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Cameron's Secret Weapon (768)


I liked most of the battle.

Basicly it took Satoshi 3 pokemont o beat Hydreigon or he wouldn't be able to.

Then Kotetsu is retarded 3 times in a row.

Then Rioulo comes out and owns everything.

I wasn't that pissed before the 5 pokemon confirmantion, enough with this ****, they make him act like a dumbass 3 times and then have him be an even bigger dumbass only having 5 pokemon, why would he have only 5 pokemon in hand anyway?

Oh and Pikachu is tired while Lucario is fresh.


Bah can't believe the lights went out on my road middle episode...

He is going to send a Swanna vs Pikachu also.

Pikachu pretty much owned Samurott, you should have use dthat against Pignite and Ferrorthorn vs Pikachu Kotetsu.
Have the writers been smoking again?!!

Worst battle ever and where is Kenhallow's new move? Gone with the wind?


They are playing into the stupidty but they exagerated it so much... then he is super good with Hydreigon and Rioulo.
Sending Nutrey against Chaoboo? sending Swanna against Pika? bringing 5 poke to a full battle?

God now I'm torn? I do not even know what I want more? Sato to lose to this mess of a character? or Sato to win to said trainer who practically paved the way of this own defeat by sending poke with quad weakness all time long!


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Basicly Hydreigon is a real beast, Satoshi will need to use 3 to beat him because single handly they couldn't.

Holty shiet the thing doesn't go down.
It's funny though that Ash suddenly knew he had to use Fighting-type moves to deal the most damage, and also, I think this is the first battle in which Fire Pledge failed, but Pignite won. Oh well, the dodged Fire Pledge gave the opening for the Flamethrower..

For heaven's sake, what is Kotetsu's 6th Pokemon. Even in the early break they don't show anything.
He's an idiot.. He only thought he got to use five pokemon for some reason..

Na, they're still here. It's just that there are less ways to watch the episode for them.
Nah, Gravy is gone man.. -.-

Brick break to the center neck, and finally down.

The next match-up was short and "pointless".
But imagine what would've happened if it went like this:
- Pignite vs. Hydreigon: Pignite
- Pignite vs. Swanna: Swanna
- Pikachu vs. Swanna: Pikachu
- Pikachu vs. Samurott: Pikachu
- Pikachu vs. Ferrothorn: Switch
- Unfezant vs. Ferrothorn: Unfezant w/New move
- Unfezant vs. Riolu: Riolu
- Snivy vs. Riolu: SNIVY BEAT THAT THING! :'(
- Snivy vs. Lucario: Lucario
- Pikachu vs. Lucario: Tie

This would probably be better.. It would make Swanna a little less pointless.. -.- Oh well, we knew they were going to die instantly anyway..

Have the writers been smoking again?!!

Worst battle ever and where is Kenhallow's new move? Gone with the wind?
I'm quite sad about it too..
- Gust
- Air Cutter
- Quick Attack
- Aerial Ace

Same old, same old..

They are playing into the stupidty but they exagerated it so much... then he is super good with Hydreigon and Rioulo.
He was quite decent with them indeed..

The most embarrassing part is the fact that Ash hasn't truly had a full battle in this series yet.. Even his official league full battle isn't! xD Now that I think about it, perhaps Roxie was a way to make up for this?
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Remembered? he teached it the move like he teached Leavanny, Krookodile and Palpitoad.

No the Homika battle was to over hype her as the last gym leader nothing else.


Sorry guys, but this battle is the most horrible battle I have ever seen before! No rhythm no strategy no whatsoever :/


I thought they had to register 6 Pokemon for these battles lol
Don't think thats the case but he though it was 5vs5 for some reason thats why he didn't bring 6 pokemon even though its retarded that he walks around with 5, its equally retarded that he didnt get its a 6vs6.


Effective on ground
So he thought it was a 5 on 5 battle........ Never thinking to bring a full team with him........ Sending a Ferrothorn to counter Pignite and Sending a Swanna to counter Pikachu instead of the other way around...


Man that was a cheap way to not give Unfezant, Oshawott, Snivy or Boldore any wins........

Seriously WTF? Couldn't they make Ash's last match interesting? Why do they always let Ash lose easily instead of making the last moments look amazing?

Even if Ash is going to win this battle, it is unfair because how it was handled.

I really feel bad for Oshawott and Unfezant. They were cheated real bad. I mean they lost quickly without showing their strengths. At least Boldore got a chance to demonstrate its physical defense. Same thing with Ferrothorn and Swanna.

Samurott did fine and Hydreigon was actually awesome and beastly.
Lucario evolving and beating Snivy would be no surprise. I wonder how Pikachu does.


A tired little girl~
Its funny, despite the horrible match ups, I thought konestu did pretty well. Like, he thought hard about how to counter shiz....But then realized it didn't mean **** if he kept sending out the wrong pokemon. He wasn't that bad.

I think konestu is REALLY good at pokemon battling for what it's worth. XD

...Somehow I predicted the 5 Pokemon thing. It was just a hunch but... lol

In anycase, at least this battle will let me laugh...in the good way. :p xD


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Wait I thought that was just a joke people were making in the spoiler section, Kotetsu REALLY brought just 5 pokemon to this thing?


What do I do now?
I'm really gonna hate it if the writers make Ash lose to Kotetsu. I mean, seriously! Kotetsu is usually a scatterbrained ding-dong, but now has a Hydreigon and then knows how to use him? Then is dumbfounded with his pokemon when it faints. On top of that, the writers have completely cheated the combat and have simplified it to: hit this pokemon, hit it again, oh, its down! Instead of actual moves and strategy


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Saw the pictures, it seems alright to me. Boldore, Oshawott, Unfezant, and Snivy may not get wins but they were able to at least do some stuff in this battle, would have liked new moves for some but whatever.

Kotetsu only brought 5 Pokemon with him though? I didn't think such a thing would be aloud but I guess it's a matter of "If you want to handicap yourself then go ahead". I demand the reefer check Tobias' other Pokemon, what if he only brought two Pokemon with him, Ash needs to sneak revenge.

Have the writers been smoking again?!!

Worst battle ever and where is Kenhallow's new move? Gone with the wind?
The battle looks fine to me. Also, Unfezant was never confirmed to get a new move, someone for whatever reason mistaken what Masaaki Iwane said and it was basically "Boldore wont evolve" all over again.


I didn't see the ep just yet but Locormus' helpful post gave me the one thing I was hoping for, that is ferro went down to pignite.

So Kotetsu only wins with 5? that sucks
If this league doesn't prove that Ash's Unova team sucked with the exception of Pignite and the Krok, I don't know what does.

Pikachu carried Ash through this league. The rest of his pokemon have almost no wins. Its actually both funny and sad at the same time.


Hahaha, to think I was joking when I said Kotetsu would only bring five Pokemon to the match.. yet it's actually true! I've done this a couple of times lately..

Personally, I'd say its time for the writers to retire after Unova. They have clearly lost all interest in making the Pokemon anime an enjoyable experience, so why drag it on? Just give it up already, I'll happily search for and rewatch the pre-BW episodes when I get Pokemon cravings. Certainly not BW though..