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Camp Ever After (PG - 13)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Monster Guy, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    SU Thread

    Cabin Arrangements

    Grimm Cabin

    Perrault Cabin
    GHs character

    Prince Tim White
    Son of Snow White
    Enchanted Forest > Perrault Cabin

    A fancy carriage pulled up to the entrance of the Enchanted Forest. Even though the Fairy Tale world has embraced modern technology, some preferred to stick to tradition. The door to the carriage opened, and Prince Timothy White nervously stepped out, meanwhile the driver stepped out of the front carrying Tim’s luggage and bringing it to his cabin.

    “Have fun sweetie!” Said a familiar voice from inside the carriage. Tim turned around to see his mother, Queen Snow White, briefly step out of the carriage to give her son a kiss on his forehead. Despite being busy with queenly duties, she insisted on being there to see her son off for his first day of camp. “Don’t forget to make friends while your here.”

    Tim blushed. There were other campers in the vicinity, either being dropped off by their parents, or arriving alone. And of course, all of them would have something to say about his mother doing that. “Mom, please don’t... They already hate me enough as it is...”

    “Oh nonsense, you’ll be fine. You’re a prince. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a prince? Especially one as nice as you.” Snow got back onto the carriage. “Anyway, I must be off. Do enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to keep in touch!” The door closed, and the carriage took off.

    Tim sighed. Of course his mother failed to realize that a bunch of campers here were princes and princesses themselves.

    “Oh hi Timmy!” Tim heard another familiar voice call out to him. He turned around to see one of the Seven Dwarves that helped his mother when his evil step grandma had tried to have her killed. This one was Happy. “You made it! Did you have a safe trip over?”

    Standing next to him, was another dwarf. This one was Grumpy. “Yeah, yeah whatever.” He forcefully shoved some papers into Tim’s hands before the young prince could even answer Happy’s question. “This your Cabin assignment, and a map of the camp. Find your bunk, and get settled, or whatever. Now, get going! We have other people to explain this **** to!”

    “Don’t be so rude, you can afford to be nice to people!” Happy scolded his brother before turning his attention back to Tim. “Today is the first day. You’re free to explore the camp, and meet your fellow campers. Dinner is served at 6PM.”

    “This is such a waste of time...” Grumpy mumbled.” Grumpy stormed off to talk to the next camper, and he dragged Happy off with him. “The sooner we can get this crap done, the sooner we can get on with this crappy day.”

    “Bye Timmy! See you later!” Happy still had a big smile on his face, even as he was being dragged off by Grumpy.

    Tim couldn’t help laughing at the two dwarves banter. He also wondered who on earth decided it was a good idea for Grumpy to be a camp counselor? The only person he had ever seen him sort of be not Grumpy to was his mom...

    Tim quietly walked through the forest in search of his cabin. Tim didn’t bother interacting with any of the other campers right away. He was sure he would see them enough as the day went on. It would be nice to have a moment alone in the forest, with all the cute woodland animals that roamed around in it.

    Tim looked around to see if anyone was nearby, and once he saw no one was around, he sang a few notes, and a few of the birds sitting in the trees started chirping in tune. Hearing this made him smile, and he started singing

    ♪Little birdies, take wing
    Flitting down from the trees
    They appear and chirp in my ear
    All because I sing!♪

    Tim continued singing notes, and the birds flew out of the trees, and perched themselves on his outstretched hands and fingers. Additionally, other cute woodland animals came out of the woodwork. Rabbits, squirrels, even a couple of deer.

    With all of his new animal companions in tow, he made his way towards his cabin. His was labeled ‘The Perrault cabin.’ The outside looked like the cottage Tim and his mom stayed at when they went to visit the Seven Dwarves. The inside though was much more luxurious. With the exception of the bunk beds, this felt like a smaller version of the castle he and his mom actually lived in. That was to be expected though, they were probably expecting a bunch of prince and princesses, so they work hard to make them as comfortable as possible.

