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BW013 - Chillarmy & Bel

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What's thst scan saying? Shooti is in the episode too?


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Shooti's VA is listed someone said, so maybe a flashback or a brief appearance.


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It's also possible that Shooti's VA will voice someone else in the episode

probably Chaoboo or Chillarmy


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I would say if it isn't Shooti, then it might be chillarmy i don't think Chaobuu sound anything alike, but i could be wrong.


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Man. Chaobuu and Chillarmy look excellent together. I almost kind of hope that Bel's team just sticks with Chaobuu and Chillarmy (to eventually become Emboar and Chillichino). Maybe... one more Pokemon for her team, like... Wargle, or Vuljina, or something.


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The BW Pokemon are really cute. I was hoping that a rivalry between Chaobuu and Pokabu would happen but it had to be the yellow rat to have the battle and take the screen time away. Like always.


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Hey pikachu's a mouse lol.


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I hope her team keeps growing with more cutesy Pokemon.

I definitely see Belle with a Dentula.

You mean Denchura....;)

Shooti = Bel little bro.

Wait what?XD

Well isn't it obvious that Shooti will appear? I mean that scan shows him taking a picture of Ash & Pikachu and its not from BW001.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
It was from BW001, watch the episode. I don't think an episode where we, meet belle, chillarmy takes the case, Ash tries to get it everyone tries to get it and Belle and Ash have a battle, we will see Shooti. Unless Shooti is walking through the forrest and he spots Ash trying to get his Case back and Shooti says something like

Shooti: Simple hick, can't even catch a Pokemon.
Ash: I'm not trying to catch it, I'm trying to get my badge case back.
Shooti: Either way you can't do anything right, if i were you i would catch the Chillarmy so you at least have one strong Pokemon. Then shooti walks away.
Ash: I'll show you let battle soon.
Shooti: When you have strong enough Pokemon.

Otherwise i don't think Shooti wont appear.
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