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Byoonie's Simple Shop d(^_~)z

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by byoonie, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. byoonie

    byoonie The One & Only


    ;143;ABOUT MY SHOP:;143;
    • All SPPf rules apply, e.g., no foul language, spamming, trolling/flaming, etc.
    • Please use proper English, otherwise you will be ignored.
    • I only accept & trade legit pokémon. Hacked pokémon will never be traded intentionally; we will trade back immediately if this happens.
    • Clearly state what you’re offering (type, gender, nature, etc.) and what you want in return.
    • Be patient to trade with me because, like everyone else, I have commitments outside of this game. See below for my hours of trading.

    [size=+1]TRADING HOURS:
    4427 4614 8993
    6pm - 12am (PST / GMT -8)
    Monday - Friday only

    What I DON’T offer (unless it’s up for trade in the list below):
    - IVs
    - Shiny/Event
    - Legendaries

    I DO offer:
    - specific natures
    - EV training

    UT = Untrained (No EV gain at all)
    DW = must have Dream World ability
    M = male
    F = female
    nn = nickname



    ;147;Dragon Dance | Extreme Speed
    ;158;Ice Punch | Dragon Dance
    ;133;Wish | Curse | Yawn
    :506:Fire Fang | Thunder Fang | Ice Fang | Pursuit
    :532:Mach Punch | Drain Punch
    :559:Dragon Dance | Drain Punch | Ice Punch
    :597:Leech Seed | Stealth Rock OR Spikes
    :633:Dark Pulse
    ;303;UT DW Mawile | M | Sheer Force | Ice Punch move
    ;032;UT DW Nidoran | M | Hustle | Super Fang move


    Any gender/Nature

    Egg Move Males:
    Hitmonchan: Drain Punch
    Chansey: Wish
    Growlithe: Close Combat | Morning Sun
    Riolu: Ice Punch | Bullet Punch | Crunch
    Riolu: Dark Pulse | Vacuum Wave
    Zorua: Snarl | Dark Pulse | Sucker Punch
    Gible: Outrage
    Elekid: Cross Chop | Ice Punch | Fire Punch
    Tepig: Superpower
    Shellder: Rock Blast

    Leaf Stone x3
    Water Stone x5
    Fire Stone x2

    Any other popular egg moves that I don't offer ^_^
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2012
  2. 10151993

    10151993 Summer Sun!

    Good luck with the shop! not making a trade right now though
    wait.... i like the look of that mawlie i can offeer a chansey
  3. byoonie

    byoonie The One & Only

    Hey! Thanks :) I was looking at your shop and wondering if you would trade a female DW Magikarp (Rattled) for my Mawile.
  4. Ewald12397

    Ewald12397 Pokefriend

    Hey ill trade you a bellsprout for either your marill or starly
  5. Ewald12397

    Ewald12397 Pokefriend

    and a mareep for that matter
  6. MaxTheAzn

    MaxTheAzn I'm Asian soo.....

    Check my shop for manaphy i can offer a male timburr with the egg moves you want and is the manaphy untrained and is it from the pokemon ranger event?
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2011
  7. LunGhost

    LunGhost It's freezing

    I want your female dw eevee. I'm offering a female dw bellsprout. Wanna trade?
  8. miniman562

    miniman562 Member

    can i have a tornadus? i have a lvl 100 wailrein or beartic, and is the tornadus UT, cuz that would be nice.
  9. Mewkachu

    Mewkachu Sexuality is a cult.

    All of my Legendaries were caught with Action Replay master balls, or all of my pokemon to be more exact. basically, not all of my pokemon, but still a big chunk of them. does that count as hacked, would you still take them?
  10. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko Young Apprentice

    I'm in need of a Thundurus, I'd love to trade you a entei, or raikou
  11. byoonie

    byoonie The One & Only

    Sorry, it's actually a Phione. I guess it's kinda hard to tell from that sprite :p
  12. byoonie

    byoonie The One & Only

    Sure! I'll let you know when it's ready :)
  13. byoonie

    byoonie The One & Only

    Sorry, I'm only looking for the pokemon that I have on my wishlist above.

    Sorry, I won't accept those. Even if the pokemon are legit, it's just my personal preference to keep everything clean.

    Sure! I'd love to get your Entei :)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2012
  14. Ewald12397

    Ewald12397 Pokefriend

    ill offer a torkoal (its even a DWf!) for the shellos
  15. kano6913

    kano6913 New Member

    Hey, I have an azelf for you and an egg moves charmander, want your thundurus
    and not sure what else though
    PM me :)
  16. CoachGump

    CoachGump Member

    I have a ferroseed with stealth rocks and leech seed, and a slakoth, i'd really like a thundurus!
  17. Mewkachu

    Mewkachu Sexuality is a cult.

    Darn! And I get wifi tomorrow too. :C
  18. MaxTheAzn

    MaxTheAzn I'm Asian soo.....

    I'll still take the phione but i have the conkeldurr w/ the two moves so.... do we have a deal
  19. ~Selene~

    ~Selene~ I Collect Shaymin

    Hey could you see my thread for these

    All the DW females apart from vulpix eevee banette and skitty (i can clone back if needed)
  20. MarioZone

    MarioZone Member

    DW F Vulpix for Scraggy w/ DD, Drain Punch and Ice Punch

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