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Cac´s Trades


Shiny Lover xD
Cac´s Trades

Have to Offer:



Zapdos LV 55
Articuno LV 51
Moltres LV51
Porygons LV1
Bagons LV1
Beldums [All Natures] LV1
Porygon Z LV21
Magnezone LV31
Chansey LV18
Dratinis LV1
Mew LV37
Lugia LV70
Rotom LV32
Phiones LV1
Mesprit LV50
Larvitars LV1
Eevees LV1
Spiritombs LV1
Munchlaxes LV1
Deoxys LV62
All Starters Xept Bulba and Treecko

3 Armor Fossil
10 Moonstones [Doh!]
1 Dome Fossil
1 Life Orb
1 Claw Fossil
4 PP Up
1 Liechi Berry


Well most pokemon, i like/dont have, also
seraching for shiny dratini/trapinch
If u dont have any of those, just offer away ^^


Well-Known Member
Phione egg for a Chikorita ?


"You Cant Kill Me"
how about a kyogre for the metagross?

Wats the metagrosses lvl and nature anyway?


"You Cant Kill Me"
you mean "shiny" lol.

umm ok i got a machop if u want that? (its shiny yes)


Still likes Mudkips
lv 100 wormadam for lugia?...Please?:D I really want one.