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Bye For Now: My IGRMT Story

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by [GS], Jun 10, 2012.

  1. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    An IGRMT Memoir

    What you are about to read is a personal account of my history here in IGRMT. Throughout the last ~4 years I've had my ups and downs, much like this section, and I'd like to share some of my experiences with all of you. No, I'm not leaving for good, just a while.*

    My SppF career started in Competitive, not too long after the release of the 4th gen games. Being an avid player since the release of R/B, I felt I had a pretty decent handle on what was going on. I was wrong, very wrong. After some awful threads, and a couple of decent ones, I figured that the seriousness of competitive wasn't what I was looking for. It was at this time that I decided to take my skills elsewhere, and that's when I stumbled upon IGRMT.*

    I lurked around for a few weeks, which I recommend to everyone btw, just to see where I could squeeze in. With some prior knowledge of competitive, I found it easy to jump in and give my 2 cents, and honestly I was pretty well received. Unlike most noobs, I literally dove into rating, trying to improve as I went and absorbing any information I could. After some time, some of the sections regulars whom you all may know (Ampy, Alcario, Eon Master etc.) began conversing with me. I eventually formed close relationships with the raters in the section, and from that came one of the greatest eras in IGRMT history.*

    I like to think that our group of old raters first started to build around a very special group, one which earned us all the title of "Elitists". This group was/is known as Project: New World. Most of you have no idea what this is, and I'm not going to explain it in any great detail, but we were a group dedicated to everything Battle Frontier. There were tier lists, theorymon-ing and all sorts of stuff outsiders would never get to see. This group planted the love of the BF in me, and led me to keep pushing the envelope with teams and movesets. To some of you, the term "Elitist" may seem a little derogatory, but we embraced it. After all, there's nothing wrong with striving for success and perfection.*

    In an attempt to keep this in some sort of order, I have to mention Terry. Terry T was one of the most hard-headed people ever to grace the section. His reign as head IGRMT troll was in full swing at this point in my history. He'd been around for a while, irritating everyone to no end, which led to the trolling. Terry wasn't stupid, just young, and naive. He was eventually trolled off the forums by Alcario and Ampy, but has recently returned. Looking back, Terry was good for IGRMT, as he gave us something to fight for as a community, to get him the hell out.*

    After this, things were business as usual for quite a while. Alex, Ampy, Bossk, Alcario, Eon, Ungulateman, Jordan, Steph and I (and a few others) went on rating as usual, without much bother. Our small community had come to be respected and well known around the section, leading me to my next venture, a clan.*

    Team Meal-Ticket was my brainchild, and my biggest success up to that point. The whole IGRMT crew was on the members list, as well as some new found friends. TMT saw the rise of members like Soroft, Kerech and YOOMTAH! in the IGRMT history book. At its end, TMT was the longest lived clan in the section, despite our problem of never being able to finish anything. (lol)

    After the clan dissolved, things were quite for a time around the section. The raters (myself included) were getting increasingly angry at noobs posting bad threads/rates and never taking good advice. Some of the regulars were even at odds, making the section a bit volatile.*

    Times had been worse for all of us, but what was to come would put our little rating community to the test. Magnets. Magnets popped onto the scene around the time that Archangel started modding IGRMT, so later in 2010 iirc. He came onto the scene as a somewhat good rater, and quickly caught the eyes of myself and a few other regulars. It wasn't long before his posts became arrogant and rude, causing an uproar among the regulars. A notorious troll, he eventually became the most hated user in IGRMT. After many a flame war it eventually came to light that it was none other than Alcario. His reasons for deciding to troll the section were never fully explained, as he was perma'd along with his alt, but he, like Terry, brought us closer as a community.*

    Shortly after Alcario's banning, I became a mod. This was/is a great point of pride for me, a true story of hard work paying off. I had served my time rating teams and made a place for myself in the community, and it all came to fruition. It's also probably good to point out that it was at this time I had my name changed to Shuckle. This point in time brought me one of my most memorable moments in IGRMT history. Some of you may remember a thread of Eon's called "Strive: 594 Days to the Top of the World". This was a big thread for him, due to the fact that it was another dedication team, but it wasn't all gumdrops and rainbows. Alcario would make his return as "Insane Clown Posse" and blow the doors off of elitism in IGRMT. The thread eventually spiraled into flaming and arguing, and was closed.*