    Much to Tim’s relief, Tim was the first one to arrive. He found his luggage waiting for him in front of one of the bunk beds, and started humming a song while unpacking his things. Meanwhile, the animals started cleaning the room. Squirrels were dusting shelves with their bushy tails, and bluebirds were helping Tim unpack his clothes.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
  2. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Son of the Genie
    Enchanted Forest > Grimm Cabin

    Adian stared at the trees whipping by outside the bus window. He'd spent most his life so far in a desert, so trees like this and so many of them at once, was an unfamiliar sight, but considering he'd been seeing them for a couple hours now, the initial wonder was well worn off. He was ready to get off the bus. The only thing he'd brought with him was a small golden lamp, sitting in his lap. It was the only thing he even slightly needed, as being of pure magic and smoke. Well that and fuel, but the camp presumably had food.

    The younger camper next to him in the seat had fallen asleep, for which he was kind of thankful. Being asked about being purple, what a djinn is, why he isn't a genie, why he doesn't or won't grant wishes, and to transform into this or that, got old real fast. The idea of making his own friends would be cooler if there were actually djinn around his age, but young djinn were rare. He wished his father hadn't insisted on him taking the long way, of which this was only the final leg, rather then teleporting him via magic, but at least it was almost over. Finally the bus slowed to a stop and the younger camper next to him jerked awake. After rubbing the sleep from his eyes he exclaimed, “Oh yeah, we're here! I hope we're in the same cabin Adian!”

    “Sure, that'd be totally cool,” lied Adian as he stood up. Making his way off the bus he could see the carriages, limos, additional buses, and other means of transportation crowded around the gate. It was like a freaking circus. Eventually a particularly grumpy little man asked his name and shoved some papers in his hand, while a overly cheerful counterpart apologized, “Don't mind him, you're going to have a great time here Adian. Today is a free day, dinner is at 6 pm, okay, catch you later!”

    “I doubt that,” whispered Adian under his breath as the dwarves quickly moved on, trying to get to everyone on the bus as quickly as they could. He looked at the papers, a cabin assignment, Grimm Cabin (what kind of a name was Grimm?) and a map. Great, now he had twice as many earthly possessions, or would once he recycled the worthless cabin assignment paper. Folding the papers in half, he tucked them inside his coat, and floated up away from the crowd, lamp dangling from one hand. Over the trees, he could see the cabins were in another small clearing (who needed maps?), and made a beeline for them.

    Looking around it didn't seem like anyone was here yet, as he floated before the simple log cabin. Once he moved inside however, it was plush and comfortable, like a tiny sultana's palace. Looking over the beds, Adian wondered if they're counted one for him, because he certainly didn't need it. Instead he set his lamp down on one of the country chic dressers. That was it, done, he was totally unpacked, and he mused to himself playfully, “Could it be, a new camp record? Adian the powerful and mighty djinn has unpacked in under thirty seconds!”

    Sylvia 'the Goblin Princess'
    Daughter of Rumpelstiltskin
    Enchanted Forest > Perrault Cabin

    A rickety little black and silver carriage whipped through the forest, the luggage on top rattling madly against the roof, behind two slender jet black ponies. It screeched to a stop alongside the other vehicles at the gate. The door burst open, and a fair girl in a flowing pink dress leapt out, looking rather excited. She landed with a thump and turned back to the carriage, her puffy bone laced silver-teal pony tails swinging like whips, as the goblin driver crawled up on top and started untying the suitcases and bags. He gave a shout in their native tongue and started tossing them down to her. As she played catch with her belongings, a pair of important looking dwarves came over, one chriping, “Can I get your name miss?”

    “Slyvia Spinster,” she replied looking to him excitedly. This had to be one of the camp counselors, she'd figured they'd be humans, but dwarves were interesting as well. Then the goblin up top shouted, “Your bow princess!”

