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Call It Competition (Among Other THings) Contestshipping

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by scarecrow62, May 10, 2011.

  1. scarecrow62

    scarecrow62 Pokemon Researcher

    Title: Call It Competition (Among Other Things)
    Rating: PG-13 (as of right now, subject to change as story develops)
    Status: Chaptered/on-going
    Shipping pairs: mainly contestshipping, others might come up along the way.

    HEY EVERYBODY! IT’S ME! I’m here to come back at you with another exciting fic! And this one is much different from my last one, because it’s a completely different ship. And just to make things clear, this fic is in no way related to my other fic. But here goes nothing.

    I now give you...

    My first attempt at a contestshipping fic...

    Hopefully I do it justice…

    “Call It Competition (Among Other Things)”



    THUD! A small scarlet beanbag slammed onto a grey wooden plank.

    WHOMP! A grey beanbag followed the first.

    The bags continued to fall from the sky and continually crash onto the wooden panel, a total of eight bags landed.

    BZZZZZZZ! An uncanny vibration broke the silence of the coming dark as a pair of men collected the bags off of the board, one with a stack of four red ones and the other with a stack of four grey, and took their turn at throwing them at the board on the other wooden plank at the other end of the yard.

    A young man sitting in a hunter green folding chair, set his bright green cup in the chairs cup holder, and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. He took a look at the sender information on the screen, chuckled to himself and opened his phones keyboard to reply. He took a moment to think about how he could word what he wanted to say, and finally with a flip of his light green hair, he smirked and began to type back, “Sitting in a quagmire of a yard, in a camp chair that is slightly uncomfortable, and watching my relatives throw beanbags at pieces of wood, apparently it’s a game played in Podunk towns such as this. It’s called ‘Corn hole’.”

    He set his phone back down on the top of his right leg, took a sip of his lemonade, watched a beanbag fall, slam onto the board, and flip into a 3 inch hole cut into the middle of the board. Several cheers came from the men playing, followed by some congratulation, and then the start of another game.

    Drew grabbed his phone as he felt it vibrate again; he picked it up and read, “Hmmm, You’re just as pessimistic as ever, Mr. Sunshine. Or are you Mr. Hayden? You never were quite clear, you have varying levels of pessimism.”

    “Oh, shut up! Haha,” he began to type, “You’re not always rainbows and smiles either, Miss Bubbly, or is it, Miss Maple, see I can equivocate your last name into your personality as well.”

    “You’re SOOOOOO lame Drew,” The message replied, “You always copy me. But back to the matter at hand, where exactly are you?”

    “Well, If you must know,” Drew began to smirk at his own words, “You nosy little brat, I’m at my younger brothers birthday party, watching my relative play corn hole, as I’ve already told you, so now that you know, might I ask where you are, Miss May?”

    “Home, hah I am fun fun fun!”

    “Indeed you are.”

    “Yeah whatever, but what I’ve been meaning to ask you this whole time, is, what are you doing next weekend?”

    “Well, as of right now, I can’t imagine what activity I might be partaking in.”

    “Listen to you Drew, as proper as ever, how come you’re never this much of a gentleman when you’re actually around me?”

    “Because you’re not good enough for that side of me! Haha,” Drew chuckled to himself, as he was enjoying in one of his favorite activities, messing with May.

    “Whatever, I’m not letting you get to me because I have a job to do here.”

    “And that job is??”


    “Well let’s go! The last four messages you sent me were just lines of nothing, getting you nowhere,” By this time Drew was almost unable to breathe because he had yet again made her mad, and it never got old to him.

    “UGH! Fine, well we are all seeing a movie next Wednesday night, it’s a big one, and you kinda have to go because we already got your ticket because we had to preorder like a month ago.”

    "Wednesday?" Drew typed, confused, "I thought you said next weekend?"

    "Yeah, well, I lied, so HAH! the movie is on wednesday, then we will be partying all weekend."

    “Partying? Right, whatever, just tell me what movie we are seeing."

    “That new cool one, The Secret of Alph.”

    “Oh, I see well, how far will I have to go to see this?” Drew was not looking forward to having to drive anywhere, he was getting used to not going much of anywhere since contests went into their offseason.

    “What do you mean?”

    Drew sighed at May’s ignorance and began to type angrily, “Where are we watching it at? How far will I have to drive?”

    “Oh it’s nowhere close, I’ll tell ya that!”

    Drew gritted his teeth at the thought of an extended trip, but he wanted to go because he hadn’t seen his friends in a while, and he needed to get out of the suburbs of LaRousse, “Well I guess I can use my last bit of cash on gasoline, where is it then? The Global in Fortree? The Palace Place Theater in Slateport? Or is it The Victorian Movieplex in Lilycove?”

    “None of those, it’s at the City Scape Metro Plaza Theater.”

    Drew read the name over twice, puzzled that he did not recognize it, “Is that a new one? Where is it?”

    “Well, you might not like this,”

    Drew’s puzzled look quickly shifted to an angered scowl, “WHY NOT?”

    “It’s in, Well, Castelia City.”

    Drew again, puzzledly looked at his phone screen, “I’ve never heard of it.”

    “Think harder Drew.”

    Drew quickly snapped into realization of what was going on and proceeded to angrily type on his keypad, “YOU EXPECT ME TO BE IN UNOVA BY NEXT WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?!?!”

    “Yeah, why not?”


    Well, there it is! The Prologue! Pretty short, but that’s just setting up the story, well, the first part of a set up for a bigger part of the story, but I won’t get into that!

    Until next time…….
    Last edited: May 11, 2011
  2. luvallpokemon

    luvallpokemon Optional Author

    I can already tell this is going to be a great story! Although I can't picture Drew yelling at May except for that one time when his love couldn't be expressed in the anime!!! :p Usually it's Drew who does the teasing so I like the twist. I hope this won't be the case for the whole story though. Where is that Drew we all know and love???? The one who acts so cool all the time? Keep up the good work. XD

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