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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Just beat Elite Four, N, Plasma Super Admin.

Star of the battle, Swords Dance Daikenki.


Queen of Sppf
I headed through the gate to Hiun City and was stunned by the view of the city ahead! These games really have the best graphics. It took me a while to cross the entire Sky Arrow Bridge since even running is slow but I arrived in town and got myself a Fire Stone at one of the docks. Went to heal my team at the Pokemon Center then explored the town a little. I loved that people can be seen running around the streets in some places. I entered a building and battled some trainers in there. It was tough but I finally made it through the offices and found a janitor who wanted to battle me as well. Finished that then at night, I found some gymnastic guys with Hiyappu, Yanappu, and Baoppu spread around the city. Found them all and battled them and they reunited at the water fountain. Did some things and found Arti as well as Belle and Iris and had a talk with them. Team Plasma arrived and I had to find them. Saved before I get to that part.


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Beat the fifth gym pretty easily. Headed through the Electric Rock Cave, which was beyond annoying, and beat N. Entered Fukiyose (?) City, and met the gym leader. Followed her to the Tower of Heaven, and captured a Hitomoshi which I named Supuki (Spooky). Trained him a bit just in the forest outside Shippou City, where the double-battle grass is. I love those spots! Such nice high-leveled Pokemon to battle! Headed back toward the Tower of Heaven to find the gym leader and train. Saved it, and am now heading to bed.

So my team stands:

Janobi Lv.32 (Tsujya)
Zuruggu Lv. 32 (Pantsu)
Purotooga Lv. 33 (Pupu)
Zeburaika Lv. 33 (Zeze)
Shinpora Lv. 33 (Nazuka)
Hitomoshi Lv. 31 (Spuki)


Competitive hopeful
So, I beat the 3rd gym before going to bed last night, and have spent part of this morning exploring Route 4, the Ancient Castle, and Raimon City. I've battled N at the Ferris wheel, and am now getting set to take on the 4th gym! That was a mouthful and a half.

Team is coming along quite well. Found out I got Pokerus somewhere along the line, which would explain why my stat growths have been fairly substantial. Here I was thinking I'd need to transfer it over from one of my 4th gen games. lol

Current team;
Lv24 Kokoromori
Lv24 Haderia
Lv24 Futachimaru
Lv25 Shimama
Lv26 Meguroko
Lv26 Gantoru


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just got black in the mail and started playing

picked mijumaru and lost the second battle in my bedroom :(
now on route 1 training my starter a bit.
so happy


Not really here.
Entered Hiun City and was overwhelmed by how big it was. (I've seen pictures, but wow, it was a lot bigger than I thought.) I ended up exploring every building, talking to every person, and came out with an Amulet Coin, an EXP Share and a Fire Stone that I will be putting to use on my Baoppu soon.

I did the events at the gym and made short work of it thanks to Baoppu. I went to explore the desert and was glad how big it was(I was majorly disappointed in RSE's desert). I battled everyone, picked up some great items (Blackglasses, Soft Sand) and then went into the ruins and picked the bird fossil. During this, my Dokorra evolved.

Since I really wanted to use it, I rushed back to Aloe's City and revived it and it is now the sixth member of my team. I am now going backtracking back to Hiun and the Desert to go to the next city.

Monmen: Level 25
Baoppu: Level 25
Aaken: Level 25
Dotekkotsu: Level 25
Haderia: Level 25 (soon to be replaced with a new Pokemon)
Futachimaru: Level 26

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Beat the first Gym, wasn't too bad. Glad I got Hiyappu first though, or it would have been difficult. Went to the Warehouse and beat Plasma to save the Dream Smoke. Now I need to unblock Route 3. I'm eager to get a Mamepato.
Caught a shiny Otamaru last night! I spazzed like crazy since its the first shiny I caught in a LONG time. I almost dropped my DS in shock when I first saw it. XD

Continuing on, after that I kicked Team Plasma's butt in the forest and made my way into Hiun City. The graphics were... words could not describe how I felt when I first saw those graphics. Sky Arrow Bridge made me feel like I died and went to heaven. Seriously. It. Was. So. Awesome. Shortly after my arrival at Hiun City I caught my Victini. It didn't want to cooperate with me at first, but I finally caught it with a Poke Ball.

Now I'm currently training on Route 4 since this game seems harder then the other Pokemon games. Really, my Pokemon haven't fainted this much in a long time. Boasting my Lepardosu's attack at the moment. My current team:

Janobii Lv. 22
Leperasudu Lv. 22
Koromori Lv. 21
Shimama Lv. 16
Hiyappu Lv. 14
Yooterii Lv. 12

Obviously the last 2 Pokemon are going to be swapped with future Pokemon I catch. (Most likely.) But since I don't know all the Pokemon yet it will be a surprise what my team turns out to be later on. Now back to training~ :3


extra toasty
Since my last (and only, lol) post, I've beaten the first three Gym Leaders. The third was my favorite tbh. I liked the Gym, and I think he was pretty cool. Plus, Hiun is amazing! The city is so big, and I love the different angles and everything incorporated in it.

