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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Sailor Saturn

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Got my Hiyappu. She's so cute. The Pokes definitely grow on you more seeing them in-game. Working on levelling up a bit for the first gym. I want to have Tsutarja and Hiyappu at least lvl 15 before I go in. It's slow going.


Exploring Sinnoh
Just got my... uh... copy... yesterday. Game's amazing so far. I don't understand a bit of Japanese, so I'm nicknaming my pokes so I can at least attempt to guess. Is it just me or are the wild pokemon levels in this game much higher than previous versions? I don't ever recall battling a level 11 on route 3 of any game... oh well.
I've been watching Boarbeque's commentary videos, and he says that the levels are always only about one level below his. So yeah, they are higher. I don't actually have the game, BTW.
Rank up that I didn't notice before! Hoenn badges now!!!
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Mr. F
Damn Victory Road. It's all I need to do now but I just can't be arsed... Is it long or not?


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I am now in the city that contains the fourth gym. I kicked the Plasma Grunt's butt, and got my bike. I followed Belle to the Musical Hall--and dressed up Pantsu, my Zurggu, in a bow tie and top hat! HAHAHA--then checked the routes east and west of the place. I accidentally went to the Ferris wheel, and fought (and beat) N. I am not ready for the fourth gym yet, because I don't have a proper ground-type for battle. I taught Pants to use Dig, but I am pretty sure he's going to be whooped by Zeburaika... We'll see, I guess.

The gym leader has two Emonga as well and they don't get affected by ground attacks. You would need a rock type, since ice is not available so early in the game. My Tortuga, the fossil turtle did pretty good with Knock Down at level 31. Then meguroko2 kicked Zebraika's stripy butt!!!

Training for 4th gym. Forgot he has a gamagaru, the ugly frog thingy. Now I need to train my Yanakki...hmph!


Defeated Iris, and had to search around a bit for HM04, accidently turned off my power, so I have to restart Victory Road, I found the Dragon/Dark type too...

Some of the pokemon are really growing on me, but the new tadpole 1st and 2nd state never will, I named mine Tardo when I caught it.

4 Pokemon

Mampeto Final Evo (50)
Season Pokemon (47)
Water Final Starter (51)

I was going to catch a Wargle, and replace my Mampeto, and if I can find another Dark/Dragon apparently they are rare...

My copy of black arrives tday, finally figured out how to do the Victini event so I will be playing through with Victini and Smugleaf for sure.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Went to some area west of Shippou City to track down Team Plasma. Entered some weird forest but left soon after the first battle with a trainer in therefto level up my team in the forest area south of Shippou City. I found a wild Otamaro or whatever that tadpole's name is and caught it. Found some Tabunne while roaming the grass and leveled up quickly due to the vast experience given once you beat one. Battled all the trainers then went back to the forest. Fought Team Plasma grunts and made it past all their efforts and finally solved the fossil case. Returned it the Aloe and the museum and I was then allowed to go to Hiun City at long last. Caught a Kurumiru before I left the forest and saved on my way to Hiun!


Queen of Charizards!
Decided to restart black and start with Mijumaru since i last tried out smugleaf ^_^


Mr. F
Why not just finish the game? Tsutarja is pretty damn awesome IMO.


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Just caught a shiny Kurumiru, not gonna use it, but that's two and I just beat the second gym, haha.

Janobii lvl20
Hiyappu lvl18
Koromori lvl18


Not really here.
I received my game in the mail yesterday and made some very decent progress.

I started with Mijumaru, and quickly defeated my two rivals. I made quick work with the first few routes and cities of the game and am now currently in the forest after Aloe's gym, to find the fossil head.

I recently caught a Monmen and have added it to my team along with the other Pokemon you see in my signature.
Will hopefully find some more teammates soon as I continue my journey into Hiun City.

Team: (nicknames below the Pokemon in my signature)
Futachimaru Level 20
Dokkora Level 20
Haaderia Level 20
Baoppu Level 19
Monmen Level 19


Queen of Charizards!
Yeah dont start over... what a waste of time that would have been!

nah its alright i dont really care. I'm trying out those two starters anyway since I'm planning on Getting both Black and White in english as well

Ok now to catch minezumi and yorterri next


Snow Cloak Abuser
Just beat N and Geechisu.

Current team:
Shanderaa lv. 53
Daikenki lv. 52
Warubiaru lv. 52
Aakeosu lv. 51
Mebukijika lv. 51
Denchura lv. 50

and just got a Raticate, Venomoth, Kricketune, Goldeen, Ledian & Ariados. I'll find more old Poke now.


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The gym leader has two Emonga as well and they don't get affected by ground attacks. You would need a rock type, since ice is not available so early in the game. My Tortuga, the fossil turtle did pretty good with Knock Down at level 31. Then meguroko2 kicked Zebraika's stripy butt!!!

Training for 4th gym. Forgot he has a gamagaru, the ugly frog thingy. Now I need to train my Yanakki...hmph!

I actually managed to do a lot with my turtles AncientPower. My own Zeburaika is the one that won it against hers, though.