    Sylvia looked back, catching the final object in an outstretched hand, a black linen wrapped bow and arrow set. She knew she wasn't technically a princess, but given how much the goblins that worked for them were paid, they often called her that despite never being asked to. And honestly sometimes it came in handy for getting her way with humans. The dwarf looked from her to the goblin, then at his papers, as if he must have clearly missed the memo that she was a princess, then shrugging it off gestured to his companion to hand her some papers. Grumbling, he shoved some papers at her, “Cabin assignment, map, get settled. . . or not, not like I care.”

    “Heh. . .” groaned the happy dwarf, “feel free to explore the camp Princess, today is free day. Dinner will be at 6 pm.” He then turned to his companion as they headed for the next camper, saying softly, “Come on, don't be like that. At least show the royals a little respect, you don't want the camp shut down, now. . .”

    Slyvia smiled, that was not enough to ruin her mood. She was here to make new friends, and one grumpy dwarf was not enough to stop her. The goblin carriage was already rushing away now, in a black and silver blur, and it's speed seemed to bother several of the humans. Slyvia shrugged and hauled up her bags and suitcases, then pressed awkwardly through the crowd. She didn't need or expect help. She forced her way through the people to the wooded area that supposedly hid their cabins. Finally locating Perrault, she kicked the already cracked door fully open, since her hands were full, starting several small animals.

    What? She watched a couple of squirrels scurry out before moving over to a free bunk. As she started to toss down her things, she asked a boy who was already unpacking in there, “Why is our cabin full of animals? Is that a normal camp thing?”
  3. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Daughter of the Little Mermaid
    Enchanted Forest > Grimm Cabin

    Orion hummed to herself as she watched ants crawling about on the wooden floor of the cart. Idly, she tried to predict where the line of critters would go next, trying to divine some sort of order to the way in which the lines of insects snaked across the floor. She didn’t expect to arrive at a conclusion — it had been an activity that had occupied her thoughts for a long time now, and would not be solved that easily in the span of a bumpy cart ride towards a summer camp.

    “What are you looking at?” The green-skinned child sitting next to her asked, squinting at the floor. He hadn’t talked much for the duration of the voyage, but it seemed like his curiosity had finally gotten the better of him.

    “Ants.” She replied, with practiced nonchalance, “I like to watch them. They’re fascinating creatures.”

    “Oh.” The goblin child replied, falling silent again. He evidently didn’t share her enthusiasm for the laws that defined insect life. But she was used to that — in fact, it comforted her. She enjoyed being regarded as an outsider and an oddity — it kept people at a reasonable distance, and made them regard her with a certain measure of respect.

    The cart pulled to an abrupt stop at the gates, causing her guitar case to fall to the side. She reached out to catch it, and barely prevented it from hitting the floor. If it had, it wouldn’t have been too much of a big deal (there were plenty of people here who could fix an instrument for her), but she still preferred to have the guitar be uniquely hers, and for that to remain true, it must not be fixed by someone else’s hand. Nodding at the goblin child, she stepped gently off the back of the cart, guitar slung over her shoulder, and weaved her way through the crowds towards the gate.

    “It’s you.” A familiar grumpy voice said, blocking Orion’s way. The dwarf — Grumpy — reached forwards and stuffed some papers into her hands despite her gesture of protest, “I know you don’t want these, but it’s my job to hand them out.” He all but snarled. “Cabin assignment, map. Yadda yada.”

    “Thank you, Grumpy.” Orion replied with a smile, and a small courteous action that was a half-bow and half-nod. “Glad to see you again. You too, Happy.”

    “Of course, of course!” The other dwarf — Happy — replied as they melted back into the crowd, “Enjoy yourself!"

