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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Arcane Of The Wild
I might narrarate my journey in white .-. Im going to restart today after I finish trading everything over to black

Making 4 characters for each of my save files


Primeapes My Man
Trained my Axew for most of its attack evs 36 more battles to go. :) I also had more frustration in finding a non-pass worded WEP connection.


Haters Gonna Hate
trying to hatch an Adamant Guts taillow (not having much luck, the adamant mother is from the DW) and despite holding an everstone, I'e hatched 13 eggs, and no adamants, however if anyone wants a DW taillow or two, come see me.


Space relic
Planning on breeding a bulky water type to partner up with a Durant for the battle subway. I was originally thinking about a Jellicent but I might go with something else.


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White update:

Well I defeated the E4 easilly enough but I forgot that we also had to catch Zekrom and defeat L etc afterwards... so now I'm stuck in his damn castle with only three pokemon and no synchronizer. So atm I'm basically kicking myself...


Insert clever title
White update:

Well I defeated the E4 easilly enough but I forgot that we also had to catch Zekrom and defeat L etc afterwards... so now I'm stuck in his damn castle with only three pokemon and no synchronizer. So atm I'm basically kicking myself...

If you go fight N and lose on purpose, you get teleported back to the Pokemon Center at the Pokemon League, so you can change your team.

Meowth City

Staff member
White update:

Well I defeated the E4 easilly enough but I forgot that we also had to catch Zekrom and defeat L etc afterwards... so now I'm stuck in his damn castle with only three pokemon and no synchronizer. So atm I'm basically kicking myself...
Or you could go to one of the rooms in the castle. There's two Plasma grunts in there - One will give you Ultra Balls if you run out of Pokeballs and the other will teleport you back to the PokeCenter at the Pokemon League. There's also a PC in one of the first rooms in the castle where you can change your team.


I started off in my house when I turned on Pokemon Black version this morning. I went downstairs, and I noticed that I had two mothers. One of them was just Looker in disguise though, and then after chatting with me, he handed me the Super Rod for agreeing to help him find the missing Sages of Team Plasma. I went outside after that, and I ran into Cheren and Bianca. Cedric Juniper arrived and he upgraded our Pokedexes into National Pokedexes. I headed to Accumula Town, and after swapping Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, I flew to Opelucid City. I headed east from there and I arrived at Route 11. I battled some wild Pokemon in the tall grass, and then I battled some trainers there. Their Pokemon were extremely tough though, so I had to Fly off to Nimbasa City to train. I saved there.


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Caught a Darumaka on Route 4, and trained my team in the Battle Company and on the 3 dancers. Defeated plasma in Castelia and sat through Ghetsis rambling. Afterwards I advanced into the 3rd gym, defeating every trainer in there. Walked up to Burgh, and the challenge began!

He starts with Whirlpede, I start with Darumaka. After Whirlpede spamming Protect, I hit it with Fire Punch and it went down. Same with Dwebble. Finally was Leavanny. It quickly used a Razor Leaf and took out Darumaka. I sent out Blitzle and after using a Thunder Wave and 2 Flame Charges, I had my 3rd badge! :)

Went and beat Bianca and Cheren very easily. Beat all trainers on Route 4. Went and caught a Yamask in Resort Desert. Saved after that.


So long
Did some more RNGing, despite the fact that I had planned to take a break. Also captured some random shinies, Swadloon and Stunfisk. Went to the Dream World again today, had not expected it to work, but it did. After playing for an hour, I returned with a female Nidoran, which was the best I could find, as well as a bunch of more or less useful items.


Started breeding dw swablu gonna make it into a counter to those dw ninetails i see in the random match battles.


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I went about challenging the trainers in the Nimbasa City domes for experience to evolve many of the Pokémon I need for my Pokédex. I also battled Morimoto and Cheren, which left me with only four more Pokémon to obtain in my Unova Dex, aside from legendaries. I also gave a massage to a Swadloon, and leveled it up, and so it evolved into Leavanny. Then, I used the Poké Transfer to send over some starters from previous regions to add to my National Dex.

