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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Gave up on the Politoed. So I was up all night EV training a Trick Room Reuniclus. Modest, with an EV spread of 252 HP, 252 Sp.A,4 Def. I took it to the Battle Subway, and we did a couple of battles of which Reuniclus destroyed. No clue who my next team member will be.


Amemoth Fan :D
I managed to beat the Elite 4 before fallin asleep last night. I caught Reshiram with Modest nature as well!

Lumineon was awesome dealing with N and Ghetsis. He was the star, mostly beat most of their pokes. Luxray did quite some help too.

Post Pokemon League team:

Lumineon lvl 55
Archeops lvl 49
Masquerain lvl 45
Luxray lvl 49
Ariados lvl 50
Mightyena lvl 53

Plannin to catch Kyurem so I could continue on with Post adventure or restart again with brand new team.. Still decidin.


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I've decided to start the game... again. This time I chose to use Tepig and after awhile I got a adamant nature. After going through a bunch of pointless dialog I get started on the adventure! I caught an Adamant Lillipup which I decided to keep and a patrat. Beating Belle and Cheren at their own game I went through the pokemon center.

Shortly after dropping of Patrat I meet and defeat N. I moved on and got running shoes from my kind mother. After running through I defeat Belle at the end while leveling up Tepig. I resisted putting a Purrloin (trust me its hard v_v) and moved on to my first gym battle. I lose because I forgot Pansage... After getting Pansage I battle them again after defeating Cheren and won. I move onto route 3 and fight Cheren again and decided to keep Lillipup until I get a pokemon I want later. I have also caught a Purrloin, Audino, Roggenrola, Woobat, Pidove, and a Blitzle.

Current team:
Bruser/Tepig Lv: 16
lillipup Lv:14

Current Dex: 9/155 (10/156 if Mewtwo is included.) (Caught/total amount)
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Watch some MANime
Recently breed 3 eevee's for a very close friend. I'm also giving her a Cyndaquil, Charmander, Totodile, Treecko, rotom, and a Beldum I've recently bred eith a handful of Dittos.

Aside from that, I've been sprucing up my Pokemon team for the Super Double Battle Train in Nimbasa City. And to be honest, I don't truly own a Ludicolo, just a Lombre. I'm constantly looking for for a Water Stone in a variety of caves. So far, no luck.

I think I'll take a break from all of this breeding and focus more on my teams' movesets and abilities. In other words: More Training
Let's see, two games, two happenings.

On my Black version, I beat down Drayden with my team of Lv. 57s, which are Lanturn (DW), Cofagrigus (shiny), Metagross (DW), Arcanine (DW), Klinklang, and Unfezant (shiny). Needless to say, all I needed was Lanturn. Drayden was defeated before he could launch a single attack.

On my White version, I EV trained my new Lv. 100 shiny Jumpluff and EV trained my Chimecho. It's around Lv. 60 now. And my MM efforts for a shiny Pansage have given me 425 failed eggs.


Not very active here

Since my last post I haven't really done much new. I've been playing Dream World more A few days ago I went into GTS looking for a Gothita to complete the Pokedex. I offered my lvl 28 Solosis and ended up getting a Japanese Lvl 20 Gothita with Careful nature. Good trade. I got the DW Arceus and Mewtwo last week. Tuesday I went into GTS Negotiations and got a Bulbasaur, Bayleef, Oshawott ,and Charmander all in one trade. Now I have goal to get all the starters.

Another goal I started last night was to get all the Eeveelutions. I already had Leafeon so I I left it at the Day Care with ditto and made 6 Eevee eggs. I ride back and forth on Skyarrow Bridge until all the eggs hatch. As of I have evolved two of them: one into Glaceon and one into Espeon.

Lately, I've been doing the Dream World more. Today I entered with my Zekrom. I explored the Rugged Mountain five times. I met a Slugma today and sent it back to my game. I also found one Razz Berry, one Carbos, 3 Magost Berries , 2 Repeat Balls, and 3 Nanab Berries.

The team
:497: lvl 68
:553: lvl 61
:635: lvl 66
:560: lvl 63
:565: lvl 67
:628: lvl 66

Aura Sensei™

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I recently bred for a DDing Larvitar with Adamant Nature.I'm trying to hatch them.I will most likely also breed for Drilbur and Gible.
I started a new game on White and started with Oshawott for the first time!! This game, I am deciding to not evolve any of my Pokemon. My future team:


I haven't really trained any of these except for Woobat and Lillipup before. The start of a new adventure.


I restarted my game(I did it actually on Valentine's day *Foreveralone* but I'm posting it just now).Did the usual, watched the world of pokémon intro, chose my player character, named him, chose Oshawott, beat Cheren and Bianca like for the 100 time because I always restart my game, destryed my room..wait what?They just destroy my room and nothing happens? >.>Nah, screw them, nevermind, talked to my mother, she's just gonna clean the mess...If I destryed my room with magical creatures my real mother world make toast outta me, lol.Got da X-thing, did the Bianca event-poor girl, explored Nuvema town, went to da profesor, got nah pkedex, nicknamed Oshawott Oswald, got the town map, went to route 1, I learned how to catch pokémon for the 234177635 times-seems like I always forget it :/ Got balls, I mean pokeballs obviously, caught Lillipup and Patrat to fill the pokedex and win Bianca's comeptition or whatever, trained, arrived at Accumula town and Juniper explained to me how pokémon centers work for the 31354 time, it's not like I used them already 31353 times before, deposited useless mons and bought things and last I saved.


