in Black, well thats all my updates.


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My Zweilous just evolved into Hydreigon!!:)


After my fierce battle with Grimsley, I healed my Pokemon with some of the items I had purchased beforehand for the Elite Four challenge. I then decided to battle against Caitlin next, since I usually had an easier time battling against her. I got to her room and I went up to her bed. We talked and then we began to battle. She sent out her Reuniclus. I used Unfezant against it, but I wasn't able to beat it. Reuniclus used Thunder, and Unfezant fainted. I used Darmanitan's Thrash and I beat Reuniclus and then I beat Caitlin's Musharna with my Serperior. I used Zebstrika against Caitlin's Siglyph, and after I beat that with Volt Switch, I used Simipour's Waterfall to defeat her Gothitelle. Once that was done, I left to the courtyard and I saved before going to Marshal's room.

Meowth City

Staff member
Black: Completing Pokedex - Evolved Lairon to Aggron (+1 entry), and now looking to evolve Happiny and Rhyhorn. Traded with my White game and got all these Pokemon for the dex: Archen, Cryogonal, Escavalier (tradeback), Accelgor and the White Forest exclusives, as well as my team members - Hammos, Wims, Richmond, SnowPatrol, Avenger and Gummy Bear (+12 entries).


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Black version: Beaten N and Ghetsis+cought myself a Reshiram with great IV's(after only 1 try and no SR):D


Active Member
Soon, I'm gonna get back to finding all the sages. I couldn't be bothered to do it before, lol. And I'm going to keep training my Pokemon in Big Stadium/Small Court.


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Finally finished up EV training my sunny day/ rain dance counter team. I actually ran out of money during the process so I had to go through the Elite 4 with an amulet coin about 3 times to finish up. All I have left is getting them up to 100.


I quickly healed my Serperior with Full Restore, and then I revived my Unfezant with Revive right before I got to Marshal's room at the Pokemon League. I finally entered it, and I took the cart all the way up to the cage-match area, and I fought Marshal there. He used Throh against me first, and I used Unfezant. It was able to land a good Aerial Ace attack, but Throh managed to stay in the battle. I eventually beat it with Fly, but I then had to deat with Sawk. I swapped to Serperior, and I fought back with Aerial Ace. I beat Sawk after a couple of hits, but then I had to deal with Marshal's Conkeldurr. I had to swap out to Darmanitan, but that Conkeldurr proved to be a lot for it to handle. I used Simipour instead, and I finally beat it. I then took out Mienshao with Zekstrika, and I saved before heading outside again.


Poké-Shop Owner
Currently REing for a shiny Litwick at the 2nd floor of the Celestial Tower.
Doing one hour sessions, three hours now... no luck


Space relic
I decided to rebattle the E4 for the first time today, because I'm short on cash and want some more experience on my competitive pokemon. I decided to take
-Typhlosion- He's priority, because I want him to learn Eruption.
-Lickilicky- He can take a lot of damage, and has varied attacks that can hit a lot of pokemon well.
-Metagross- It's probably my best pokemon overall, and will help to rip apart anything the other members can't cover.
-Durant- Between X-scissor, Iron Head, and Rock Slide, he can hit a lot of the pokemon for SE damage.
-Hitmontop- He can take a good amount of damage and has Rest, letting me heal other members mid battle if something is especially threatening.
-Empoleon- Like Hitmontop and Lickilicky, he can take attacks well and has useful coverage.

I bought some extra Full Restores and Revives and went in.
I started with Shauntel. I knew she would lead with Cofagrigus, so I led with Empoleon, being special-based. It couldn't outlast him. Next came Drifblim. I kept in Empoleon, since he has Ice Beam. Thunder was obnoxious, but Empoleon's special defense was high enough to shrug it off and take it out after a few turns. Empoleon had barely any HP left, so I switched to Lickilicky. Golurk helpfully used Curse, but Ice Beam couldn't finish it off. The next turn Hammer Arm and Curse took down Lickilicky, but Golurk went down too. She sent out Jellicent next, but I couldn't tell, and sent out Hitmontop. I got it down to about a third of its health before it took down Hitmontop with Psychic, then I switched in Metagross and took it out with Earthquake. Then Chandelure. It took out Metagross with Fire Blast, unfortunately. Empoleon came in, and needed two Full Restores but took it out with Surf. Her last pokemon, Froslass, was easily destroyed by Typhlosion.

I revived and healed everyone, then went to Grimsley. Sharpedo kind of scared me, but Lickilicky took it out with some Thunderbolts. Next, I didn't have anything to deal with Scrafty, so I just sent in Metagross. Meteor Mash missed (of course) but it was fine. I decided to take a risk with Krookodile, and I wasn't surprised that Typhlosion's Focus Blast missed. >> I sent in Hitmontop while I revived Typhlosion. It finished it off with Brick Break, too. Then I sent in Typhlosion against Liepard, and Focus Blast missed two more times! And it used Attract >> But eventually Focus Blast hit. Then, he sent out Drapion, and since its only weakness is Ground I used Metagross, who OHKO'd it (yay!). Bisharp was polished off with a Flamethrower from Typhlosion.

No one was knocked out, but everyone but Empoleon and Durant were badly hurt, so I healed them and proceeded to Caitlin. Durant shined by OHKOing both Musharna and Reuniclus, but I knew it couldn't do the same to Metagross, so I switched to Typhlosion, who OHKO'd that with Fire Blast. I expected Durant to OHKO Gothitelle with X Scissor, but it missed, and he got batted around a bit. He pulled it off eventually, though. Next she sent in Sigilyph, and I meant to switch to Lickilicky but clicked the wrong button. But Durant also OHKO'd that with Rock Slide! Typhlosion took out Bronzong like it did Metagross. Barely any loss, and they were all OHKO'd! Definitely the easiest E4 member.

I only had to heal Durant before I continued. I led with Typhlosion on Marshall, who made short work of Breloom. I went to Metagross for Sawk... dang Sturdy ability. Metagross killed itself with the damage from CLose Combat and its Life Orb. I sent in Durant, who took it down in two hits (he used a Full Restore). I sent in Typhlosion, since he had Extrasensory, and took out Mieanshao, Throh, and Toxicroak, learning Eruption in the process(!). I sent in Durant, not expecting him to last against Conkeldurr, but flinch and miss hax saved me :0

I healed up and proceeded to Alder, leading with Lickilicky. Focus Blast missed, and it used Me First second, letting me take it down with two Flamethrowers. I switched to Empoleon for Druddigon, but I forgot about Superpower, and lost Empoleon. I sent in Metagross, not sure what else to do, and OHKO'd it with Meteor Mash, to my surprise. I sent in Durant against Volcarona, who OHKO'd it with Rock Slide. I sent in Hitmontop against Bouffalant, since he didn't get used much, and took it out, but took a lot of damage in the process. I sent out Lickilicky, and took out Escavalier like its partner. Finally, Metagross finished the job with Meteor Mash on Vanilluxe.
wheeewww. Time consuming, but quite fun. :3 A very satisfying way to finish up the night.
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