    She kept watch on the dwarfs as they wove through the crowd handing out papers, pointing to locations and smiling when they did indeed head in the direction. Just like with the ants, she’d made it a game to see if she could guess which camper they’d approach next, and while initially it seemed almost random, she did eventually start getting better and better at it. There were some campers they liked more than others, some spaces in the gate they preferred to stay away from, certain group sizes that they would gravitate to. This time around, she managed to get an approximately 60% accuracy rate — not bad.

    Limping slightly as needles of pain shot through her legs, she moved through the gate and towards the cabin she’d been assigned — Grimm cabin. She already knew the layout of the camp by heart, so she didn’t need to consult the map. As she walked, she nodded at a few familiar faces, and five out of the thirteen nodded back. The cabin itself is also familiar — a simple log cabin that disguised a surprisingly nice interior, fit for royalty, and much more comfortable than the room she’d chosen for herself back in the ocean.

    She pushed the door open to see a purple genie setting a lamp down on the table. “Could it be, a new camp record?” It said to itself, sounding amused, "Adian the powerful and mighty djinn has unpacked in under thirty seconds!”

    “Thirty seconds is not that unusual,” Orion said, closing the door behind her and leaning her guitar case against the wall, her voice tranquil and emotionless, “Many campers travel light.” Her personal average over the times she’d been here was around twenty-seven seconds — it didn’t take long to put down a guitar case, and leave her toiletries and one change of clothes at the foot of the bed. Giving the djinn a smile and her customary respectful nod, she does just that, then lies down, resting her aching feet. “My name is Orion. It’s nice to meet you."
  4. Schade

    Schade They're coming for you Barbara.

    Lillian Strauss
    Daughter of the Candy Witch
    Enchanted forest -> Grimm Cabin

    Lillie was sitting in the front of her dad's car as it raced through the main roads of the enchanted forest. the view was certainly.. enchanting though it did seem like they had driven along the road for what seemed like a tiny eternity. They were driving along in Jacob Strauss' beloved Panther De Ville, which he had aquired through a tips from a family friend. The old classic car raced through the dirty roads with surprising speed and manouverability, considering the rough landscape. The man had a relaxed look on his face despite the great speed he was travelling, and Lillie copied his demanour. Jacob Strauss was a lot of things: A great warlock. Speaker of Mzuleft the seer, and one hell of a real estate agent, but he was also one of the most competent drivers in all of the lands, and possibly beyond. Nobody kept their cool at such great speeds as Jacob did, and if Lillie would get insecure or scared by the driving, he'd simply look at her and smile. "Calm down, sweetie. There's nothing to be afraid of", he'd say. At this point though, Lillie was used to the strange rush that came with the possibly dangerous speeds. Speed limits be damned, the 6 hour ride probably only took them 3.

    As they reached their destination, Jacob did a sharp turn and skid his car into a perfect position right in front of on of the seven dwarves, scaring him to tumble backwards an faling on his bum. By the look of his reaction, it was not one of the more courrageous ones. Regardless, he regained his composture and opened the door for Lillie as she elegantly exited her fathers car. Another dwarf reached into the back of the car to pull out her modest amount of luggage. Her father gestured to her to bow down so he could see her, as he did not exit the car. "Now, you behave, okay sweetie? I do not want any more reports of you tormenting other children or animals. Save that for later.". "No daddy, i promise." Lillie said with an innocent, obedient tone. "Have you remembered to bring Streusel?" he continued. "Yes daddy." Lillie said as she fiddled in her purse and brought up a large tome that by no logical means should fit down there. "I have it right here". She didnt travel far without her spelltome, as they were pretty much alpha omega to witches. She did, however, often write down recipes in it, adding and removing pages as she saw fit. Jacob smiled. "Atta girl." he said, before closing the door, and speeding off into the thick forest. The sound of his car could be heard for the next 10 minutes.

