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Café Hope [PG-13]


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Café Hope (contestshipping/advanceshipping) [PG-13]

Alright guys, this is my first fanfic, so please leave constructive comments and reviews…feel free to point out grammatical errors and all that wonderful stuff!!

Rating: There’s gonna be some mature stuff and some scenes that might not be good for the kids ^.^ but I will put a general rating before each chapter…overall though, this will be a PG-13 fic.

Pairings: Well, there are several ^.^’’ but the focus ones are Advanceshipping/Contestshipping (there's also planned Egoshipping, HarukaxKenji, Ikarishipping, HarukaxShinji, Pearlshipping, TakeshixNurse Joy)

Café Hope

The last train pulled away from the station, heading towards the distant horizon, far from the waving passersby. Haruka Tenoh sat silently by her window, gazing through the glass at the passing countryside and fiddling with some spare string before accidentally breaking it. She sighed and opened a creased letter, covered in sprawled handwriting; directions to her best friend’s residence in Kyoto, “a small, cozy town” as Hikari had put it.
“Oh but please come over Haru! I have enough space, you don’t worry and you will be fine here. Anyway, this is the perfect way to meet Shinji and help me with him!”
Haruka slouched further into her seat, but immediately straightened her posture. She knew Hikari well enough to know that her friend also wanted to comfort her in some way.
It aggravated her, the seemingly helpless air that others always perceived about her. She was more than capable of taking care of herself…she was not enthusiastic about the sympathy or the worried glances either. It was her responsibility and so far, she was the only one who needed to be concerned about it. But it felt so alone to be the only one allowed to care…and it was her mistake…maybe she needed someone after all.
Two round water drops were angrily brushed away from the window sill. The cinnamon-haired girl sighed and after a moment’s pause, let the tears flow freely.


Shinji nearly put down the phone before catching himself. It was almost too excruciating to hear such a peppy voice at such an early time in the morning.
“Hello!” Hikari chirped again, nestling a phone in the crook of her shoulder while stirring eggs in a frying pan. For her the day had started- in actuality, yesterday hadn’t even ended for her. Sleep was too wasteful a thing to even try and do.
“You will explain right now why the damn hell you woke me up,” groaned the dark-haired boy. “Moreover at 4 in the morning. Damn you girl!”
“Shut up, I actually have a reason today.” Ignoring Shinji’s sarcastic sigh of relief, she hurriedly poured an omelet into a thermos and began packing loaves of bread. “My friend is coming by the train today and I have to go pick her up. Would you mind giving me a ride and helping out with her lug- ah darn! I dropped the coffee, ahhh!”
Shinji chuckled and heaved himself up. “Well I really do not want to help you but I guess I’ll help your friend. At the last moment too.”
“Haruka,” Hikari said firmly, straining to reach the mop and hold onto the phone. “Best friend so you have to help me out here.”
“Fine.” Shinji set down the phone but smirked before cutting the line. “Wait Hikari,” he asked slowly, “not that it matters but…is she hot?”
There was a resounding crash from the other end, and Shinji hurriedly clicked the phone, howling with laughter. Some miles away, Hikari Honda grabbed a knife to stuff into her pile of containers.


