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Camp Ever After (PG - 13)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Monster Guy, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Sylvia Spinster 'the Goblin Princess'
    Daughter of Rumpelstiltskin
    Perrault Cabin

    Sylvia stood by as Tim agreed with her, but seemed to miss her subtle warnings. As far as she knew talking wolf may still very well end up acting like a wolf given time. It did seem a little tense where the fur on it's back was concerned as it insisted prey was the proper term for victim. Of course it was, she realized, “Semantics.”

    Despite being from the Goblin Kingdom, she was rather well educated. Her father taught her lots of fancy words, in addition to magic. Back to her warnings. Instead of heeding them, Tim tried to come to some sort of a deal with the creature, saying that they could all go get something to eat. And then, to Sylvia's surprise it seemed like the wolf was agreeing. . .

    The door slammed open suddenly. Exploded almost. The wolf was growling. Silvia glanced to that side of the room quickly, spotting two huge men entering, followed by a young man in black and red with a gold crown. He immediately made a bee line to Prince White and made a point of introducing himself to him, and only him. Even if it was a human thing to ignore everyone they thought to be below them, how does one have no reaction at all to a oversized wolf standing between them and their schmooze target?

    Sylvia rolled her eyes as Tim invited this guy to join them for dinner as well. Suddenly the wolf yelped and hid. Sylvia swung around, weapon gripped tightly, and looked towards the offending window. A blonde girl, with an almost unhinged look to her, was peeking in, like this was all some sick play they were putting on for her entertainment.

    The wolf warned her to stay on guard before slipping outside. Sylvia smirked, and headed for the door after him. She looked back over her shoulder at the pompous Ace of Wonderland, “It's Sylvia by the way, you didn't ask, but it's Sylvia, of the Goblin Kingdom.”

    She didn't wait for him to answer as she moved outside, still holding her bow, but only casually. If he knew who she was, he might be a bit less reckless in ignoring people in the future. Not technically a princess, she did basically have the power of one. But he probably didn't judging on those she'd met so far. She called out to the strange girl by the window, “We're all going to dinner now. Do you want to come with us? . . I'm Sylvia, what's your name?”
  2. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Daughter of the Little Mermaid
    Grimm Cabin > Enchanted Forest

    Orion yawned and turned over in her bed, looking out the window as the genie and witch girl disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving her alone in the room with the sock puppet. For a while, she just lay in bed, staring at the way the swirls in the wood made patterns on the cabin’s ceiling. It had been a while since she was last out of the ocean, and while she was an aquatic creature first and foremost, it was nice to be out in the open air every once in a while. The feeling of a cool breeze streaming in through an open window was not one that you could really enjoy back down in the deeps.

    Unfortunately, there were other, more practical considerations in life, and Orion soon found herself feeling a little hungry. She’d been travelling for a wile, and neglected to feed herself. Already she could see a hint of night creeping in from the distant horizon — maybe it was time for dinner.

    Stretching, she sat back up and gingerly placed her feet back onto the ground. She had no problem walking for short distances, but the uncomfortable familiarity of those spikes of pain never did make the act of stepping onto land any easier. The floor was a little cold, but it did not hurt. “It’s almost time for dinner, so I’m going to get going” she said to Socks, “I’ll see you in a bit. Oh — and thank you for the candy.” With that, she slipped outside and closed the door behind her.

    Making her way to through the forest, Orion soon found herself by the banks of a small river. It had a fairly convenient path, and following it downstream would lead her to a small clearing only a minute’s walk from the Mess Hall. Smiling, she stepped into the river, and allowed her clothes and lower body to shift to match her new environment. Her legs elongated into a long tail, and her sweater disappeared into some less stifling clothes. She set off at a leisurely place, allowing the flow of water to do most of the work for her as she drifted through the forest, arms folded behind her head and looking up at the sky. She’d always preferred freshwater to salt water. It was always clearer, and more pleasant on her skin.

    Soon, the water began to deepen, and Orion raised herself upwards in preparation to dive. Just before she could disappear under the water, though, she thought she caught a hint of pink in the distance. Curious, she waved her tail and left the river in a powerful leap, shifting back into human form at a perfect height to lessen the impact of her feet on the ground. Singing a soft tune as she walked, the water that remained in her hair and body slowly slid off and flew away into the air, and eventually left her dry again. Eventually, she came to a stop in front of the pink thing, and saw that it was a sleeping girl.

    The girl’s luggage was dumped on the floor besides her, and she seemed to be in the middle of some fairly pleasant dream. For a moment, Orion was almost tempted to leave her be — but dinner was happening soon, and it’d probably be bad for the girl if she missed it. She knelt down and laid a hand on the girl’s shoulder, giving her a gentle shake. “Hey, it’s almost time for dinner. You should probably get going if you don’t want to miss it."
  3. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Lillian Strauss
    Daughter of the Candy Witch
    Right behind you.

    Gasp! He noticed her. Maybe he smelled her, maybe she wore too much pink, or maybe it was because she by this point almost crashed through the window of which she had been peeking in through. Unfortunately though, her sudden newfound facination with the creature didn't read well through her actions, and he seemed... A bit off? Lillie could only wonder why. He did after all see her now. Maybe she had somehingo n her face? Eh, she could ask him later. It did seem like he was about to leave the room though. He voiced something to one of the other campers: A girl with blueish hair, before he casually excused himself as if his raw brutal show of force just then never happened. Lillie giggled gleefully before she decided to join him.

    If he was not there anymore, there was no need for her to linger. There had also been a young man entering the cabin. A royal-looking guy with two bruteish men accompanying him. The animals were still in there as well, and Lillie was somewhat glad she didn't have to live in that circus, even if the wolfman was there. Before she jumped to action though, someone called out to her: “We're all going to dinner now. Do you want to come with us? . . I'm Sylvia, what's your name?”. It was the other girl from the cabin, casually calling out to her. Speaking of, she had lingered long enough, she took a step away from the window and reappeared from the convinient bush she had been standing in, frightening a couple of campers as she emerged. Brushing some leaves out of her hair, she excused herself and skipped ahead, standing next to Sylvia while looking ahead just in time to see the wolfman running for dear life. "I would love to go eating with you, My name is Lillie", she said and bowed politely.

    Walking along the road towards the Mess Hall, Lillie kept quiet, tuging onto her tome. She wasn't used to people being so inviting and nice to her without knowing her, even though knowing her was often a main factor why people chose not to linger around her for too long. It felt strange but kinda nice. "Uhm.. Where is this Mess hall we're heading to? Will the wolfman be there?" she asked, slightly blushing at the memory of his wild display. "He's just so amazing, don't you think?"

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