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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Litwicks and Elgyem give +1 Sp Atk yield at the Giant Chasm. Lilipups and Patrats at Route1 provide +1 Atk. :)


Arcane Of The Wild
Giant chasm? lol XD
you mean celestial tower.

What should I use for speed?

Lol here are the pokemon I have breed
jolly mienfoo
jolly scraggy
jolly zangoose
jolly absol
jolly totodile
jolly mudkip
jolly chimchar
jolly AeroDactyl
jolly trapinch
jolly elektrikes
jolly/adamant larvitars
jolly sneasal
jolly/adamant Tynamo's
adamant scythers
adamant Torchic
adamant axew
adamant/jolly gible
adamant/jolly bagon
adamant/jolly growliths
adamant venipedes
adamant/careful dratini's\
adamant chubchoo
adamant staraptor
adamant gyrados
adamant heracross
naughty shinx
modest/timid rotoms
modest chinchou
modest litwick
impish ferothorn
impish foretress
brave bronzor
jolly excadrill
modest togepi
modest galvantula
modest roserade
modest cloysters
modest gastly
modest porygons
timid starmies
timid/modest snorunt
modest larvesta
modest lapras
modest vanilite
modest woobats
rash horseas
adamant purrloins

I tend to fight the E4 and the daily battle trainers in black city/nimbasa city/royal unova/the riches family alot so I need to know their Ev's

Pretty surprised that unfezant gives 3 attack points I was expecting speed XD


Woops, terribly sorry. It's midnight here you see, getting sleepy. xD

Speed, head for Basculins, they give +2 Speed EVs.


What do I do now?
Got a Lucario bred to have blaze kick, close combat, extremespeed, and aura sphere, but I won't necessarily keep that moveset, but I will keep blaze kick
Restarted my game yesterday, playing White. Went through all the basic stuff/tutorials. Caught a Patrat to go along with my Snivy. Battled my way to Striaton and eventually got my elemental monkey. Had a hard time with the gym for some reason. My Snivy has a -def nature which is probably my problem. :p After beating the gym I went to the dreamyard, which is my favorite area in B&W.Fought team plasma and got to catch my own little Munna. Went west of Striaton and fought Cheren-Plasma. Caught a female pidove and blitzle. Also caught a drillbur in the cave. Currently slowly training my pokes to lvl17. Have 4 left. Also been messing around on the GTS. Found an oshawott to trade at lvl 1, but it had Zekrom for a sprite lol


Michief Maker.
Trained my Rufflet until it evolved, never checked what level it did evolve at so I was screaming at the game when it got to around level 50. Currently working on completing my National Pokédex so I'm evolving some Pokémon before catching the others. Then I'll finish training some Pokémon for a tornament me and my friends are having in a fortnight.
Current statistics:
  • Pignite Lv:30 (Pokédex)
  • Vullaby Lv:48 (Pokédex)
  • Aipom Lv:15 (EVing)
  • Furret Lv:21 (EVing)
  • Latias Lv:43 (EVing)


Arcane Of The Wild
Okay so here is my EV training plan

Route 1- Route 3 For Spd And Atk
head to water to get basculins, purloins,pidoves and blitzles for atk, battle patrats and llipups for atk.

sp. atk is litwicks elgys


After a quick training session involving rotation battles at the Battle House in Opelucid City, I headed off to Route 11 once more. I got there and I battled the last trainers that were there, as I missed some the last time I was in the area. I captured some wild Pokemon while I was there too, including Seviper, Zangoose, Gligar and Buizel. I Surfed down a waterfall, and I battled against another trainer down there. I also trained against wild Pokemon like Mandibuzz and Bisharp down there, and then I headed to Village Bridge once that was done. I healed my Pokemon inside one of the house there, and then I explored the place a little bit. I talked to everyone, and I got that one Patrat girl to leave her house. I then got a Lum Berry at the restaurant there and then I saved.

Meowth City

Staff member
White: Head into the Dragonspiral Tower, where I catch my new team member - Golett. After only ten minutes, I managed to find one with a Brave nature which has the Iron Fist ability. I catch it and nickname it Mac. Battling Team Plasma and witness N awakening Reshiram at the top leads me to the Relic Castle. After heading there with Cheren, I discover Alder and Ghetsis but no Dark Stone. Responsing to a call from Juniper, I head to Nacrene City to get the Dark Stone from Lenora. After I head to Opelucid City and catch another new member. After only five minutes, I find a Pawniard with not only the Defiant ability, but one of Adamant nature. I catch it and nickname it Jason. I train up both of my new guys all over the Unova region, then beat Iris for the Legend Badge. Juniper gives me the Masterball and I complete Victory Road. During the trek, Chip and Mac evolve into their final forms. With nothing left but the Pokemon League, I delibrate on what Pokemon should fill the last spot on my team. I have decided a Fire type would be best, but which?

:586: Bambi (♂) - Level 48
:565: Babs (♀) - Level 48
:584: Chip (♂) - Level 48
:623: Mac (-) - Level 48
:624: Jason (♂) - Level 48
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I now trained all my legendaries to lv 100, I have trained a brave nature Axew into a Haxorus and now I am working on my brave nature Deino.


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I got to 63 in the Battle Subway.