    Lillie turned towards the dwarf who had been blown away by her dad's car. It looked like he was.. sleeping? Standing up? Lillie politely waited him out, glaring at him with an eerie smile. He then shook violently for a second before waking up, as if he had a terrible nightmare. Lillie giggled. "Wha.. Oh.. right!" the dward composed himself and looked at her, looking at his list, then looking back at her. Looking around, there were a lot of other campers who were arriving. She did recognize a few of them, but the people were mostly new to her. Lillie disliked new people. It hadn't been her idea to go to this place, but she hadnt objected either. She believed her mother wanted to take some time off an just relax, which meant Get the kids out of the house. If she had overheard right, her parents were going to go on a trip to visit Jacobs parent in the netherworld. She enjoyed visiting her grandparents, s she wondered why she had just been shipped out here to the middle of the woods. Sure, her mother wanted her to "Meet new people" and to "Socialize like a real human being", but Lillie wasn't a real human being. she was a witch. As if tormenting the neighbours dogs wa a bad thing all of a sudden? Nevertheless, Lillie had braced herslf for this. Camp was supposed to be fun, and she knew that she may learn some new things here.

    Walking through the crowded forest, she eventually found the cabn she had been assigned to. As she was used to forets, it was no problem for her to make he way, and as she walked up to the cabin, she could hear there were people inside. She sighed to herself. Sharing room with other people was not something she was looking forward to. “Many campers travel light.” she heard from inside, and slowly opening the door, she danced inside with her bags, managing to avoid letting the two people inside know she was there until she had found, and sammed down on the bed by the window. “My name is Orion. It’s nice to meet you.", the person said. The person in question was princess Orion. It was undenyable by her long blue hair and royal composure. The person she was talking too was an odd one. A completely purple character, with hair like a flowing galaxy, as well as the raddest leather Jacket Lillie had ever seen. She didn't recognize him. "It is nice to meet you too, Orion." Lillie said calmly, revealing her prescence. "I am Lillie.. Hard candies?" She offered some ginger-flavored hard candies from a very suspicious-looking pouch she had stuffed down her purse as a peace offering.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  5. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Soctratesia, the Sockpuppet Girl of Oz
    Daughter of the Scarecrow and the Patchwork WOMAN
    Enchanted Forest->Grimm Cabin

    A pink glow manifested in a clump of leaves near the Enchanted Forest. It grew in luminescence, height and intensity, until, in a puff of pink fog, a humanoid figure emerged, holding a pink gem. "Wow...gotta figure out how to make that effect..." Socratesia began waltzing around, looking for this so-called "camp" that she'd been called to. She then heard a rustling in a bush nearby. "Better not be an unfriendly monster..."...It wasn't a monster, but a fox. "I'm sensing a malefic presence...no way....."The fox then leapt at her, trying to bite her hand off. "Thank Ozma I have my bow...now, according to my studies, this kind of malefic magic indicates a familiar. If I can counter it just right, I can free it from service..." The fox kept trying to tear her to no avail. "here goes...MIK MOIN VOI RHO!" The countercharm manifested as a pair of spectral scissors, which "cut" the malefic bond controlling the fox with a loud SNAP. The fox immediately let go, shook itself, and ran off. "Someone was not wanting me here..."

    Socks then meandered into a clearing where many other beings were heading into little buildings. Some set off her magical senses hard, to the point where she had to power through the sensation of alarm bells ringing in her head, but she eventually found a building to rest on the side of. It was labeled "Grimm Cabin". "Funny...this is where I was supposed to be...time to go into plain jane personality mode." Socks slowly scooted up the side of the cabin, and, upon reaching the door, headed in. Inside, there were fluffy beds, quaint little tea sets, and many other things, including things that she was unfamiliar with, such as a black box with what looked like a glass screen on its front. On top of it was a stick with rubber studs n it. Curiously, she pressed one with the word "power" on it, and, to her shock and amusement, an image appeared like it would in Ozma's Magic Picture, but an orange-skinned man began to talk like the Wizard said he used to back when he was a "con-man" in the land of America, claiming about how he would "Make America Great Again". The man seemed untrustworthy and deluded, after all, according to Princess Dorothy, America was fine...she pressed the "power" stud again, wanting to turn off the silly orange man's insane ramblings."What is this device?" It was marked with a seemingly nonsensical label... "Samsung". She'd have to replicate this magically at home once she got a full magic license...

