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Can I play Japanese Blu-ray disc on the American Blu-ray devises

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Arceusgamer14, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Arceusgamer14

    Arceusgamer14 Well-Known Member

    I just realized that the US and Japan have the Same Blu-ray Region and I've been wondering if I ever get a Blu-ray import from Japan like a Pokémon Blu-ray movie from JP will it work on any USA Blu-ray Devises including the PS3?
  2. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    As long as they have the same Region (in this case A) Japanese Blu-ray discs should be able to play on North American players.
  3. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Since Japan and NA share the same region with Blu-Rays then it'll definately work. Except that Japan never got any Pokemon movies on Blu-Ray. :/
  4. gregjammer

    gregjammer Feather Trainer


    In that case, correct me if I'm wrong, but they only have old-school non-Blu-Ray dvds in terms of the pokemon movies, and according to region codes for dvds, Jap region pokemon movies cannot be watched on american non-Blu-Ray dvd players due to region encoding. Until they release jap pokemon movies on blu-ray, you need a japanese dvd player to watch japanese pokemon movies in America.


    I looked at the power standards of Japan's vs. US's, and judging from the list here, I suggest, although I could be wrong(and that it is not a must in terms of getting it to play), that you buy:

    ...a power converter that can manipulate the current so that the 10-20 V difference doesn't eventually damage your player: although Jap dvds still work on jap dvd players regardless of location, if only with the right equipment, unless a converter manipulates the current in order to ensure it doesn't have to work overtime to in order to cool down after processing the extra voltage, it will wear out a little bit quicker than an american dvd player due to voltage differences, minor or major.

    As the extra voltage doesn't do old, clunky dvd players that cool slower any favors, especially if it is manufactured for use in Tokyo or any other city in Eastern Japan(or anywhere that has a standard frequency of 50 Hertz), you might need to make sure that the aforementioned converter also manipulates the frequency so that it doesn't decide to stop working before the time you expect it to break by reason of aging of device, so that the extra 10-20 V plus a possilbe 10 extra Hertz in frequency on the US side vs. Japanese side doesn't start to wear it down faster than american dvd players over time, so you have more time to enjoy your movie-watching!!!

    edit: There may even be a way to make your PS3 region-free so that it can play japanese pokemon dvds, but as it requires dvd copying software for PCs, I'll leave it to you to get examples of copying software, as it involves circumventing region encoding, so I don't think posting a link to a page suggesting questionable actions to force a dvd to play is allowed here on sppf, so I can't help you in terms of finding where to find out how to execute such a trick...
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  5. Aegon

    Aegon _

    Are you sure? The "Pikachu The Movie Premium Box" comes to mind.
  6. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Correct. Blu-Rays may share the same region between Japan and NA, but DVDs are still seperate regions. That's why my desktop has a Blu-Ray drive set to region A (for Blu-Rays and NA DVDs) and a DVD drive set to region 2 for Japanese DVDs. :cool:

    I only ever looked up the actual movies (which I'm pretty sure of). The Pikachu shorts might be on Blu-Ray for all I know.
  7. Aegon

    Aegon _

    That boxset contains the first thirteen movies remastered in HD (and all of the Pikachu shorts besides one, I think). Additionally, the Victini movies were released on Blu-ray last year.
  8. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to go look for those now.

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