The station was bustling with people, moving too quickly and too surely. Haruka was starting to become scared in such a crowd, holding her baggage tighter and walking slower. A familiar voice instantly relieved her as Haruka turned and spotted a blinding shock of blue hair.
“Hikari, help!”
Haruka gasped; her cry was cut short by a tall youth, reaching over and securely taking her arms and luggage to the side.
“You must be Shinji,” Haruka attempted an awkward smile and was strangely comforted by a returning grin.
“I knew it Hikari, she’s very hot.”
Both girls simultaneously blushed and but Haruka was surprised to see Shinji turn and laugh gently.
“Don’t worry; I just said that to upset Hikari here. I’m perfectly safe, not sketchy at all.” He smirked and Haruka couldn’t help but giggle, especially as the broad teen expertly avoided Hikari’s strikes from behind.
The sun was just slipping from the horizon when the three teens reached Hikari’s street by Shinji’s car. It was a quiet neighborhood, with several clean apartments along the side of neatly trimmed lawns. Haruka was trying to listen to Hikari’s excited chatter but found herself more concentrated on the scenery. Her hopes had risen and the young girl couldn’t help but smile and close her eyes at what seemed like brightening prospects.
“Didn’t get enough sleep on the train?” Shinji inquired teasingly. Haruka flushed a dark shade of scarlet and apologized to the oblivious Hikari, then realized they were pulling along the side of the road.
“Here it is! My, well now our, wonderful home!” Hikari cheered. Grabbing her friend’s hand, she tugged the protesting girl right through the doorway.
“The- luggage- Hari!-”
“Shinji volunteers!” The azure-haired girl called, and then both girls rushed up two flights of steps to a whitewashed door. “In,” Hikari pushed Haruka into her small place and flipped on the lights.
“Oh,” Haruka beamed; all around were small bead trinkets and colorful shades on the whitewashed walls. Hikari had obviously not lost her bold taste in art, or style. She faced her friend after a few moments but then her smile faded. Hikari had been staring at her, watching her intently, but she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts.
“You must be tired! Here’s your room!” Hurriedly snatching up Haruka’s hand again, she led her to a small room, freshly cleaned. “Now rest,” Hikari’s tone had changed- it was quieter, more self-aware, more caring.
Haruka bit her lip, and lay down slowly. Hikari smiled reassuringly at her, before backing away and gently shutting the door behind her.
The reclining girl placed both hands on her stomach. She let her head fall to the side and closed her round eyes. Shinji seems nice…kind of coarse though…not that handsome but I really like his eyes…Hikari looks really cute with him too…but I doubt I can help her in any way…
The sky slowly faded from a creamy pink to a gentle, wispy turquoise. There was a small, square window beside Haruka’s bed. She stared at the changing colors, wondering about home before she drifted off to sleep.
Far away, in a house nestled in the heart of Tokyo, a man leaned beside his window and watched the sky. “Haruka…be safe.”


"I'm not good like you with dealing with people."
"I'm not asking you to help her. Just listen to me."
"I just wanted to tell you that- what I need- is to make sure you don't say anything to Haruka..."
"I won't make a joke on anything you ask me not too; I don't even know her that well. ...What's the matter, you seem really upset."
"I am."
"She won't mind me telling. I need someone to tell this too. She..she's pregnant Shinji. And I can't do anything to help her!"
"She's...Hikari...don't cry..."
"Damn that son of a...she wanted to kill herself first. Said it was her mistake. Said that it was no wonder her dad got upset over her grades and her mom thought she was too lazy...But she told me she wouldn't do it because they loved her too much. She kept crying and saying she wished they didn't love her at all...so she could die and no one would care..."
"Hikari, I...Hikari. Hikari?"
The sun slipped into the grey clouds almost as soon as it had appeared. For a long time, only the faintest bits of light shone. Then it started to rain.


Sorry this is sort of short, but I will post the upcoming chapters quickly ^.~ Please leave reviews and tell me ANYTHING you'd suggest improving on!
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Interesting.......so, I'm guessing the SoB is Drew((Shu), and the concerned guy in a distant land is Ash(Satoshi)?

Still this is definitely original to say the least...good luck with it!


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Alright this is the second chapter, and we get introduced to the two main guys of Pokémon ^0^!

NOTE: Haruka's thoughts are expressed in italics.



Rain poured from the grey sky, showering on several quickly-moving umbrellas on a small street. Haruka moved impatiently but slowly through the flock, feebly attempting to keep dry with a soaked folder. Her umbrella, now broken, hung uselessly on her arm.

Darn it! I had to pick the broken one didn’t I?! Oh… She cursed angrily in her head, not even noticing where she was anymore. It wasn’t until she heard a man comment on the time that she gasped loudly and stopped.

She was completely lost; she had no idea where she was although she could gather she wasn’t far from the town square. Breathing quickly, she stepped off to the side and pulled out a map from her coat pocket. The café she was looking for was quite close she gathered…she had just missed a turn.

Retracing her steps, she hurried down a block before catching sight of a large, luxurious-looking café. She sighed in relief, and went through the heavy oak and glass doors.