Oshawott-Oswald-level13-Careful nature


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I make it to Nacrene city and decided to keep Woobat because of it's hasty nature. I also evolved Bruser into Pignite and Lilipup into Herdier. I then battle N and Leonora after a quick training and capture run.

Leonora battle: Leonora sent out Herdier and I sent out Pignite hoping for a easy win. I take down Herdier and she sent out Watchog. Watchog preceded to epically own me with a OHKO with retaliate. I sent out my own Herdier. Herdier was almost taken out b y another retaliate but a OHKO from Take Down won me the match. I got lucky that it was first and Herdier survived with 7hp. I win the Basic Badge.

Team Plasma ruins things again and I start to track them down while catching pokemon in the process. I thought about catching a Petilil for the team but decided to wait as I planned on getting a Deerling to replace Herdier later anyways. Also going to replace Woobat with Gothita from a trade. Right now im confused about what I should add to the team. I caught Timburr, Tympole, Throh, Sewaddle, Venipede, Petilil x2, Panpour and Pansear. I also traded one of the petilil for a cottonee from the girl in town.

Current Team:
Woobat Lv: 19
Herdier Lv: 19
Bruiser/Pignite Lv: 21

Current pokedex: 22/155 (23/156 with Mewtwo)
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Think Magical!
After a day of breeding for a jolly moxie good IVd 21/31/13/31/29/31 scraggy with drain punch, ice punch, and dragon dance. Now to ev train it.

Master Leo

The Dark Side
trying to make up a good mono-type team to play through my game with. I have already beaten the game, but it gets boring after a while. I had a fightinb type team, but that got boring, so i decided to switch to electric. currently mming for shiny tynamo.

Shadow XD001

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Road to Level 100 - Part 2

Hello everyone. I've decided to train my team to Level 100 in my Pokémon Black Version and post about my Recent Happenings here. Right now, my whole team is Level 80 but I still have a lot of work ahead of me. For the training, I'll mostly be battling the Elite 4/my rivals/Morimoto or anyone else who is going to make getting to Level 100 a little less easier. Here's my overall stats in Black as I type this:

Current Playtime: 82:41
Unova PokéDex: Seen - 153/Obtained - 105
National PokéDex: Seen - 501/Obtained - 323

And now for my team:

:500: Emboar/Pork Chop - Level 80
:571: Zoroark/FoxyMomma - Level 80
:537: Seismitoad/Leap Frog - Level 80
:596: Galvantula/Zapper - Level 80
:567: Archeops/Avias - Level 80
:625: Bisharp/Paladin - Level 80

See you guys in my next post and my team will be a few levels higher! Might also get some Pokémon added to my PokéDex, too.

Woah. I haven't posted in a while! The reason being is because the holidays were a few days after this post and I was busy with all the new games and stuff I got XD. Anyway, I had slowly made progress and today I really ramped it up!

Basically my training regimen (spelt right?) is Battle Nimbasa Athlete people (?), Battle Rivals Cheren & Bianca, Battle Elite Four, and the finish off with Morimoto or battle Cynthia if I can, if any of you actually cared DX. I know I can battle the Elite Four more than once a day, but I want to keep it simple. So since my last post about 2 months ago, my team has grown a total of 5 levels each!

My Team (all Level 85):
:500: Emboar/Pork Chop
:571: Zoroark/FoxyMomma
:537: Seismitoad/Leap Frog
:596: Galvantula/Zapper
:567: Archeops/Avias
:625: Bisharp/Paladin

Current Progress to Level 100: 85% Complete

And so concludes the long-awaited part 2 of my Road to Level 100! Sorry for making you guys wait since I know you wondered where Part 2 was! Part 3 won't take as long and my team will probably only be 2-3 levels higher, but all at the same level.


Think Magical!
Just decided to look at my heartgold and see if I wanted to transfer any pokemon over, and I saw a timid latios. decided to check its IVs and all were 20+ (30 or 31 in special attack and special defense) and it was before I started competitive battling so no soft resseting. Talk about lucky.


I sleep with bugz.
Proud owner of a movie Reshiram & movie Zekrom now. Pretty cool that only the Netherlands got them!
Anyways, I'm currently catching Pokémon in the Great Chasm for my White PokéDex. Caught Metang with just 1 Ultra Ball, which is pretty lucky, and I'm searching for another one now.


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Slowly completing the Pokedex.

I've seen like 430+ and I've caught like 226, but I have so many that I need to evolve.


So long
Battled most of the stadium trainers as well as Morimoto, Cheren and Bianca. That was enough to get my Kyurem to level 90 and Darkrai to level 100, which means that their training is now complete. Will now take a break from playing Black and should hopefully be able to start with my EV-training on White soon.


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I haven't been doing anything too major lately on the game. I've just been battling that rich family in Undella Town (you know, where a new member of the family shows up each day) to raise my lower leveled Pokemon. I've been raising my Japanese Thundurus by battling these people. He's currently at either level 62 or 63. As for the family, I have a couple of empty seats left to fill before I challenge the head of the house.


Sol Badguy
Well I made a new file got decently far 6th gym badge team is:


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Decided to start again on my Pokemon Black. But before I did that I went hatching on my Pokemon White for a Modest Elekid and an Adamant Larvitar so I could transfer them over. So I started again on Pokemon Black and chose Oshawott as my starter which had Brave nature which is good cause I want him to be a physical attacker. I then got to the 1st Pokemon centre and did the Mewtwo event and put him straight into the PC box as I dont have any plans for it and just wanted it as a collectable. After that I trained Oshawott, Elekid and Larvitar to level 15 then I went for my 1st badge! soon after Oshawott evolved so I decided to train my team to level 20.

thats pretty much it for now :/
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