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Can’t Set Up Adventure Sync


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I just got a new iPhone and backed up all my data, but I still can’t get Adventure Sync to work on Pokémon Go.

I deleted & reinstalled the app, enabled adventure sync, turned off the battery saver in Go, downloaded the newest iOS, set privacy tracking to always, gave Go every permission possible, and it’s listed as one of the app sources in Apple Health, but I’m STILL getting 0 steps and calories.

I tried looking at the Pokémon Go in Google Health but it says “No data found.” My phone just finished backing up a few hours ago and I walked around with it in my pocket for a few minutes, but nothing happened
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Omega Ruby Base on Route 18, Right Side Beach
0 replies still... I've also, toggled with the Adventure Sync. What I've noticed is A.) It appears you have to use your Google play email. B.) Could be network, or internet connection problem with indication that checking the Adventure Sync box just doesn't register, that you tried to check it.

(My Trainer/Pokemon Go app account was created with my main email online, and to only have the option to use a Google play email, that I never use, to Adventure Sync, is kinda of the downside, or it's the description of "B.)".)