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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Headed west from Nacrene, trained my team on the trainers outside Pinwheel Forest. Destroyed them all :) Afterwards I healed up with the nurse and saved outside the Nacrene Cafe.


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I decided it was time to start working on my Pokédex, and so I checked which Pokémon I needed to catch. I went to the Desert Resort, as I had quite a few targets there. I caught Maractus, Sigilyph, Dwebble and Zen Mode Darmanitan. Professor Juniper gave me another RageCandyBar as I entered the Relic Castle, where I soon caught a Yamask. After adding those five to my Dex, I went to a Pokémon Center to sort out my PC boxes. I hatched all of the eggs and released any Pokémon I didn't need (such as the 180 Tepig from my Masuda Method hunt).

C U R R E N T | T E A M
:503:Triton Lv. 66
:505:Suri Lv. 64
:635:Lerna Lv. 71
;430;Artemis Lv. 58
:609:Apate Lv. 65
:612:Kratos Lv. 66


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I purchased a new White version to use as my file to restart with new teams this morning. But I just got around to starting it. I chose Tepig as my starter again and I did all the boring early stuff. I saved after getting the Pokedex.

:498: Lv. 6


Been breeding lileeps and trying to get a reasonable trade for a foreign male vulpix but no luck so far.


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Walked up to the Museum, N bumped into me, rambled for a bit and then challenged me. Defeated him quickly. Then went into Museum, ran to the gym and thrashed every trainer to get that all important Exp. Went into the basement and challenged Lenora.

She starts of with Herdier, I start with Servine. Set up my Leech Seed and spammed Leaf Tornado. One down one to go. She then sent out her main Pokemon, Watchog. It used Hypnosis straight of the bat, luckily I had a Chesto Berry held, knowing she would use Hypnosis. Set up Leech Seed and spammed Leaf Tornado again. I had beaten Lenora! :) Get my 2nd badge. :)

Team plasma steal dragon skull, I go into Pinwheel with Lenora and Burgh, destroy all trainers on the pathway, and then all plasma's. Obtained Dragon Skull from final plasma grunt. Pidove evolved into Tranquill :) Hand it back to Lenora and proceed onto SkyArrow Bridge.

I sat back and enjoyed the views SkyArrow had to offer, as I walked slowly. I eventually arrived in Castellia City. I healed up my team at the PokeCenter and then saved.


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So I got to Elite Four.

I have Stoutland, Scrafty, and Krookodile, meaning HALF of my entire team is weak to fighting. And I have no flying type.

Needless to say Marshal kicked my ***.


In School
I recently lost almost all the people that were once in my White Forest...
I had 10 (the max) people and now I have two. And the grass patches are tiny and the trees are short.

Darn...wish I could have 'em back!


I got back to N's Castle, and I explored the remaining rooms in there. I eventually arrived at the final hall, and I met Ghetsis right outside the door to N's throne room. He talked quickly and then I made my way inside the room. I talked to N, and then his Zekrom burst into the room. My Light Stone activated, and Reshiram appeared there as well. I was supposed to catch Reshiram in order to use it against N's Zekrom in battle, and even though I thought that it would be a long and tedious process, I managed to snag it after using only three Ultra Balls. I swapped out one of my other Pokemon in order to add Reshiram to my roster, and then I began to battle against N.
Hm, recently I started breeding certain pokemon. As such I have just finished training a Jolly Haxorus, a Timid Volcarona, and a Jolly Lucario to level 100. It took quite a while to breed them but now I can breed dragon dance and outrage (as well as great IVS) onto pokemon of the dragon group.

I still need to find and train a bold Frillish for my competitive team.


call me KM!
I recently restarted White, and did the usual beggining stuff, starting with a tepig. I'm training for Lenora (the 2nd gym if i got the name wrong) and my team is as follows:

Red(Pignite) lv 18
Green(Pansage) lv 17
Gray(Pidove) lv 18

Im tying to get them all to lv 20.

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Just trained up team to L50 and evolved Lampent into Chandelure just battled people in Nimbasa. Brought items and now I'm going to start the E4 challenge.


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Well recently I just bought an english copy of Pokemon White version since I was getting bored with Black. Anyway the following has happened so far

-Started my game picked the boy to play as of course.
- Decided to pick Tepig as my starter sr'd for a Admant nature.
- Defeated Bianca and Cheren pretty easily.
- Went on to Accumula Town battled and defeated N.
- Caught a Lilipup and Patrat in order to get data for the Pokedex.
- Battled Bianca once again and won with Tepig.
- Finally arrived in Striaton City and went to the Dream Yard to get Pansage.
- Battled Cheren and defeated him again...
- Challenged the Striaton Gym leader Cress and won.
- Finished up stuff in Striaton City and went on to Nacrene City.(caught all pokemon in the area.)
- Battled N again... and defeated him caught a Tympole.
- Tepig evolved after the battle.
- Defeated Lenora.
- Finished stuff up in Pinwheel forest and caught most of the Pokemon in the area now I'm on the Skyarrow bridge.

Current Team

Pignite 21
Flame Charge
Arm Thrust

Pansage 20
Leech Seed
Vine Whip
Fury Swipes

Tympole 19


My final battle against N was pretty wild. The first match with Reshiram versus Zekrom was intense, and I thought that I was going to lose that one. Luckily, Reshiram managed to beat Zekrom with a Dragon-type move, and then I had to battle N using my other Pokemon. N's Carracosta was easily dealt with by Serperior, and then I used Zebstrika against his Archeops. I had some trouble against his Zoroark, which had transformed into Klinklang, but I managed to beat it eventually with Darmanitan's Superpower. I beat the real Klinklang as well, and then I finally got to challenge N's Vanilluxe. I beat it with Simipour's Rock Slide, and I successfully defeated N.


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After getting the pokedex I explored Route 1 and trained Tepig up a few levels. I went to Accumula where I encountered Team Plasma. I listened to the speech and came face to face with a mysterious man named N. N and I had a battle which I won. I headed to Striaton to get my first badge when I had to battle both Bianca and Cheren. I went to the Dreamyard and got my Pansage to help with Cress. I beat the gym trainers and took on Cress in nice victory. I went to the Dreamyard afterwards and encountered Team Plasma again and eventually got the Dream Mist. And the C Gear. Lastly I went to the second floor of the Pokemon Center and traded a random Patrat and Lillipup for two eggs. But what could be in those two eggs???

:498: Lv. 16
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