    Things went downhill from there, many of the regulars eventually tapered into inactivity and the group was a shadow of it's former self. I, seeing the need for some community resurgence, tried several futile gimmicks to bring us all back together. The first was Team Meal-Ticket 1.2. Very short lived, it was cursed with inactivity, and ofc noobs. The second venture ended up being a great idea, The In-Game Raters Union. The brainchild of Alex and myself, the Union was a fun place for us all to discuss strategies, make interesting movesets and create tiers for in-game use. This too was short lived, as social groups were phased out of the forums.*

    By this point in my story, it's now 2011 and most of the raters are long gone, leaving myself, Alex, Ampy, Bossk, Kerech, Final and Soroft as the only ones left that still rated somewhat regularly. Over the year, people faded out, basically bringing us to where we are today.*

    Back in the day I always thought of this as "my section". Not mine in the sense that I ran the place, but in the sense that it was my home here. I had a family here, we strived for greatness together, fought together and collaborated together. Today, I still think of this as "my section", but now I can say that it really is. Over the past 2 years, I've tried to keep this place neat, clean and incident free, which I'd have to say I've done well. Whether or not it's been good for the section, I can't say for sure. IGRMT has always had periods of instability, which is what made it interesting. People would stand up for what they believed, and wouldn't hesitate to correct someone if they were wrong. IGRMT as a whole these days has come a long way from the hectic, small community controlled section that I was part of back in the day. Things are much more relaxed and regular raters still populate the threads, but it's a new era here, one that I have helped mold, and for that I am very proud.*

    I'm not posting this for any kind of recognition or to glorify myself/anyone, I just feel that it's my time to share my experience with a community that I hold in high regards. I've made many memories here, and I hope that IGRMT treats you all as well as it has me.*

    As I said before, I'm not leaving for good, just a few months. In conclusion, I just want to say thank you to my friends here and gone that made this place special, you know who you are. Please try not to let the place go to shit while I'm gone!*

    With warm regards,

    Joe: aka Grumpy Snorlax: aka Shuckle

    A quick disclaimer: Some of my timeline is may be out of order. Don't get all butthurt if something's not in the right place, I've been here quite a while, and my memory is shit.
  2. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    Wow. Very deep and inspiring to me. You're history in IGRMT and in the community itself is by far a rewarding experience as I can see.

    We'll miss you, Grumpy Snorlax, that Subway Boss who gives good ratings without breaking any sweats. We'll try to strive for the same goal, and I'm sure the IGRMT will not die. Me, Aura Sensei, Davidchu, chap, and the rest of us will get to rating whenever we see s user in need of In-game team suggestions.

    We'll miss you, Snorlax. I'm sure many of us will marvel upon your return, man.
  3. Emeraldfan

    Emeraldfan Well-Known Member

    Whoo, upon reading this I suddenly felt like I missed a whole part of Serebii's history. Though, iirc, one of my first threads was rated by Eon, so your community might have been active still in those days.
    I'd like to thank you for helping us rate, and I believe that I can speak for the whole of Serebii's 4th Gen IGRMT now.
    I honestly feel like times were better years ago, but anyway, we'll have to do what we can. I'll try to rate a bit more here, since there are now even less (proper) raters.

    Wishing you the best of luck, and hoping to see you soon.
  4. Noctourniquet

    Noctourniquet ∆∆∆

    yeah emeraldfan your name sorta rings a bell to me. i guess maybe you were around as that whole period was coming to its end, probably when people like soroft, peacemaker, steph, etc. were around.

    anyway id add something totally sentimental and historical or whatever but joe... practically covered everything i could have said here. other than during earlier days of rating, ive more or less always rated alongside joe and been a part of tmt and p:nw and the igrmt raters union and all that, so this whole story kinda applies to me. i remember when joe first started rating, to me, he seemed like this randomer that had come outta nowhere and started trying to basically run this ****. he absolutely annoyed the hell outta me and i wanted nothing to do with him. but then i vmd him once (i think it was to wish him a happy birthday? lol) and we got talking a bit more and now hes one of my best friends today so i guess times change haha.

    for the sake of further explanation, though, im gonna talk a bit more about magnets because as you said, "His reasons for deciding to troll the section were never fully explained". so here is a log from msn.