    Socks then began hearing two other beings talking. She walked over, and immediately feat powerful malefic magic coming from a human-looking girl, as well as a new magic from a blue-haired..there was no other word for it...princess. The two were chatting it up, when she produced strange-smelling things that looked like sweets, but...no, those were magic spells. Socks walked over to the point where she was in full sight, and introduced herself. "Hey! I'm Socratesia of Oz, Socks for short. And Milady, I sense something malefic about those little "sweets", so I'd not touch those w/o letting me giving them a alchemical and magical look-over. OVES ZIK NINU!" She produced a pair of vials filled with green fluid, a polished orange stone and a blue crystal stick, ready to analyze the "candy", with or without permission...
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Son of the Genie
    Enchanted Forest > Grimm Cabin

    Adian stepped away from the dresser, turning awkwardly, a bluer tinge on his cheeks, since he was embarrassed someone had overheard his childish proclamation. It was true the blue-haired girl didn't seem to have much more then a guitar herself. A girl. So the camp was co-ed? He nodded lightly, introducing himself as well, “Adian. But I'm sure you saw. . .”

    He trailed off. He was going to make a comment on how much the rich kids brought with them, but he was distracted as someone else entered introducing herself, and offering some candies. Adian reached over and took one of the odd candies. He'd never really been taught caution about what he put in his mouth, and clearly no one had told him not to take candy from strangers, “Ooh, don't mind if I do.”

    He popped it in his mouth, ah ginger, a somewhat refreshing flavor, right before a fabric skinned girl who'd been lurking near the front of the cabin and playing with a black box and such, finally came over. Adian started to wonder now if the camp wasn't co-ed like he'd initially assumed, and he'd somehow been mistaken for a girl. His musing on the subject was short-lived however, as the life-size walking sock-puppet proceeded to insist on analyzing the candies with magic and alchemy (which he understood to be some cross between magic and science. Adian turned the candy in his mouth over with his tongue, then commented, “They seem fine to me. Of course I'm probably immune to a lot of things the rest of you aren't, but I certainly don't think they're cursed.”

    Or as she'd said, Malefic. The idea of categorizing magic as simply white or black was laughable in his opinion anyways. Magic was just magic. It was what you did with it that made the difference. He was pure magic, well magical fire, and he could make his own choices about if he wanted to do the socially accepted right or wrong things. For example, he could probably conjure sweets himself, not that it made a lot of sense to do so very often. He needed fuel, food, to function right, and if he wasted his power conjuring food, it was just a slippery slope of expending more magic to make food then the consumption of said food would help him generate. But it would be neither good nor evil.

    This was fine and all, but they all seemed pretty unpacked and done introducing themselves. Adian looked around the room, it was fine, but not very interesting, except the black box the sock girl had made scream about something called America. He looked back at the group, “So ladies, you want to come explore the camp with me? I'm sure we'll be spending plenty of time in here later.”
  7. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Daughter of the Little Mermaid
    Grimm Cabin

    "Adian.” the Djinn responds, “But I’m sure you saw…”

    Before he can finish whatever he’s about to say, they’re interrupted by someone else — a rather creepy-looking girl who’s bangs covered her eyes. “It’s nice to meet you too, Orion,” she says, pulling out a rather suspicious-looking little pouch from her purse, “I am Lillie… Hard candies?”

    Orion blinks. There’s something rather suspicious-looking about that pouch, and the girl is oddly unnerving — and after all, there’s the age-old rule of ‘don’t take candy from strangers’ that’s drilled into every child from birth. On the other hand, it’d be rude to refuse, and it’s not like this girl is a total stranger — she’s here, in this camp, after all. Before she can carry out her train of thought to its conclusion, the genie reaches over and pops one into his mouth, saying “Ooh, don’t mind if I do.”