I just beat N at the ferris wheel not long ago. Took me two tries since I didn't have any Pokémon strong enough to beat his Shinpora :< That thing was beastly though ^^

I've also caught a lot of Pokémon. Almost every single one I've ran into that I didn't have already, except for Koromori and Munna, which I plan on going back and getting soon.


Queen of Sppf
I found Team Plasma hiding out in a building in Hiun City and proceeded in after taking care of some Team Plasma grunts. Geechisu and his Team Plasma followers were in there as I entered with Arti, Iris, and Belle. They returned Belle's Munna and then fled the scene. Went to heal my team then headed to Arti's Gym. It was a mess what with the honeycomb design and the random clowns popping up but I made it to Arti's lair and we battled. His Pokemon weren't that much of a challenge but his final Bug-type, the final form of Kurumiru was a bit tougher than I thought, even against my Baokii. Beat Arti eventually and got the Beetle Badge and went north to the next town. Encountered Cheren and battled him. Barely won that battle because of his annoying Tsutarja evolution, healed again at the Pokemon Center, and made the trip to the desert areas. Saved.


Just went back to Hiun City to check on things, and there is this blue haired girl near a table with 2 guys. If you talk to her, the Team Rocket Theme plays. I found it pretty interesting.

Dragon Master Cody

VGC champion
Where can you buy black and white?


Internet Overlord
JolteonJak: If you got it from somewhere like Play Asia they have a notice on their site that they may replace products with similar ones... I played HG for a long time before I noticed the stat thing...lol

Got Black (Don't normally get Japanese versions)
And I cannot believe the amount of packaging my game was given...

Anyways current team: (and apologies if I ruin the names)
Mijimaru - Wake
Fire Monkey - Flame
Dark Cat - KiKi
Tabunne - Maybe (Mostly becuase it just happened to show up in dream lot)
Munna - Piggy

Don't like the way trainer sprites in the distance are all... squished up

Love the battle movements, anyone else notice that if you ignore the game after going into a battle the camera will start to drift around?

Got so much more to go discover...

Onyx Umeki

Mrph...how impudent.
Picked the fire piggy, named him Oinky ^^

Got to the first city.. and went left after beating that green haired man? Got runnign shoes, saved and stopped.

Onyx Umeki

Mrph...how impudent.
Picked the fire piggy, named him Oinky ^^

Got to the first city.. and went left after beating that green haired man? Got runnign shoes, saved and stopped.


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Tonight I easily defeated the leader of the Fukiyose Gym. I trained for a bit, in the mountains, and made my way to Sekka City. En route to the city itself, I had two evolutions. Tsujya is now Jaroda (finally in it's final form!!) and Pupu is no an Abagoora (I originally wanted the archaeopteryx, but I do enjoy this fossil!). I trained for a long while outside of Sekka City (what is the deal with all this rain?!) and had a third evolution. Pantsu has evolved into Zuruzukin. Now I need to work on getting Spuki to level 41 so he can evolve. I am going to let him have the run of Sekka City Gym, and see what I can do. Done for the night, though...bedtime!

My team:

Tsujya (Jaroda, Lv. 37)
Pupu (Abagoora, Lv. 37)
Nazuka (Shinpora, Lv. 37)
Zeze (Zeburaika, Lv. 37)
Spuki (Hitmoshi, Lv. 36)
Pantsu (Zuruzukin, Lv. 39)


Day 2!
Continued on my way after getting the 3rd badge...
- Beat Cheren and Belle and explored the dessert. I went and found the fossil for Purotooga, so I trained him to match the levels of my team.
- Went to Raimon city and explored. Interrupted some sports games and then got sucked into learning about musicals. Meh.
- Went and beat N by the Ferris-Wheel and took on the 4th gym.
- Got the badge and continued to the 5th gym city.
- Got rid of Plasma from the freezers and took on the 5th gym and got the badge!
- Beat Belle again and snuck my way into the Electric Cave without fighting trainers and caught a Bachuru.
- Trained Bachuru to match the levels of my team and then took on the trainers I skipped.
- Janobii, Bachuru, and Purotooga all evolved in the cave!
Now all that's left is to go to the tower in Route 7, but I'm taking a break for the day.
Current team:
- Jaroda Lv. 38
- Gigaisu Lv. 37
- Daburan Lv. 37
- Abagoora Lv. 37
- Denchura Lv. 37
Extra: Koaruhii Lv. 22(Fly and later Surf and dive slave)

I'm debating on what should be my 6th member... I'm thinking maybe Tsunbeaa, but I dunno. I might also go with Chandera.
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