    10:49:11 AlCario: I had a few reasons
    10:50:41 AlCario: I was interested to see how people would react to my rates if they didn't know who I was
    10:51:04 AlCario: Since at the time I got the impression a lot of people blindly took my advice because of my experience as a rater
    10:51:34 AlCario: That's why I -created- him... also I guess I just wanted an alt
    10:51:42 AlCario: but he kind of devolved from there...
    10:51:56 Me: yeah haha
    10:51:59 Me: why did that happen
    10:54:10 AlCario: Well... there are a few reasons I can give for that
    10:54:19 Me: do you mind these being public btw!
    10:54:40 AlCario: Yeah I'll tell you
    10:55:20 AlCario: As you know Magnets started off as a kind of argumentative but not unreasonable person
    10:55:28 AlCario: kinda like my main account
    10:55:57 AlCario: But then, after I rated one of YOOMTAH's threads, he went off on a rant at me for being condescending
    10:56:39 AlCario: This was before I started 'trolling' btw
    10:57:53 AlCario: But anyway after that incident I realised that I could pretty much do and say anything I wanted without consequences
    10:58:04 AlCario: since they didn't know who I was...
    10:58:21 AlCario: well I'm not the kind of person to be a jerk for no reason
    10:58:45 AlCario: But I held quite an animosity towards Eon Master at that time
    10:59:02 AlCario: probably more than was justified
    10:59:25 AlCario: And I hadn't told anyone about it
    11:00:05 AlCario: On one of Eon's threads he was being so arrogant that I was just like... 'what the hell'
    11:00:17 AlCario: And trolled him
    11:00:19 AlCario: It was trolling
    11:00:33 AlCario: But there was a grain of real feeling in what I said
    11:01:03 AlCario: After that, Magnets pretty much had a reputation for being a dick
    11:01:21 AlCario: and I thought I may as well just go the whole way
    11:01:36 AlCario: there were many incentives behind that...
    11:02:26 AlCario: one was that I needed to get myself banned
    11:03:14 AlCario: I didn't WANT to be banAlCario... but I was spending a lot of time on pokemon and I really needed to focus on other aspects of my life at that time
    11:03:33 AlCario: So yeah I succeeded there...
    11:03:44 AlCario: But I was in two minds about being banned all along
    11:03:57 AlCario: the other reason I kept at it with Magnets
    11:04:04 AlCario: is a bit weird
    11:06:00 AlCario: See I'm not -actually- like Magnets
    11:06:05 AlCario: as you hopefully know :p
    11:06:14 Me: ye lol
    11:06:19 AlCario: but he kind of... developed into a character on his own
    11:06:26 AlCario: and I kind of wanted to explore him
    11:06:34 AlCario: that's the weird reason.
    boom baby. while im here i guess ill talk a bit more about my involvement with magnets. so at first i was basically hardcore trollbait for the guy, not only because i was a known rater, but because his rating style and mine are at polar opposites to each other; an issue thats always shown up in threads we rated together in. but after a little while magnets realised he wanted someone to laugh with - so he hopped on msn and told me that he was really alcario. from there basically the most infuriating troll weve ever was instantly hilarious. it probably got me into some sort of trouble in the end for not turning him in as soon as i found out, since i believe in his leaving thread, magnets revealed that i knew who he was, but i wasnt gonna turn a friend in for trolling. i never actually did any direct trolling myself and it wasnt until long afterwards (until today, in fact) that i knew his actual motives for trolling as magnets. but whatever haha. just thought id drop that in there again for the sake of completion. i have a correction to make to joes story - insane clown posse didnt show up in the hear ye, hear ye thread, which is located [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?465564-Hear-Ye-Hear-Ye-Your-King-Has-Returned!-(BT-RMT)]here[/URL]. in this thread he was still magnets and still on his rampage of general trolling which, amusing as it is in hindsight, wasnt very interesting.

    i think joe was talking about another thread which i think is worth a read for all of you lot. for those of you who dont read it im gonna reiterate what i said in there. for some reason the forum is being crap and wont let me use the tag twice in one post without dele...t now because i ran outta things to say lmao.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  5. Lapras!

