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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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I caught a shiny Audino in a random encounter.


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Spent most of yesterday trying to breed a good Squirtle with Aqua Jet, but most of them were awful :/ I got one that was at least decent at one point... eh, I'll make it work.


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While I was EV training my Latios, I found a shiny Litwick. I caught it in my Master Ball, only ball I had.

diamond trainer

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Decided to bring back some old favorites for my final team.was ev training for a while.Now i am just battling in the sports staduim in nimbasa city.

Meowth City

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Black: Finally got a Leaf Stone from the guy in the Seasonal Institute after showing him all four Deerling formes. Then went on a huge catching spree to fill my Pokedex. Here they are in order - Volbeat (Swarm), Rapidash, Cherrim, Sunkern, Pinsir, Kakuna, Heracross, Dunsparce, Raticate, Ariados, Ledian, Onix, Sandslash, Swellow, Piloswine, Clefairy, Tangela, Chimecho, Bronzong, Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Absol, Driftblim, Solrock and Lunatone (+25 whooping entries). Evolved Kakuna into Beedrill (+1 entry) and Tangela into Tangrowth (+1 entry).
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Imported A LOT of Pokemon from Platinum. Gible, Growlithe, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle etc...


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I eventually arrived in Nacrene City and went straight to the gym. It was rather easy with Pignite and Durant. I chased Team Plasma into the Pinwheel Forest and captured my fourth team member.....Petilil. I went back to Nacrene and trained Petilil against various trainers and Audino to level it up. I went back to the forest and got the skull back. I arrived in Castelia soon after and did the Team Plasma thing quickly so I could go challenge Burgh, which I eventually did. I won, beat both my rivals and headed for the Desert Resort and captured a Siglyph which is now my fifth team member. I stopped after catching it.

:499: Lv. 25
:632: Lv. 23
:626: Lv. 23
:548: Lv. 23
:561: Lv. 20
I went to route 18 earlier today and met one of the 7 sages. I then went to relic castle to try and find the other sage, but I kept walking around in circles. Soon I will be finding the other sages and building my team up to take on the elite 4 again.


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Caught a male and female dratini at Dragonspiral Tower and then bred them together. Hatched 14 eggs until I got an okay nature and IVs (21/26/4/17/29/24). Ev trained it using ev boosting wings and wild encounters. Started to train it to Lv.100 in the Elite 4.


I decided to capture one of those rare hidden ability Darmanitans at the Relic Castle, since I had no other use for the RageCandyBar that Professor Juniper handed me. I challenged one of the Darmanitan statues there, and then I captured one in a Repeat Ball. I left to Nimbasa City, and then after swapping Pokemon at the PC, I headed towards Route 16. I got to Marvelous Bridge, and I headed to the other side. I talked to the Magikarp salesman as I passed, and I purchased a Magikarp from him for 500 Pokedollars. I then encountered the Shadow Triad on the bridge. They chatted about Team Plasma and Ghetsis for a bit, and then they gave me the Orbs for the Sinnoh Dragons. They disappeared soon after that, and I saved at the gate leading to Route 15.


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@ The 4th KIRA, you can find another RageCandyBar in Icirrus City, if ever you wanted to grab another Zen Mode Darmanitan. You probably already knew that, though!

I've been breeding, EVing, and levelling, on a seemingly endless cycle. Every in-game hour is now spent building teams for the Subway, that final obstacle in my path to a maxed Trainer Card.

The latest Pokémon I trained were Mienshao, Zoroark, and Scolipede. I have been impressed with the performance of all three.


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Recent Happenings in White

Now I'm in the long process of training my team for the Elite Four. Nowadays it's a tradition for me to EV train my team before the E4, so that's precisely what I did. With no Pokerus, though, this is taking a long time. But I'm almost done. It helps that my Pokemon have quite a few EV's on them already, especially my Samurott since he's been battling with me since the beginning.

Yesterday I decided to take a break from training to go legendary hunting. What reminded me of it was when I randomly went to Route 7 only to find a thunderstorm there. So I decided to catch Thundurus first, using a similar strategy to the one I used to catch Mesprit in Platinum. First I had my Lilligant put him to sleep. I was surprised when he fled in his sleep... Then I lowered its HP with an attack, then I had my Fraxure use False Swipe on it. Thundurus was both easier to find and easier to capture than Mesprit was. Instead of moving all around Unova, he switched between Routes 6, 7, and 8, so all I had to do was fly to Driftveil, Mistralton, or Icirrus and check the routes--this didn't take too long. My first Quick Ball caught him. I nicknamed him Genie, because he looks like one.

While I was at it, I decided I wanted to capture Terrakion and Virizion as well. The only question was, where were they? I guessed that Terrakion was in Victory Road, and I was right. It was in a chamber I had missed while exploring there. And it was so hard to catch! After I got it to low HP and sleeping (False Swipe was not very effective, so I decided not to use it), I threw all my balls except the Master Ball (which I'm saving for later) and resetting. On the second try I did the same thing. I threw six Ultra Balls and two Dusk Balls, and the third Dusk Ball caught it.