The café did not seem to be busy, but a few guests, seeming refined and polished, were enjoying cups of tea. There was a tall man at the bar, checking the register.

Haruka silently approached him, and set her now thoroughly drenched folder on the counter.

“How may I help you sir?” the youth asked after a pause, never letting his eyes move from the screen.

“Miss.” Haruka corrected with a stifled giggle. The man’s eyes widened and his hands stopped moving as he quickly turned.

“Miss, I meant, oh yes, um, sorry, uh, how-how-do you need help?” The man smiled awkwardly in embarrassment.

“Are you the manager of this café?”

“Uh well. No, I have nothing to do with this café other than being a loyal customer,” the man grinned sheepishly. “There were just technical problems I was helping out with. But I will bring the manager out- wait is there a problem?”

Haruka looked up from sorting his clinging papers. The man was actually young, maybe just a few years older than her. His black hair was swept around his face in an unkempt manner, but his large, dark eyes remained uncovered. Haruka blushed; he looked like one of the celebrities she had seen on T.V. Although she was sure that none could be so oblivious and charming at the same time.

“Well, I’m applying for a job here, and I had an appointment with um…ah Takeshi-”

Haruka stopped, realizing that the young man had left. Well, that was rude! Haruka frowned, all signs of respect dissolved. No wonder he seemed so careless, doesn’t he know I already am in bad shape!? Haruka waited for a few minutes and then scanned her watery items with a sniff. Now I’m getting all moody, oh my god, why today? Why do I even care for a job? Not like they’re gonna hire me…The brunette hardly noticed the man she saw earlier pulling with all his might on a dark-skinned arm. They struggled silently at first before the black-haired man gave an extra hard tug.

Haruka looked up just in time to see two men fly towards the counter and slam into the nearby shelves.

“Oh my goodness, are you alright?!” Haruka shrieked.

“You’re damn lucky that shelf was empty, moron!” a chestnut-haired man said heatedly.

“Shut up and get your butt off my face!” came the muffled reply.

The tall spiky haired man stood up, grimacing before falling back again on the heap of broken wood, cursing loudly.

Haruka took care not to slip before offering her hand to the black-haired guy still buried under the rubble.

“Oh I’m sorry Ms. Tenoh! Don’t worry I’m fine.” Haruka blinked in surprise.

“How do you know my name? I don’t think I introduced myself-”

“Oh.” Haruka glanced at the older man. He rushed over, squinting his already small eyes and giving a huge grin while shaking the confused girl’s hand. “I am Takeshi Megumi at your service my dear Haruka!” His voice was loud but friendly and soothed the confused girl.

“Now you know why I yanked you away,” the still laying youth muttered.

“Shut up Satoshi,” Takeshi drawled, steering Haruka away from the mess and to her application. “Oh dear, its all wet, never mind though! You wanted a job right? For a waitress? You’re hired,” Takeshi smiled widely.

Haruka was slowly feeling more and more nauseous; this much stress was not good for her. “Uh already?” She asked hesitantly.

“Of course,” the tanned man said, shooting a glance behind him. “Satoshi, you’re ok right?”

“If you can call “ok” this, sure.”

“Good, then come here darling, let’s find you a uniform.” Takeshi said brightly.
Haruka’s new employer walked briskly towards a nearby closet, but Haruka stopped to bend over Satoshi.

“Are you alright, um, Satoshi?”

Satoshi blinked up at her before grinning. “I’m fine, I have a hard enough head,” he laughed in response, and took the girl’s offered hand. “Takeshi went to the storage room right?”

Haruka then fully noticed how tall Satoshi was when he stood. Over half a head…Takeshi must be 6 feet then…and wow; everyone’s not at all disturbed. No one seemed to notice the huge commotion here…

Haruka turned towards the closet where Takeshi was stepping out, holding a wrapped bundle.

“It’s a girl happy couple!” he cried before an embarrassed Haruka and dazed Satoshi. “Here you are dear, that’s $120, please.” Haruka looked up in surprise again. “Don’t ask why, the delivery was very difficult because, oh dear, the-”

Satoshi ripped the bundle from Takeshi’s hands. “Won’t you ever grow up Takeshi?”

