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BW Team Rocket Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by playerking, Dec 10, 2010.


What should the Anime do with The Trio?

  1. Bring back the funny version and feature them often.

    9 vote(s)
  2. Keep the current serious version.

    18 vote(s)
  3. Write them out after the conclusion of Best Wishes.

    9 vote(s)
  4. Keep the funny version but feature them less often. (every third episode or less on average)

    8 vote(s)
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  1. Drohn

    Drohn Well-Known Member

    Are Team Rocket's comedic aspects dead?
    So many people going off topic..

    I think they are dead, and I think it's a good change. I like the new characters, and I felt kinda sorry for them in the previous sagas because Giovanni never cared much about them.
    I do hope they will be back after the Unova Saga, but stop appearing in every episode. They should have smaller roles in my opinion.
    Maybe them being completely evil will have them think of what they became near the end of this saga and they will decide to be the good guys they always were deep inside.
  2. Gaiash

    Gaiash Champion Scientist

    You do realise that's the same thing right? They were promoted and sent on a serious mission, because of this they were given superior equipment that lets them pull of this mission. Before their promotion they had to pay for their own equipment which often would backfire and didn't include any way for them to escape if they fail.

    As characters they're still the same but the reason they act more serious is because they are focusing on their work. Not to mention they've a lot more confident thanks to their promotion and the support that comes with it.

    So it's not "they got promoted so they're serious" but rather their promotion has provided them with the right equipment and support to be serious.
  3. Yankees4life

    Yankees4life RONALDO!!!

    So you're sayin they have all this equipment making them serious, BUT i'm SAYING THAT THEY'RE SERIOUS BECAUSE THEY'RE ON A SERIOUS MISSION. THATS NOT THE SAME THING, BRO
  4. Gaiash

    Gaiash Champion Scientist

    When I say serious I mean they're not a complete joke when doing their mission or battling Ash and co. The fact they're acting serious is nothing new, they've acted serious when they were still being played for laughs, it's just that it didn't make any difference.
  5. Teshub

    Teshub Banned

  6. Gaiash

    Gaiash Champion Scientist

    This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  7. Arceusgamer14

    Arceusgamer14 Well-Known Member

    I have a mixed feelings on the new Team Rocket
    I like how they're pretty badass and not having to bother Ash & Co as much as they use to.
    But I am worried that they will stay pure evil forever.
    Hopefully not, they might screw up badly in a funny way again in the future like either late-BW saga or later or earlier than that.

    Remember Zant? From The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? How he was serious from the beginning to the part you enter his thrown room in the Twilight realm and learned that he had a comedic relief?
    Well Team Rocket has probably be like him for now until they snap into being funny.
    and don't forget, Bowser acted serious in some Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy and Eggman acted serious in Sonic 06.
  8. BuizelPidgeot

    BuizelPidgeot Well-Known Member

    I loved the old team rocket, the original stupidity and brigth look on even the darkest situation.
  9. kickachu

    kickachu Momentai!

    Even though TR is more serious they might have a soft spot and still have their comedic aspects and might show it in a future episode
  10. kickachu

    kickachu Momentai!

    Even though TR is more serious they might have a soft spot and still have their comedic aspects and might show it in a future episode
  11. BuizelPidgeot

    BuizelPidgeot Well-Known Member

    I hope soo
  12. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    This Team Rocket is abit like Kanto's. But there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it's good to have changes especially if you've seen the same characters for years at a time.
  13. Kirby2000

    Kirby2000 Active Member

    Well you are kindof worng as in episode 4 of BW the reason Meowth reveled to the people that he wasn't a Blacky (don't fell like trying to spell english name) was because he felt bad for lying to them after they started crying.
  14. OluapPlayer

    OluapPlayer Giant Enemy Krabby

    99% of the show's lulz are dead.

    I just hope this whole TR subplot turns into something interesting.
  15. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

  16. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    How about we leave the argument about "whether Team Rocket is getting a sendoff or no" till the end of the saga =/
  17. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Back when DP first started, a lot of people pegged it as Brock's last saga, and they turned out to be right.

    There's nothing wrong with wondering if it'll be the last arc for them. I mean we know Iris/Dento are just going to leave, but if Team Rocket gets proper closure this could be their finale.
  18. Yankees4life

    Yankees4life RONALDO!!!


    I'll just say it now:

    TR to leave after BW

    Ya heard it here folks
  19. YukiJadenSurvives

    YukiJadenSurvives Well-Known Member

    All of you are ridiculous. First you all complained that Team Rocket have been the comic relief for far too long and they should just get rid of them. Next they make them serious characters, and you all complain that there is no comic relief.
  20. KibaLG8

    KibaLG8 Well-Known Member


    Make up your minds.
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