I once again guessed right about Virizion being in Pinwheel Forest, in a secret chamber past a bunch of grass. Except it was a bit easier to catch--my second Ultra Ball caught it on the first try. I decided to name the "musketeers" after three sacred swords, because their specialty attack is Sacred Sword. So Cobalion (which I had captured earlier) is Excalibur, Terrakion is Anduril, and Virizion is Galaxia.

Now back to training... My Mienfoo and Pawniard, which are both on my team, are almost ready to evolve.

Mr. pokedude

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Nothing really, beat the main game, and been training. Starting my first battle subway run through later. Hopefully beat Ingo first try ^_^


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So I finally got white after waiting 3 weeks yesterday. I quickly started the game and named myself JT. The start was good hey, a good fresh one which got me really pumped for the game. I opened the package not knowing who to chose because all the starters look cool. I chose oshawott though because he looks the best. I beat my 'friends' in a quick battle. Unfortunately Oshawott was a Jolly nature but I didn't restart it seeing as I checked it after I beat my friends.

I went to Professor Jupitar and she demostrated some catching techniques. Me and my friends had a challenge to see who could get the most pokemon. I got 3 and they got 2 each. Patrat joined the team and I named him Wizard because thats what my old mouse was called. I trained up a little before catching a lillipup and I named him Decieva. I moved on the meet with Jupitar at the next town. She told us about the pokecentre and market. I went out and saw team plasma and they said having Pokemon is evil (haha who are they kidding).

I went on my way to the first gym town and I trained up some more and caught the cat which I have forgotten the name of but thats in my team as well. The most interesting thing about this game is that I don't know which Pokemon are good and don't know anything about the game because I have done no research and I intend to keep it that way.

My team (from what I can remember):

Otts the Oshawott:11
Wizard the Patrat:8
Decieva the lillipup:3
The cat Pokemon: 7


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I once again challenged all of the trainers in the Nimbasa City domes, evolving Pokémon for my Pokédex. I also gave a massage to a Woobat, and it finally decided to evolve. Now all I'm waiting to evolve is Swadloon and Golett. I also need to catch the remaining Unova legendaries and Volcarona.

Since I'm close to finishing the Unova Dex, I decided to send over the twelve other starters from previous generations using the Poké Transfer, which I hatched on Platinum.

C U R R E N T | T E A M
:503: Triton Lv. 66
:505: Suri Lv. 65
:635: Lerna Lv. 71
;430; Artemis Lv. 67
:609: Apate Lv. 68
:612: Kratos Lv. 66

Shadow XD001

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Started playing Black again recently. Decided to take off Krookodile (aka Dr Croc), for a Bisharp. The one my brother had was in Japanese and he got it off of GTS, so I can't give it the nickname I wanted (Paladin), so I'm going to go breed it into a Pawniard, then train up to around my teams' level (mid 50's) I'm also going to start training my team a lot more now, and start to get them to a high level.

Current Team:
Emboar/Pork Chop - Level 57
Seismitoad/Leap Frog - Level 57
Archeops/Artichoke - Level 57
Zoroark/Link - Level 54 (neo darkrai, I just had to copy your nickname on it. ;P)
Galvantula/Semtex - Level 55
Pawniard/Paladin - Level 1 (haven't exactly done this, but I'm going to in a few minutes)


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I beat the league champion about 2 days ago , and i can't find anything to fill my time post-game ( i will transfer my pokemon from platinum to fill the pokedex & i want to SoftReset for shiny legendaries later) .. So what i'm doing right now is bilduing a new team .
I breeded almost 30 eggs to get a Jolly darumaka , evolved it to level 33 using the exp. share , and EV trained its attack stat in Twist Moutain .
Here is how it looks right now : Darmanitan( :555: ) level 37
Attack:116 Defense:46 Sp.Atck:26 Sp.Df:53 Speed:86
Moves : Fire Punch Earthquake Hammer Arm Belly Drum
I'm not sure if i'll use it The Battle Subway , but it already looks like a cracking team member !!!


I got to Route 15 shortly after crossing Marvelous Bridge, and the first thing I did was battle the trainers in the area. I had a pretty tough time against them since my Pokemon were still drastically under-leveled, but I managed to beat the trainers there and then I entered the PokeTransfer building, since I wanted to transfer some Pokemon over from Diamond version. I transferred over some version exclusives after I set everything up, and then I left to Nimbasa City. I battled at the sport stadiums, and I also collected items like Rare Candy and Nugget from the trainers there. I left to heal my Pokemon, and then I flew off to Opelucid City and battled at the Battle House. I saved afterwards.


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battling through random matchup for the first time and when i say carefully thought out teams I mean it :/. Right now my Win/Loss is 4/5 but barely even that!


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so today I started my breeding frenzy

Making a bunch of modest adamant timid and jolly natured pokes and I need a good place to ev train in spd sp. attk and attk. Anyone know a good place?
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