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Bye Bye, Butterfree (021)

I watched this episode for the first time in nearly four years and I'll say this: Unusual choice for music when Butterfree departs.
Anyway, seeing Team Rocket when tehy get scared that Pikachu is going to shock them is still hilarious and never fails to amuse me. But, the defining moment would be Butterfree leaving, it made a 21-year-old cry even after all these years, but Primeape, Charizard, Piegeot leaving didn't make me cry in the past, go figure.

For me, this applies "semi". I did cry when Ash's Charizard, Squirtle, Lapras and Pidgeot left (but that was nothing compared to Butterfree), but when, for example, Ash's Gliscor left, I didn't care.
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Best Episode Ever. i cried the first time i watched this, cried when i rewatched it and cried when i rewatched it again. :'( So sad. the ending was plain perfect, the music, the flashbacks. Butterfree trying his best so the pink one could accept it. perfect. they even managed to put some comedic relief here, with ash misty and brock imitating team rocket's moto. And Pikachu crying, Butterfree crying as well. just to sad man, to sad man. Best Pokemon Ever for the worst reasons ever. Cheers

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Nice episode... That was the first shiny pokemon of the series I think
One of THE best episodes in Pokemon. I watched it again on DVD recently and I absolutely loved it. Butterfree and the Pink Butterfree's love story was great. It went from Butterfree being rejected to her falling in love with him when he's trying to save him. This was the first episode where Ash had to say goodbye to one of his Pokemon except Raticate which he only had for a few minutes and that wasn't emotional at all. The ending was emotional. Very well done. You could tell Ash loved Butterfree and when you go back and watch that episode on the St. Anne where Ash is upset that he traded Butterfree and wants to get it back and goes through all that trouble just to get it back. And then of course, Butterfree talking to Pikachu about someday he will be a Butterfree and learn how to fly. Butterfree was a very well developed character. Very good story arc. Even if it only lasted 20 episodes :( Then of course, let us not forget "HE'S GONNA SHOCK US", which was one of the most hilarious Pokemom moments. And this was the first time Ash, Misty and Brock imitated TRio I believe. I have nothing bad to say. EXCELLENT EPISODE. 10/10.
I didn't mind that Butterfree left. He was boring and had no personality.


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Probably the saddest episode ever in the anime. ;-;
It's a awesome episode, but to this day I still think Butterfree needed more development... I mean come on, it was the first Pokemon Ash ever caught, and all it gets after this episode is a small mention in some DP episode? :/
One of the saddest episodes of pokemon.


This episode was a huge step on Ash's character development, I mean it was sad and all but Ash learnt a lot about pokemon because of Butterfree.


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Ash's first caught Pokemon, when it flashes back to all the memories of Butterfree it is just so sad, and when it's leaving with the pink butterfree, it's still a better love story than Twilight!

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in all honesty, this ONE episode is what made me like butterfree. Heck as of now, I think he only bug type that I ever used in my teams would be butterfree.
No Scizor (Overrated on competitive), Heracross (though I'm liking it a bit, I hate getting megahorn'd), or even volcarona (Curses that Alder)


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The only thing I regret is that this episode should have happened 40 episodes later. Butterfree was Ash's first caught Pokémon and it got some screening time, but it was limited as opposed to the other Pokémons Ash had during that time-period. The episode itself is amazing. Everything is smoothly combined in a humorous story with a nice rescue and ending with a dramatic goodbye that made everyone having a small tear back in the day. Again, the writers had then proven they had plenty of creativity.


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This episode always makes me sad. Now, it doesn't make me as sad as it did years ago, but it still makes me sad. At least Butterfree got to go with someone he loved. Bye, bye Butterfree; we'll miss you.


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I did feel sad in this episode but if it didn't happen then it wouldn't have been so memorable. I'm glad it didn't pop back up out of no where like Primape did because that would have ruined the magic.:rolleyes:
Butterfree didn't have much of a personality, so it's hard to care that he was released. It's like if Ash released his Boldore or something. I wouldn't care. It was a nice episode and I enjoyed it so it gets a 9.

I'm reading the comments in this episode thread and one guy brought up Gliscor's release saying they didn't care. At least Gliscor got screen time, had a personality and spent a lot of time with Ash before being released. Butterfree had none of this, so IMO it's hard to care about Butterfree. Gliscor and Ash seemed closer and giving him away was unnecessary.

Nice episode... That was the first shiny pokemon of the series I think

That Butterfree was not shiny. -_-
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I loved/hated this episode because Butterfree was Ash's first Pokemon and it would be cool if he still had him. In the end Ash should of stuck with the Raticate
A really sad episode. Hearing the sad song play during Butterfree's 'release' was sad. :( Well, it was good to see Starmie battle in here too. Even though Jessie did hit it with a sledgehammer. (-_-)


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Such a sad episode =/
The first Pokemon Ash EVER catched. See them leaving each other was so heartbreaking. The music for this scene is so good and I love the fact Pikachu is crying here too. Caterpie had a hard time on the time in the begining. Mistys phobia for bugs left Caterpie in a tough position and Pikachu was there for him when he told him he wanted to become a Butterfree. Butterfree was also the first Pokemon Pikachu became friend with (okay it was a Caterpie at the time being but still).

I can't watch at this scene without crying, it is such a sad moment but they for sure made a masterpiece of work when it comes to emotions. For me this will probably always be the saddest moment in Pokemon