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Bye Bye, Butterfree (021)


Shiny Flygon
I almost cried when Butterfree has left. :(

At least the writers didn't have Ash getting cried too... The first pokemon he have ever caught...

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
One of the saddest eps in the show. I was sobbing like crazy and it doesn't help that we didn't get to see Butterfree again.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
One of the saddest eps in the show. I was sobbing like crazy and it doesn't help that we didn't get to see Butterfree again.


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I just finished watching this and I still found it as sad as the first time I saw it. I almost cried and I normally never cry at anything I watch. Sad that he released it so soon and that Butterfree doesn't show up again.
My worst memory of Pokémon. I cry everytime I even think of it. I loved Ash's Butterfree! I didn't cry when Pikachu seemed to leave, because I knew the writers wouldn't let that happen, they would never let Pikachu leave. I also cried when Charizard, Squirtle, Pidgeot, Lapras, Misty and Brock left, but that was nothing compared to this! This is the saddest moment in Pokemon history... I have no problems with admitting the fact that I start crying when I even think about Ash's Butterfree...
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Tyranitar Rules

Pokemon Fan =D
I know in the Japanese version it says Butterfree "died" but I'm choosing not to believe it, Butterfree is still with the pink Butterfree and all of their lil baby Caterpie in my head.

Though Bulbapedia is not the most reliable thing, it does say there that the Butterfree die after they mate is a wrong translation (I also think that=P)

So, Butterfree is mainly still alive...

In a flashback in a Battle Dimension episode, you see Ash's Butterfree and its pink mate.
Ash says 'I wonder what it's doing right now a lot' to the elite four guy (forgot his name)

I dont think he says anything about it being dead in the Japanese version

More proof is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team where there is a butterfree and you have to find its baby Caterpie in something
Not sure if its also in red rescue, but for now I know Butterfree is alive
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Even though it was really sad, I liked this episode. It was great seeing Butterfree get accepted by the Pink Butterfree.



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I was sad and a little mad seeing Butterfree go. After all, it was the first Pokemon Ash actually caught and it wasn't on the show that long. ;___;

But the episode was also really touching. I was moved by how Butterfree loved the pink one so much that it worked so hard to rescue it. ^_^


I cried. I had to be honest. But I was like 7 at the time, so it was okay for a boy to cry about shows.


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I remember watching this when it first aired, I was traumatized as a kid because Butterfree was my favorite then. I remember that I cried myself to sleep that night, lol. But I just watched it again and it is still SO sad. :( It would be great to see it come back sometime.

j Woo

Pokemon Master
while i was watching this episode for the first time i was like 'its gonna come back, its gonna come back'....it didnt come back :'(

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
ok so did butterfree die? i wanna know

Josef Stylin

I want to dye
I cried in that episode. I loved that Butterfree. What can I say? Sometimes the writers like to do a couple of dick moves.
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This was a sad episode for me. I thought that it was much sadder than Pikachu's episode. It was sad that Butter free had to go since it was Ash's first capture and I took a liking to it since it was cute as a Caterpie and lasted as a Metapod for only one episode (I don't like Metapod). At least it had a proper send out. The pink Butter free must be one of kind though. I feel that it would be interesting to see more alternate color Pokémon a like pink Butterfree.

ok so did butterfree die? i wanna know

It doesn't die.


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Butterfree found love and never saw Ash again. I miss it.

This episode almost made me cry. so it gets a perfect 10.


Bad to the Horn
I watched this episode for the first time in nearly four years and I'll say this: Unusual choice for music when Butterfree departs.
Anyway, seeing Team Rocket when tehy get scared that Pikachu is going to shock them is still hilarious and never fails to amuse me. But, the defining moment would be Butterfree leaving, it made a 21-year-old cry even after all these years, but Primeape, Charizard, Piegeot leaving didn't make me cry in the past, go figure.


aka Lamia
It was more sad because it was his first Pokémon. I still don't think he should have let that Butterfree go forever though. It would have been nice to see some sort of reunion. Brilliant episode!