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Calling on those who want to give back to the Serebii Community


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I have been using Serebii pretty much since its inception and I know that main site itself has not under gone a major overhaul in years. Overall that is fine, but it would be nice if Serebii was brought into the responsive platform age.

Therefore, I would like to offer my services in rebuilding Serebii from the ground up.

I have a few ground rules for this thread. Outside of the obvious Serebii rules. No trying to sell anything. Just post your skills and how they can be of use to a possible rebuild. I am going to emphasize this once, no attacks on each other. Forgive the expression, but this is not a contest of seeing who's "bazoo" is bigger.

Feel free to ask questions about frameworks and languages each user has. Things you can ask are:
  • What advantages/ disadvantages exist with framework or language
  • What frameworks/ languages have the most coverage from the workforce
  • Etcetera
Finally, all work for Serebii must be done pro bono. You can add the work for Serebii to your portfolio, but that is it.

For example, my skill sets are as followed:

Angular 4+
React 15 +
AngularJS, although its about to become obsolete.

.Net Core 2

CSS/LESS, although not my favorite thing to do.
Typescript (superset of JavaScript)

Other skills:
Business Administration Undergraduate
Led two teams while in college.

This is basically what is required for listing out skills. It will be up to the webmaster and Serebii owner to decide who and what they want.
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