    “Hey, I’m Socratesia of Oz, Socks for short.” Before she can push herself back into a sitting position, Orion is interrupted by another new arrival, one who resembled a sock puppet given life, "And Milady, I sense something malefic about those little "sweets", so I'd not touch those without letting me giving them a alchemical and magical look-over.”

    Milady? It takes a moment for Orion to figure out that she must have been talking to her — she’d made it a point to avoid informing people that she’s technically royalty, and had more or less gotten used to being treated like a ’normal person'. Maybe the Sock girl had mistaken her for someone else, or simply made it a habit to address people that way. She sits up and shakes her head, “No, it’s fine,” she sighs, “You don’t have to, I’m sure—”

    But the sock puppet had already started chanting a spell and pulling out lab equipment, so she stops herself and just reaches for a candy, nodding her thanks and popping it into her mouth. After all, the djinn had declared it safe, which was good enough of an assurance to her. It tastes rather ginger-y, which isn’t a flavour she particularly fancies, but it’s certainly bearable, and doesn’t seem to have any ill effects (at least not visible, immediate ones). Sitting back down on her bed, she watches curiously as the sock puppet tinkers with her equipment.

    “So ladies,” the Genie says, breaking the short-lived silence, “You want to come explore the camp with me? I’m sure we’ll be spending plenty of time in here later.”

    “I’m already familiar with the camp,” Orion replies indifferently, lying back down, “Walking is painful for me, so unless any of you want someone to show you around -- which I'd be glad to do -- or have a desire to go swimming, I'd prefer to remain here."
  8. Schade

    Schade They're coming for you Barbara.

    Lillian Strauss
    Daughter of the Candy Witch
    Enchanted forest -> Grimm Cabin

    there were an uncomfortable silence after Lillie offered her kindness. That wasn't unnatural. Being a witch, there was always something about someone that made the people around them... uneasy. She was not about to out herself though. She knew of her mothers shenanigans, and she knew better than to flaunt that. However, she was not ashamed. Why would she be? any girl has to eat, right? As the sock thing was analyzing her generously offered piece of hard candy, the purple guy was more quirky in response. “Ooh, don't mind if I do.” he said, snatching up the candy before anyone could really register that he was even present. Lillie was glad. she smiled widely as he accepted it, hoping to avoid her eerie tendencies, which, knowing herself, she likely failed. eh, it's the thought that counts right? Right!?

    "Hey! I'm Socratesia of Oz, Socks for short. And Milady, I sense something malefic about those little "sweets", so I'd not touch those w/o letting me giving them a alchemical and magical look-over. OVES ZIK NINU!" , the sock-thing, cleverly nicknamed Socks, said in suspicion as she took a piece of candy from her and looked at it as if it was a new breed of rats she hadn't seen before. The weird nonsense she then spoke seemed to be some sort of analytic spell. She then apparently went full scientist on the candy piece, totally ignoring both Lillie and the two others present in the room.

    ".... Ignore that thing." Lillie said, waving softly to where the Sock was analyzing the piece of actually harmless candy maybe. "It's completely safe. See? The purple dude hasn't died yet, has he? Hee hee hee hee.." she giggled to herself at the end. Sure, it would be easy for her to mistakenly give the strangers some of her poisonous love-clumps. Luckily, she was storing those in a different sack. The candies she offered were, in fact, Ginger and Pumpkin pieces with a hint of salmon. The purple dude gobbled them down like he hadn't eaten in a hundred years. It made Lillie happy to see someone appreciating her gesture of kindness. People didn't typically do that.