“Sorry Haruka, I’m not like this everyday. I just missed my favorite soap because of my friend here,” Takeshi shot Satoshi a mock glare. Haruka accepted the uniform laughing with a nod of thanks and asked about her schedule.

“Well I’ll send you everything in the mail.”

“Oh, ok that’s fine. But sir-”

“Call me Takeshi.”

“O-ok, why did you hire me right away?”

“Because you’re damn cute,” the man dead-panned. A moment of complete silence passed before Takeshi patted her head and told her she could expect her papers, along with the forms by tomorrow, and sent her away laughing a storm.

Haruka couldn’t help but smile as she opened the doors, but glanced back when she heard Satoshi call out.

“Haruka your umbrella.”

“Oh thank you-"

"I'm sorry if you were weirded out back there." Haruka glanced up at the smiling teen, fiddling with his umbrella. "Takeshi is actually always like this, but everyone's used to him and his café is the best here. Don't worry, you'll like it here.

"Thank you Satoshi." Haruka smiled warmly. He nodded in reply and quickly went down the steps. The girl stared at his retreating figure for a moment before realizing something about the umbrella. "Wait, mine wasn’t blue…Satoshi!”

The ebony haired man turned back with a huge grin. “Yours was broken right? I’ll fix it, but for now take it.”

Satoshi had already proceeded down the street before Haruka yelled after him that there was no need to help her.

I really hope this isn’t his…oh damn it is his…what a caring guy! Although he is really oblivious…Haruka walked under the navy blue umbrella, humming softly. Takeshi is really strange, but he seems so nice and sweet! …if not a little screwed in the head. And I wonder if he really meant I was cute…Not that I would believe it anyways…


The rain continued to fall softly. A woman set down her hairbrush, gazing at the pouring rain outside her house. “Come back soon dear,” she trembled, tears welling up in her violet eyes.


If they were a bit OC, then remember that this is an A/U story lol.
Please give constructive reviews and I'll post the next chapter hopefully this week!

Ðãmon Howe

Stop posting DH.
Well, you've left me as interested and baffled as ever.

First things first....very interesting chapter, I can see this is definitely going to be a high ranking fic, regardless how it's ending turns out (which, of course, will determine if I truely like it or not). Well written and informative.

Which brings me to a baffling thought....where there be any pokemon in this fic, or is this an almost 'real-life' version of the pokemon characters? You haven't mentioned any pokemon whatsoever, and the jobs Satoshi and Takeshi have are....well....odd for their characters, but I'm sure it will be entertaining regardless.

Keep up the good work!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to review my fic, I really appreciate it ^.^!

lol, yeah there won't be any pokémon, but more like references to it such as Satoshi having a pet mouse and later on butterflies will become important (for Haruka).

And I won't ask for what kind of ending you'd like, but who knows if it'll be the one you want :)!


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I haven't abandoned this fic lol!
Finally chapter 3! hopefully more reviews (?)
and this happens to be a longer chapter, with plot/character development...see if you can spot the second male protagonist!



The evening was steadily getting cooler when Shinji stopped by Café Re’nai. He couldn’t see much through the stained windows and sighed wearily as he headed up the steps.

A small bell rung faintly as he entered; the café was bathed in golden light and the aroma of warm coffee and biscuits wafted out the open door. Immediately Shinji caught sight of the cinnamon haired girl he was looking for carefully serving an elderly couple tea.

When he had last talked to her, Hikari had squealed over the uniform and fretted over poor Haruka’s shoulders when completing the forms. Because of extra classes today, the azure-haired girl could not check on Haruka’s first day of work, a fact that agitated her to no end. Therefore, the most eligible substitute was called: Shinji. And as always, after a curse and a reluctant yes, the violet haired boy was quickly doing whatever Hikari had requested him to do.

“Haruka.” He called, shoving his hands into his coat pockets and shifting his weight to one leg. The girl glanced up, her expression fading from a kind smile to a surprised gaze. He looks so serious…I hope nothing happened- wait, what if Hikari is in trouble?

