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BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

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Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
So continued my Shiny hunt and lol, didn't find Altaria. I left disappointed and saved at Route 14. Hope I have better luck.


Started White. I recently beat the first gym with my Tepig and Pansage. I left the city and evolved my Tepig, and now I'm in the second city. I think I should catch a third Pokemon soon but whatever.

I caught a Throh yesterday to bring my team to three Pokemon. I beat Burgh pretty easily with my Pignite, and I've yet to lose, which is fun. I only bring that up since my team almost was beaten in a double random encounter with two Pokemon. I'm currently training to beat Elesa.

I defeated Elesa,, Clay, Skyla, Brycen, and Iris. The only person that gave me trouble was Iris because I don't have anything to counter Dragon-type Pokemon. Thus, I caught a Deino on Victory Road. Unfortunately, Deino sucks defensively, so training it is such a a pain because it dies in two hits to Audino. Also: Hustle. I decided ti fight the Elite Four with my team of Emboar, Simisage, Throh, Swanna, Galvantula, and Deino. I almost lost a time or two, but I was comfortably in the winning positions most of the time.

Then I fought N and almost lost because Reshiram took out three members of my team, and by the end of the match it was essentially Simisage vs three of his Pokemon. Simisage came through for me in the end. Then Ghetsis came and almost gave me a loss, but my Deino took an Earthquakes and let me revive some party members, so I won. So my undefeated streak stays alive. But now I have to mega grond to get to the seventies to defeat the Elite Four, Alder, Cynthia, and finally move on to Black 2. I think I can win the league by the end of today.

And I beat the Pokemon League with my level 70 team. Then I defeated Cheren. I've just swept Cynthia with my Hydreigon. I'll battle Bianca this weekend, but as of now, White is officially beaten! Undefeated streak continues!

54 hours

On to Black 2!
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Let's go to the beach, each.
I wandered through the Relic Castle and fell down a hole and accessed a new area and fought a Team Plasma grunt. I defeated his Krookodile, then I caught an Onix and found the Plasma Sage, which Looker then arrested. I caught Volcarona next and then I headed back to Nimbasa City and dashed towards Route 16. I got to Marvelous Bridge and I hurried east and chatted with the Magikarp salesman as I passed and I purchased a Magikarp from him. I then encountered the Shadow Triad on the bridge and they quickly ranted about Team Plasma and Ghetsis for a bit and then they handed me the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs. They disappeared soon afterward and I saved at the gate leading to Route 15.
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