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Defeated Elesa with Darumaka's Fire Punch and Yamask's Night Shade. Quite easy :) Beat Cheren on Route 4 quickly and progressed onto the Driftveil Bridge.

Arrived in the town, crushed plasma in the Freezer Containers, gaining Exp ready for the 5th gym. Trained a bit on Route 6 and went and challenged the Driftveil Gym.

Gained plenty of Exp for Servine on the trainers, and spammed Leaf Blade/Leech Seed on Clay's pokemon, moar Exp. :)

Defeated trainers on Route 6, and progressed into the Chargestone Cave. Met N and got a Lucky Egg from Prof. Juniper. Beat all trainers in the cave, and with the help of Lucky Egg, Servine evolved into Serperior and Yamask evolved into Cofagrigus :) At the end of the cave, I battled N. With my evolved team members, it was a very easy battle. Arrived into Mistralton City, healed in the PC and went back into the cave to train. Eventually Darumaka evolved into Darmanitan :) After that I saved.


Birthday: 8/14/1997!
I traded with a friend on the forums... I got a Solosis & Tepig & Rufflet. They were for "free" so I just gave them a Zoroark & Simisage with different OTs that I didn't care much for anymore (It won't feel right to release other people's Pokemon...) and one of my Panpours bred with Aqua Tail.

Anyway, I stopped running in circles for my Panpours to hatch and decided to take things slow again, even though I'm still using the bike and crossing the Skyarrow Bridge occasionally. I'm training a Whimsicott (originally a Cottonee) up to lv. 60, the level I usually settle down with them, and am wondering which one I should start training next.

Also, the Pokemon came in eggs. I named the Solosis "Node" after lymph nodes.


After finishing some stuff at Village Bridge, I headed on over to Nimbasa City to try out the Battle Subway. I entered the single battle train there, and I managed to defeat 5 trainers in a row with a team consisting of Lilligant, Braviary and Samurott. I left after I got beaten by the sixth trainer there, and I headed over to the Pokemon Center to swap Pokemon again. I then headed for Route 5, and I located Cheren there. He talked about wanting to become stronger, and then he left for Victory Toad. I headed to Driftveil Drawbridge and I made my way to Driftveil City. I then went south to the Cold Storage area, and I entered the main warehouse there, since I was supposed to locate the missing Sages of Team Plasma. I saved in the warehouse.


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So after making it to the town with the first gym I decided to give it a look around. It looked pretty small but simple. I liked it (as much of the unova region so far). I went to go challenge the first gym remembering it was the monkey triplets or whatever they are. Cilan wasn't there but I was told I could maybe find him at the trainer school. I found my way and went inside. It was only one of my friends. He asked me to battle him so I did. Of course I won because I am the man.

I didn't find Cilan so I went back to the gym for some more information. He was standing out the front. He analysed my pokemon and said I was no match for him because he had the type advantage. He told me to go to this place where I could train. I went there and was given a pancreas. I used it in battle once and found it a bit weak. I went back to the gym and battled Cilan. I won using Otts and Pancreas. I walked out with the first badge feeling pretty dougie fresh.

Some lady came and got me giving me cut and telling me to go get some dream mist. I went on my way but before I could get the mist I was stopped by team plasma once more. I battled them after they tried attacking the pokemon and we won. The lady asking for the mist came and got it herself after all that. I look around and caught a munna (I think they are called). I went on my way out of the first gym city to the next. Before I could go anywhere I caught some more pokemon and was distracted by team Plasma once again. They stole a Pokemon from a little girl. I mean come on who does that! I had to go stop them. Me and my friend did just that and retrieved the Pokemon. We gave it back and the girl gave me some heal balls. I saved the game there.

Team is as follows:

Oshawott: 17
Woobat: 10
Lillipup: 14

Meowth City

Staff member
Black: Went on another catching spree to fill the Pokedex. Here are what I caught in order - Golbat, Venomoth, Smeargle (Swarm), Golduck, Graveler, Mawile, Lickitung, Poliwag, Buizel, Slowpoke, Remoraid, Shellder, Krabby, Gligar, Marowak, Fearow, Pupitar and Kangaskhan (+18 entries). Evolved Poliwag into Poliwhirl (+1 entry), Buizel into Floatzel (+1 entry), Slowpoke into Slowbro (+1 entry) and Krabby into Kingler (+1 entry).

White: Intent on catching my last team member, I headed into Pinwheel Forest with several repels. Near the end of the area, I rode back and forth on the bike with repels in place. Finally, I encounter the Pokemon I have been looking for - a Pansear. Now, I know I could got this fellow a very long time ago at this exact location, and it would have been extremely useful against a certain Bug gym leader, but at the time I did not ever consider that I would ever use any of the elemental monkeys. Anyway, I catch the first one I run into and nickname it Marcel. With the Lucky Egg attached, I find it quite easy to train him up very quickly. Once I get all my Pokemon at the same level (either 49 or 50), I will continue with the Pokemon League challenge.

:586: Bambi (♂) - Level 48
:565: Babs (♀) - Level 48
:584: Chip (♂) - Level 48
:623: Mac (-) - Level 49
:624: Jason (♂) - Level 48
:513: Marcel (♂) - Level 38
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