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Came upon a Gold cart by chance, is it worth playing?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by kaworu, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. kaworu

    kaworu New Member

    So, here's the story. I've been casually collecting Pokemon games lately for the past few months, since getting back into the games again. I have a bit of an obsession for trying to collect rare-ish GB/GBC/GBA games. Or even tracking down good deals for DS games, it's fun, and spotting and shooting down the counterfeits are all part of it, too, especially with GBA games.

    Anyway! There is a small local chain that sells new and used music/movies/books, and they take in all kinds of retro merchandise. So they have a fair selection of loose GB/GBC/GBA carts, which they do not price individually. All the GB and GBC games are $2 each, all GBA games are $5 each, and all loose (without a case) DS games are $9 each. So basically, you find a lot of great deals for games that are very underpriced amongst a bunch of garbage games that are very overpriced.

    Anyway, I had happened upon used copies of Yellow and Blue that I had bought from them about 2 years ago for very cheap, but had never seen a single pokemon gameboy or gameboy color game since. And just the other day they happened to have an almost pristine, perfect copy of Pokemon Gold. And it just so happens that I had bought a used GBA SP for only $20 from these people a few weeks ago, out of a desire to replay Golden Sun, and I had totally forgotten until then that the GBA SP is back compatible.

    So regardless, I snapped up the copy of Gold for a mere $1.97. Hard to beat that deal. And amazingly enough, not only was it NOT a forgery and totally legit, but the saves and time-related events worked too, meaning that the battery still had plenty of juice.

    So all that said, is Gold honestly worth playing? It's a tough dillemma because I just started doing a full replay of the entire series, and I'm wrapping up a bare-bones playthrough of Yellow and was planning on going to HeartGold, since I'm avoiding emulators and only doing this playthrough on legit pokemon carts. But now, I have a working copy of Gold and a great quality GBA SP to play it on.

    So my question is this - I have never played any Gen 2 game (remake or otherwise) and want to know if it's at all worth it to even bother with Gold when I have a 3DS XL and a copy of HeartGold ready to go. Is there anything about the original Gold that makes it worth playing over the remake? I've started HG already and am having fun with it, but I feel a bit like I'm rushing ahead.
  2. hawkmbl

    hawkmbl Curious

    The old sprites and nostalgia, but that's it. Are you sure the battery has enough power for a playthrough, though? I don't think it'll be good to have it die on the 4th gym...
  3. Vatti

    Vatti The One and Only

    Honestly no point in playin it now unless you played it awhile ago. For people like me it's all about the nostalgia of the original design and kid memories and such. Since you don't have those it really is worthless to play it when you got a way more amazing game in Heartgold.
  4. pacman000

    pacman000 Well-Known Member

    If you want to experience the original versions and you have the cart, why not? You've already played through Yellow when newer versions were available. It might be good to see the series evolve, the first games, the second games, etc.

    (I've never played through a gen2 game, so this isn't based on nostalgia; I'm more interested in gen1. I just think it would be nice to see how the series changed over time.)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
  5. Whitey1100

    Whitey1100 Member

    The original Gold and Silver are great games. However, there's no real way to tell how much juice the batteries have. Sure they may work today, but say you get halfway through the game with a really great team, you save and turn off your game, then the next time you turn it on the save is errased. I'm gonna have to suggest against playing through it and to just play through the remakes.
  6. Wolveram

    Wolveram Vogelfänger

    Holy crap, you found a lightly-used Gold version for $2.00?! And you're sure it's legit?! Wow. I haven't seen any Pokemon games sell for so little where I live!

    If I were you, I'd play it a bit, but like Whitey said above me there, you don't know how much juice the batteries have exactly. I'd be careful when playing it.
  7. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    All good answers. This question really doesn't need its own thread - decide if you want to or not, it's your choice. Neither option is a bad one.

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