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Can anyone make overworld pokemon sprites?


Well-Known Member
If anyone can, could you make me one like this?
sorry for all the white, It's just the way my computer is!


Retired Spriter
I'm guessing that's a Yu-Gi Oh critter, right? You might try requesting your sprite in the Shops, since I'm pretty sure one of them might dabble in the sprite-making of other Anime shows, like Digimon and such.

Never seens a Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon styled sprite though. Good luck.

The Pinoy

<--- Spookie
maybe that might be a bit too complicated for a sprite.. but some people might take up the challenge...
or do you just want the overworld just for the sake of it?


Well-Known Member
I'm actually trying to challenge advanced spriters, I wonder who's up for the challenge, and yes its a yugioh critter, I don't like yugioh but Ilike that critter


Wonder of Thunder!
Hmmm....using rayquaza as the base should be easier to make the sprite