    Lapras! Banned

    I'd like to add something to this as well. Joe has without a doubt been one of the best raters here... his ability to remain impartial in flame wars (which has always fascinated me :p) and his general friendliness probably makes him one of the most likeable people in the section. He's also been something like a constant here. I vanish from IGRMT completely for one and a half years, come back, greeted by all these strange new faces -- people I have never seen or heard before -- but wait, Joe's still here. And at the same, Joe has always been able to command a universal respect from the rest of us -- which stems in part from his calming manner, which lies in contrast to some of the wilder personalities we get around here.

    On a personal note, I remember when he first came to IGRMT. I don't have a completely cohesive memory that can form a particularly interesting story, but I do remember that at the time his avatar was a smeargle and, in a time rife with n00bs and idiots, a faint odour of intelligence surrounded his posts that I wasn't sure I should trust. I believe he VM'd me thanking me for rating his team, after which followed a short discussion on Bronzong, and that was about all it took to win me over. After that we became good friends, and continued to rate together until I left. Sadly, since then we haven't talked as much as I would have liked.

    I honestly don't think there is anyone else in the section would have made a better mod than Joe, and I was happy for him when I heard the news. Also, dude, I couldn't hope for a more accurate and impartial history of IGRMT. Voting to have this archived.
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    I'm sorry to hear you leave Joe...I know I was never that good of a rater,and you were much better,but it's hard to believe you could always keep your cool with all the n00bs and trolls.Hopefully IGRMT will be better when you come back,I will try my best to keep it running.

    Best of luck,Logan : aka Aura Sensai : ak Salamence lover Logan
  7. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    I'm glad this is getting a good reception, thanks for the kind words guys. ^^

    @ Alex: Yes! That's the tread I was looking for, I'll have to change that. You were also correct about our feelings toward each other initially. I thought you were some uppity jerk, but after your nice Birthday wishes, and the preceding convo we had, I realized that you were awesome. You're like my little bro, we've fought the good fight for years, and we'll probably end up doing it reluctantly for years. Also, thanks for the Magnets log, that fills in a nice bit of the puzzle. ^^

    @ Lapras!: Honestly, coming from you that means a lot. I really looked up to you when I came here, and it was by watching you and the others that I learned not only how to rate, but be part of a community. You, personally, we're always kind to me and gave me the push I needed to improve and for that I'll say thanks, and stick around plz. (;

    @ Emeraldfan: Yea, I think you came in around TMT time, I seem to remember a delightful font lol.

    @ Falcario: Thanks man! I seem to remember you being here as well for some of this, yea?

    @ Logan: You may not be an exceptional rater, but you're good and have improved quite a bit since you came here. You're one of the regulars keeping this place together, so just keep learning. We were all crappy at one point or another, but that's what makes our rise to excellence that much more respectable.

    Thanks again to everyone for the kind words, and enjoy yourselves while I'm gone!
  8. Emeraldfan

    Emeraldfan Well-Known Member

    Now that you've said that, I remember TBR saying that he liked my font or something. Or no, wait, something like: your font is spectacular. I'd have to look for it, but I believe that's it (more or less :)
    Okay, couldn't resist, had to find that thread :) Arceus, I was awful...
    Anyway, I still use the font nowadays, but just for the threads I started. I like to have them looking nice :)
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  9. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    Yes. I have been here in the IGRMT's. I've been hanging around the 5th gen IGRMT nowadays, since I have most of the items and moves thoroughly memorized. I'm actually busy with SS and Pearl, so I haven't gone to the FULL extent of the game yet. In other words, I'm still trying to build up a good time while getting a better understanding of their niche in battle.
  10. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Thanks for the reasurement Joe,and hopefully this section won't fall apart without you :)
  11. (Pro)bopass

    (Pro)bopass Certified Behemoth

    Bye, don't get lost.

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