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BW2 Random matchup penalty bugged?

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by BorosBeatdown, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. BorosBeatdown

    BorosBeatdown New Member

    I was hoping to not have to make a thread about this but after searching around for a while everywhere, nobody has given an answer to the question on pretty much all forums I came across.

    A couple of days ago when I tried to enter a random matchup battle, I was prompted with the penalty message saying I had to wait one hour to participate in a battle. The only time I actually had a DC while on random matchup was several weeks ago, in which case the hour penalty should have been long gone by now.

    I swapped to a new 3DS and had to change the wifi settings and whatnot recently, and it appears other people were having the same sort of issues when they switched to a new system but they have remained unanswered.

    None of the pokemon in my teams are hacked in any sort of way so I'm not sure what's up or how to fix it. I'm just wondering if anybody has had the same issue or knows how to fix it, this is really irritating.
  2. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    I bet that even if you haven't hacked, the servers on Nintendo's side seem to recognize your IP as "malicious". You could try to spoof your public ip so you don't have the same IP address anymore but I'm not sure if that'll work.

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