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Call of Duty 5 Club!


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XBOX Live GT/PSN ID (if you have one): Gamertag - Jaimerox
Rifleman, Sniper, Shotgunner, Submachinegunner, or Machinegunner?: Sniper - (PTRS)

If I do get accepted into the club,
Can you sign me up for Der Riese on Xbox?
JaimeGreenan, welcome to the club!

My current record in Der Riese is 25 with 4 people, we probably would have gotten alot higher but in the middle of 25 I get a "Connection Interupted".

A question though:
What does the Carnivore Plant do? My friend activated it but I didn't really see it do anything...


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My highest on Der Riese is 27 but the person with the Wunderwaffle electrocuted everyone and my Xbox froze.

What does the Carnivore Plant do? My friend activated it but I didn't really see it do anything...

If you are talking about the fly trap, it makes these teddy bears and monkeys appear round the map. And also unlocks Elevate Your Senses.


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Where is the Fly Trap anyway? I want to activate it but can't find it.

Everyone should post tips and tricks for the Zombie Maps.

Der Riese: Get to the Mystery Box before the Hellhounds come, then when you see one appear activate the electric trap and camp near the 1250 points door.

Shi No Numa: An awesome trick that will let you survive ages is to open the Warning door and run down to where the Mystery Box is. Don't use it! Get EVERYONE to grab a Thompson from the wall and camp in the little bit between the door to I think the Fishing hut and the Debris on the stairs. When everyone has enough, buy Bettys and plant them in a line where the door would be. If someone has one extra, move back a bit and plant it a couple of Yards in front of the fishing hut door, which is your Back-up Betty.
Yeah, I was talking about the fly trap

I don't know where it is exactly or how you activate it but my friend opened the doors on the left, then we got to level 15 or so and went back through there to upgrade a weapon, he sees a zombie at a window starts shooting it and then we suddenly get the trophy and he sees the Fly trap fly and go somewhere.

Here is what I do on Der Riese:

1st level: Shoot zombies 6 times with the Colt and then knife. let at least 1 zombie get past the window and you should get something like max ammo etc.
2nd level: Same as above but shoot 8 times
3rd level: Depending on how much money you have, you can open doors and get a weapon or repeat what you did on 2nd level
4th level and above: Open doors to get to the mystery box, get a random weapon, turn on the electricity and stay there killing zombies until you have enough money to link the three teleporters, link them and go to where the mystery box is continue going forward till you reach the room where one of the teleporters is, go up the stairs and kill the zombies from there, if you have money and want to buy something leave one alive and go buy what you need, then go back and kill it
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