Shinji was taken aback at Haruka’s speed to reach him, and even more so when he saw her anxious look.

“Hikari just sent me here to check up on you. She felt bad for not seeing you here but she already missed the previous make up days and this is the last one.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry to have her bother you though. Hikari can be really bossy.”

Over the phone, Shinji couldn’t help but drift off when Hikari was excitedly obsessing over Haruka’s outfit. He had caught “cute, cute, cute!” but hardly remembered anything about Haruka herself in it. ‘That may have been a good thing now,’ the boy thought humorously; Hikari had a penchant for describing the vaguest details but not elaborating on the main topic.

Also, Shinji found himself nearly blushing at Haruka’s bashful smile; she looked so different from the other girls he knew with her surprising lack of make up, her simple attire, and her round blue orbs that seemed too real. Her sweet look combined with a refined uniform was something he enjoyed seeing rather than hearing about.

Haruka’s long, glossy hair was now loosely tied with a ribbon and gathered on one shoulder. Her knee-long dark blue skirt was covered with a plain creamy apron and her baby blue and white blouse sported a small pin spelling out her name.

He hadn’t been wrong to have called her “hot” at the station; in several ways, she prettier than Hikari. But that hadn’t been why he agreed readily to Hikari’s demand. He had been curious about her when they first met at the station; now knowing that behind her smile, the girl was hiding a crushing secret, Shinji felt compelled to help her.

“So what time does your shift end?” He asked casually, surveying the tidy café.

“Um, at six so, I still have about an hour left to work.”

“I’ve only been to this café once before; very nice place, you’ll like working here.”

“That’s what I’ve heard. Well, now you and Hikari have a reason to visit here more often. I mean when you can, of course.”

“I know,” the teen answered, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly. He looked down at Haruka, who was slightly turned and leaning to the left, trying to catch a glimpse beyond two open double doors.

“Looking for someone?”

“Oh! Sorry yes, Satoshi Kajima, I don’t think you know him; he came over because our computers were on the fritz. He can fix anything, but he often causes something else to go wrong before he finishes,” Haruka added with a giggle.
“No, I don’t know him. But hopefully, I’ll meet him soon on my next visit.”

“Wait you’re leaving?”

“Want me to stay with you longer?” The boy smirked, looking over his shoulder. He was halfway out the door, but Shinji felt his eyes were alone in the room with her poring ones.

“N-no-no, I meant I need to give you something to eat or drink. You don’t have to pay either…”

“It’s alright but thanks for asking.” Shinji waved silently before letting the door click behind him.

Haruka didn’t hear the old couple move out of their chairs and walk towards her, giving her a few praises; she didn’t see them leave by the same door Shinji had used. Her mind was clouded with a sinking, doubtful hurt; abruptly snapping out of her daze, she rushed out the doors and cried out on sight of the fading Shinji.

He had been dreading going there for only one reason. He thought at first it was because of her eyes. He realized when he turned- he had been afraid of her secret. He didn’t say anything when she had slowly approached him and asked quivering if he knew. He knew she already was aware of it; that now he, who she was barely acquainted with, knew it. He couldn’t speak until he realized she wasn’t crying. He could only mutter, “Don’t be mad at her.”

She looked up, vision blurred, barely making him out from the brilliant sunset. She had been wondering from the moment he had said he had come in Hikari’s place. She just didn’t know what she felt; she felt too frightened that he would judge her, deem her a girl who was embarrassing and disgusting and-

Then- “Don’t be mad at her.”

Haruka instantly looked up, letting out a small, tight breath. Shinji looked utterly regretful; ashamed almost at- making her feel scared.

“Shinji…I’m sorry.”


The bell tinkled again as a young man stepped smartly inside the café, stopping immediately to grin at the black-haired man behind the bar.


“I thought you would h-hate me. And that’s why you were leaving and seemed at unease.”

Satoshi frowned, and stepped back into the office quarters.


“Don’t be so afraid. I will never assume anything like that.”


Takeshi looked up, startled at Satoshi’s sudden statement.


“Hikari needed me to know. And I want you to know that I’m here for you too, Haruka. Take care.”