I've moved on to the fifth gym's city now. I boxed Hiyakki, and opted for my Purutoga (PuPu). So my current team is Purutoga (PuPu), Janobi (Tsujya), Zeburaika (ZeZe), Zuruggu (Pantsu), Shinpora (Nazuka) and my newest capture is a Banipacchi (Nilla). The problem I am having is, though, getting into the gym. I think I need to investigate the surrounding area, then try again.


*swoons for Noland*
Poor Knowledge of Japanese is no Isshu for Me

Those of you who followed the Recent Happening Threads of HGSS will know how I do my recent happenings. Generally I break them all up by gym battles.

Finally I got my copy in, but as I said earlier, play-asia.com sent me Pokemon Black not White, which means no Wargle unless I can get one from GTS. I started playing anyway. I chose Mijumaru as my starter, and I named him MARU. I defeated Belle and Cheren easily and did some more stuff before Prof. Araragi took us out to show us how to catch Pokemon. She gave us some Pokeballs.

I went out to Rt 1, and I caught a Yooterii and a Choroneko. Then I ventured into the first new town (I’m terrible with these town names…even in English!). After a quick look around, and the Team Plasma stuff, I left that town and went north to Rt 2.

Yooterii was leveling up quite nicely, as opposed to Choroneko. Oh well. Next I enter the first gym town. Again, once I got control of my character and searched the town a bit, ignoring the gym, I went east to that abandoned building because I recall hearing you can get one of the monkey trio there, even before the gym battle. So because I chose Mijumaru, my monkey gift was Boappu. I went back to Rt 2 to do some levelling, which I’m already hating due to the new exp system (see – I like to have my battles like the anime, 3v3/2v2/etc).

So by time I decided to battle the gym, my two highest were Boappu and MARU. The battle begins:

MARU vs Yooterii
Boappu vs Yanappu

WIN! After I left either someone told me they lost their Munna, or I’m supposed to know to go east of town. Anyway, I went back to that abandoned building, and I found a Munna. Team Plasma battled me, and I have to say, they have the coolest logo of any organization! So they took off after being defeated. I went back to town with someone Mokomo or something, and I get a C Gear. BTW, is there an advantage to keeping it running constantly? I turned it off because I thought it was draining my battery. Ok, so now I go west of town then north to Rt 3.

There I found the day care and a school. I fought all the trainers along the way until I got to a fork. Belle and Cheren stop me, and make me continue going west to a cave. Fought Team Plasma again. I also captured a Dangoro, which I brought to the day care. I discovered I can only leave one Pokemon there, but I think the man said I need 4 badges (perhaps?) in order to keep 2 there…just an idea.

So I went back to that fork. Cheren went south, and Belle went east with the little person she was with. I captured a couple Tabunne; one which I will keep, and the other I want to trade for a Washibon (HINT HINT).

I got to another town that has railroad tracks along the south. Healed up and explored the surrounding areas some more.

This is pretty much all I’ve done in the first 2 days. My team’s levels:

MARU – 14
Yooterii – 13
Choroneko – 13
Boappu – 14
Shimama – 13
Mamepato – 10

Goals: Learn these damn city names! Explore the current town I’m in. Is there a gym to fight here? Maybe arrange a trade for a Washibon or something.


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Well Recently

- Defeated Atei and got my third gym badge.
- Explored Hiun City a bit and got a Victini sent it to the P.C.
- Trained for a little bit.
- Went to drop off one of my weaker Pokemon Haderia to the Day Care.
- Defeated Beru and went onto the Desert to defeat Cheren.
- Now I'm heading on my way through the Desert.

Current Team.

Futachimaru 25
Darumakka 25
Hatopoo 25
Meguroko 25


Got my Pokémon Black today! I chose Tsutarja and beat the gym EASY. I used Tsutarja against Yorterrie and knocked it out quick. Then I chose the water monkey to fight against the fire monkey... but since I don't like the monkeys, I just got the enemy down to the deep yellow and lowered its defense till my water monkey fainted. I sent in Tsutarja for the killing blow so it got all of the EXP. Worked pretty well, I'd say!

My team is still just Tsutarja, though, at level 15. Gonna get it to evolve and then I'll move on.


Just started up my japanese white which arrived an hour ago, and choosing mijimaru (saving tsutaaja for the english release) as my starter. I also got the liberty ticket ready to be picked up when I arrive at the first shop.

mew-the original

I'm probably done for today, so here's what I did:
*Defeated Aloe. She was pretty tough!
* Entered the forest and caught a Kurumiru (nicknamed Lady). They're suprisingly strong.
*Beat Plasma grunts and other trainers.
*Kurumiru evolved into Kurumayu. I love it's snuggie! :D
*Crossed the bridge into Hiun City. Went straight to the desert and caught Darumakka (nicknamed Doll) and Meguroku (nicknamed Chomp).


River - Lv.22
Dash - Lv.21
Lady - Lv.20
Doll - Lv.17
Chomp - Lv.16
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