C U R R E N T | T E A M
:503: Triton Lv. 66
:505: Suri Lv. 65
:635: Lerna Lv. 71
;430; Artemis Lv. 67
:609: Apate Lv. 68
:612: Kratos Lv. 66
it is a heads up smart one
Don't post in the wrong section. If someone is looking for the Pokémon you posted about, they will go to the Trade Forum, not the Recent Happenings Thread. Might I ask, why did you go about removing all capitals from my post? I'd prefer if you didn't do that. Also, don't double post. Thanks for the compliment.


Shiny Breeder
Well im basically mad at myself for thinking I could synch for and adamant zekrom before I battled N thinking I could check somehow and resetting but I couldn't, so I beat him beat Ghetis as he battles me right after and then yeah bunch of talking and then im trying to just get to a point where I can check zekrom nature, but its all this talking and whatnot, then im pushing A then it saves and im like wtf! I check the nature and its docile! Lame, then I go and see that I could left it as a stationary Pokemon and caught it then with a synch nature attainable much easier......
I recently started a breeding program for a frilish for my team... so far I have a good frilish and it is female.

I find it odd that my in-game team is 100% male while my competitive team is now 100% female which has happened completely by chance, go figure.


Allez Les Bleus!
Got 20 Winning Streak on Multi Train in Battle Subway, now I facing the Multi Subway Boss Igor and Emmet (I think) with my friend, I used Rapidash and Togekiss my friend, my friend used Dragonite and Kingdra.. We won the match and we got 16 BP, now my BP is 32, I still want to gets more BP


About to enter Victory Road.

Samurott lv. 52

Aqua Jet
Grass Knot

lv. 51

Fire Punch
Rock Slide
Flare Blitz
Hammer Arm

Stoutland lv. 53

Ice Fang

Krookodile lv. 52

Rock Slide

Chandelure lv. 52

Flame Burst
Will O Wisp
Shadow Ball

Trainers seem really easy now that my Pokemon are 12+ levels higher. Lucky Egg is seriously the best item ever! Gonna catch Zekrom to round up my team.

Meowth City

Staff member
White: Spent a hour and a half looking for a Modest Vanillite, but couldn't find one so I took a break. The next time I turned on the game, first Vanillite I run into is a Modest one :)o WTH!). I catch and name him Chip before going to Nimbasa City for some training. Then I battle the trainers in Driftveil Gym before facing Clay. I beat him mainly with Tirtouga. Go through Chargestone Cave to Mistralton City. I complete the Celestic Tower task, and battle Skyla for another badge. Both Bambi and Babs evolve into their last forms. I go through Twist Mountain and arrive at Icirrus City to take on the next gym. I beat Brycen easily and get the seventh Unova badge. Vanilite evolves during the battle into Vanillish. Now, I'm looking to catch my next team member, but I'm not sure what it's gonna be yet.

:586: Bambi (♂) - Level 40
:565: Babs (♀) - Level 40
:583: Chip (♂) - Level 40


I had to Fly off to Nimbasa City to train my Pokemon at the sport stadiums there. I battled against several trainers, and even though the battles were tedious, I had to continue all the way through. I hate this part of the game, but I couldn't do much else to train my Pokemon to the proper levels. I left to heal several times since I didn't want to use healing items, and I went to the smaller court after I beat the trainers in the bigger court. I continued battling trainers until all of them were defeated. I healed once more, and then I headed south to Route 4. I roamed around there until I got to the Desert Resort, where I captured a wild Sigilyph. I then headed for the Relic Castle, but I met Professor Juniper there. She talked about the Darmanitan statues, and she gave me a RageCandyBar. I saved afterwards.


Insert clever title
Finally. FINALLY. I HAVE OBTAINED ALL THE POWER ITEMS FROM THE BATTLE SUBWAY. Do you have any IDEA HOW LONG this took me? I am so friggin happy right now! WOOOOHOOO!


Birthday: 8/14/1997!
I've been considering taking a break from my shiny Panpour hunt and start battling in the Battle Subway. I've reached near 100 eggs, by the way. I'll find it soon... I just know it...!
And I might consider SRing for a shiny Virizion when I have more freetime. I love pink and green. :>
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