    “So ladies, you want to come explore the camp with me? I'm sure we'll be spending plenty of time in here later.”, the purple magical guy said as he walked towards the exit. Orion declined, stating she had already made herself familiar with the establishment. Had she been here before, maybe? Who knows. As the purple guy said, they would have plenty of time to gossip as they were sharing cabin and all. Though she wasn't really the adventurous type, the atmosphere had gotten sort of awkward after the Sock rudely declined her candy, and she would rather spend some time getting to know the immediate area than to sit there in an awkward silence while watching "Real Housewives of Oz" on her iTome. She quietly stood up and started walking, stepping up close to Purple guy, maybea bit too close. "I'll come with you." she said, giving him a sweet smile.
  9. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Soctratesia, the Sockpuppet Girl of Oz
    Daughter of the Scarecrow and the Patchwork WOMAN
    Enchanted Forest->Grimm Cabin

    Socks proceeded to analyze the candy, and pretended to not be paying attention to the others while doing some basic analysis. The candies were ginger, hard, sugary, and were forged via an ancient and defeinitey dark magic power, but then, before Socks could get a lock on whether the sweets were toxic, the purple being she'd barely noticed ate one, as did the princess, who seemed flustered at her recognition of her status as one. Socks had hung out with Ozma, Dorothy, Betsty and Trot, Her Princesses, enough to recognize one.

    Socks was at first astonished by the purple thing's brzaenness, then amazed at the lack of death by corrupted confectionery, then relaxed...but she still felt the malefic energy coming from the candies. Socks decided to back off and assess the candy-making girl later. "Very well then. But I'm keeping an eye on you... kiz jiy" The equipment disappeared with a pop. "I'd like to explore as well, but I need time to relax first. Anyone up for a game of cards? Bibenu voi" Socks proceeded to magically summon a pack of playing cards with the Royal Insignia of Oz on them."I play rummy, pinochle and poker...don't tell my folks that I know that one...*heh*"
  10. VampirateMace

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    Grimm Cabin > Archery Range

    After taking a candy, the blue haired girl declined his suggestion, mentioning that walking was painful for her. He felt sympathetic, but they'd only just met, so he probably wasn't supposed to ask why exactly, he imagined his dad probably would have, but his human friends seemed to have hang-ups about not offending people. And of course without asking there also wasn't much he could do, however if it was a magical aliment, there still wouldn't be much he could do, and he'd still have opened an emotional wound.

    Lillie meanwhile asserted that her candy was safe. Something Adian and Orion had already decided, even though Socks was intently analyzing them. At least Lillie was game to go exploring, even if she wasn't solid on the concept of personal space. . . well he did come from some ways away, so maybe social conventions might be different here?

    The pair were already heading out, when Socks agreed as well, but said she wanted to play cards first, conjuring a deck. It seemed several of his fellow campers wielded decent magic, so hopefully any magic lessons would not be as pathetically remedial as he feared. Not that card games weren't great sometimes, but Adian wasn't really interested in that right now. He looked back, “No thanks, we'll catch up with you later.”

    Back outside of the cabin, Adian took a deep breath. It felt really good to be outside again, not that he was worried about getting trapped inside the cabin or anything. But as a djinn, running wild and doing whatever he wished was kind of his thing, though the trees did block the horizons off. Tomorrow when they had to participate in camp activities was going to be annoying. Shaking this off, he surveyed the area around them. He could see some other cabins nearby, and the path that led to this one. He'd flown over, so he'd not actually taken the path, it was still clogged with campers heading for their cabins even now, but rather he just kind of understood it was the accepted way in and out of the cabin clearing. And the way he needed to go now that he had Lillie with him, well, unless they used magic.

    He reached over and set a hand gently atop her shoulder. POP! The pair were now on the other end of the path, where it forked into other paths, leading to various locations around the camp. The one leading from the main gates was still kind of crowded as well, so Adian started off down another. Large circles of white and red stared back as they approached a clearing. It took Adian a moment to realize these giant's eyes were actually targets. He nodded lightly to himself, softly commenting, “I guess this is the archery range.”

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