“Do you know someone by the name of Shinji, Satoshi?” Haruka asked quietly, stirring the slice of lemon in her steaming cup of tea.

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. What does he do?”

“Oh, I don’t know. But you should meet him. He’s very nice.”

“How do you know him?”

“Uh, I could say he’s Hikari’s boyfriend, but that would be too much for Shinji and not enough for Hikari.”

Satoshi chuckled, but Haruka could sense that the dark-haired boy was distracted from the conversation.

“Satoshi is something wrong?”

“What? Well, no just- an old rival of mine was here, he loves this café. And just after feeling that all the competition was behind me, he shows up.” Satoshi grinned mischievously. “Still, it’s gonna be fun. A challenge after so long!” He turned towards the smiling girl, obviously enthralled, before immediately deflating and turning back to his coffee.

“He’s probably gonna have an advantage over me though. He never stops working.”

“So, when does he have time to relax?”

“He doesn’t.”

“Well then aren’t you better off?” Satoshi turned towards her, taken aback. Haruka continued, “I mean, it would be awfully boring to never let your mind off your work, to never have time to spend with friends. Besides, if you have time to do whatever you want and still manage to be his top rival…doesn’t that mean you have the advantage?”

Satoshi blinked and smiled faintly. “Well, in the business world, you still have to always concentrate. But…you’re right Haruka. I am in a better position. This means I can relax just a bit more!”

The girl laughed and shook her head in resignation. After some time, taking notice of their empty cups, Haruka stood up to take them to the kitchen area. It was nearly 7 now, and the once vivid pink rays that streaked the sky an hour before were darkening to black.

Satoshi hadn’t realized that so much time had passed. It was almost half past 6 when he had finally emerged from Takeshi’s office and he saw Haruka staring forlornly through the window, her cheek nestled in a golden hand.

He didn’t take much notice of it and proudly announced that he had succeeded in working the modems correctly; he became anxious when Haruka didn’t stir and continued to blankly stare at the departing sun.

He had drawn closer quickly, but was relieved when he saw her face was smiling peacefully. She suddenly awoke on hearing her name, smiling even more gently when she saw him.

This was only his second day meeting her; but already Satoshi enjoyed her company. She talked less and listened more, but when she did speak, what she said often made him laugh. Even when he didn’t want to…Satoshi decided almost suddenly, firmly- he was going to become good friends with Haruka.

Besides- he smiled knowingly- he had a lot of time to relax.


Yeah so some non-lovey dovey fluff ^.^ and sorry it might be confusing in some parts, I was experimenting with perspectives 0.0
kay that's all for now! :D


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Wow long time since I updated ^^; well here's the fourth chappie, relaes back to the third...and there's some conteshippy lurve ^.^

Next chapter will have more plot development, I'm taking a break on character development >.< plus I think I need to increase chapter size!!



Shuu sighed wearily before turning off his cell phone; he had just wasted another hour in a conference call he hardly knew about and was severely ticked off at his so-called executives who couldn’t even manage one simple merger. He suddenly remembered he had planned to buy his iPhone in the afternoon as well. ‘Damn them all,’ the emerald-haired youth cursed angrily in his head.

He had just finished dining at a new Italian restaurant which had received rave reviews from culinary critics. ‘Bull,’ Shuu sneered inwardly after the first bite; why bring Italy to Japan if all the flavor would be lost on the flight?

Shuu stretched as he stood up, then shoved his hands into jean pockets and strolled out from underneath the restaurant patio. The sun was sinking slowly beneath the rocky ridges in the distance and the sidewalks were devoid of the usual bustling crowds.

Peace and quiet again. Shuu was sick of it. He wanted conversation, and not some boring business deal, or mindless flirting with sophisticated girls. The lanky youth paused for a second and then knowingly smirked as he headed to the left towards a recognized café.

He had heard that a great businessman had come to town, but had made few headlines as to his endeavors. Shuu remembered the same phrase had been printed on several newspapers a few years back; young and new, he had scoffed at such a potential rival. It had been his first real mistake; the dark-haired newcomer met with success as soon as he came.

Since then, he had faded in and out of oblivion, something at which Shuu marveled at. The only reason he remained his company’s prized asset was the fact that whenever he tried working after a hiatus, there was instant profit. Shuu would never admit it, but he was thankful for the opposition that came by once in a while.

Of course, constantly being in the know, Shuu knew where his rival would be: the refined Café Re’nai, one of the few social centers Shuu would bother visiting. His green eyes scanned the walk across the café’s entrance. Some distance away a girl and guy were conversing despite the significant space between them.

Shuu lightly walked up the steps and taking one hand out of his pocket opened the door swiftly. Almost as soon as he had stepped in, Shuu’s eyes met Satoshi’s. He was behind the counter, arms crossed and resting on the surface, face at ease. Instantly, his expression changed to a frown and Shuu smiled widely.

A minute later, Satoshi walked out from the office headquarters and headed towards the waiting man, seated in the corner.


Satoshi nodded. “Tohro.”

“I heard you were in town. Town for you is really one place so I came here.”

“Enjoying the sights here?”

“It’s too small of a town. The metropolitan area is good though, I wish more dealings occurred there. So are you actually working now or just resting?”
Satoshi recognized Shuu’s tone; hard, eager, ready. It annoyed him to the extent that he didn’t reply even with a sharp comeback. He felt almost…allergic to news from that world. Shuu was only a reminder, almost a message from his company: “come back and work again under our terms as stated in the contract.”

“I’m waiting for my hell-of-a-company to look over my working requisites. I can only work under my demands and conditions.”

Shuu’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t be foolish Satoshi. You might think you’re escaping from restrictions but in actuality they will help. If you are not forced to work harder and to a new extent,” here Shuu smirked again, “for the first time, you won’t yield good results.”

Satoshi looked up; the seated teen felt his respect dwindle some. Satoshi casually stood at the corner of the table, arms crossed, and face drawn. The almost constant energy reporters carried on and on about in their bloated articles had disappeared; Shuu could sense that his competition was fading.

Shuu stood up and cocked his head slightly. “I came here to see if I really would get to work this year again. After I heard you had arrived from your ‘vacation’ in Paris. So are you just giving up?”

“Of course not!” Satoshi’s confident remark almost sounded as if they were twelve again; ready to pick a fight over anything and everything.


Satoshi stood pondering for another minute before realizing Shuu was opening the door out. He stalked off towards the office remembering the modems still needed work and didn’t see Haruka come in a few minutes later.


The door opened quickly and the man exited with twice the speed.

Haruka shut her eyes tight and braced her back for the fall. Instead she felt an arm reach behind her back and grip her left arm; her left hand reached and gripped the man’s shoulder.

With a gasp, Haruka slowly opened her eyes and realized she had not fallen but was securely wrapped in an extremely attractive guy’s arms. One moment she had been knocked into a customer leaving, and in the next one, he had save her from falling down the steps.

“Hey now doll, are you ok?” Haruka was speechless and just gazed up into the man’s smiling face. “Yeah, I usually have that effect on people.” Haruka’s face blushed deeply as the young man let her stand upright.

“A future tip doll: its best to open doors with your eyes on the other side.” The green-haired teen slid his lingering hand from her waist and smirked before he turned and left.

I can’t believe I’m so stupid! How could I just stand there and not say anything…not even a thank you?! Haruka stood there for a second mentally abashing herself while staring at the man’s retreating back and then went inside with a sigh.

She stood by the entrance, glancing around and noticed a chair tilted to the side. Instead of straightening it though, Haruka sat down in the seat and faced the wall-long window.

From her view, she thought she could still see Shinji walking steadily on. She promised herself she wouldn’t make their next meeting awkward; Haruka could tell now why Hikari insisted on repairing their relationship. Shinji had a different attitude and respect towards girls, the blue-haired girl always explained, and Haruka knew that to be completely true now.

The brunette chose to forget the embarrassing encounter outside the café. It was unlikely the customer himself would take much offense right?


Shuu reminded himself to take future visits by car; he hardly knew he had saved a young waitress by pure luck. He was only excited on the fact that Satoshi had returned.


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