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Can Money Buy Love?

can money buy love?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 24.3%
  • No

    Votes: 38 36.9%
  • money is important but it's not the only thing that matters

    Votes: 40 38.8%

  • Total voters


Lieks Mudkips
money cannot buy love, but chocolate and roses can.


Pampering Vaporeon..
Love can only be bought by only a rich personality.
Money is merely an object when it comes to love.
That's all I know lol.


I say if you think you love someone because of money then you don't actually love them, as the person. You just love the fact you have access to money.

You can't buy abstract concepts such as love. It can only be developed by a true bond and no amount of money can do that.

Iron Man

Join SpaceAgeWarrior
nah man. money cant buy love because it changes peoples mind for the wrong reasons. just listen to the beatles, they know what they're talkin about


I say if you think you love someone because of money then you don't actually love them, as the person. You just love the fact you have access to money.
and this is bad because...?
heh, maybe it's because I don't "love" anyone in a boy/girlfriend kind of way, I only love my family and friends for...being family and friends.
however, it does depend on how much money they give you and how much time you spend with them.
I voted yes


ship it holla
Someone unable to obtain love with money would be unable to obtain love without money.

Someone unable to obtain love without money may be able to obtain love with money.

Money cannot "buy" love, but it can certainly buy opportunities for love. For example, it may enable you to pursue an expensive hobby and meet new people with similar interests. With a greater number of opportunities come a greater chance of success.
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Active Member
You can love money which would essentially answer the question you're asking. I voted no, because money can't buy you "love". It can buy you friends, hookers, sex, std's, drugs, and many other wonderful things though!

I agree. It can't buy "love" because it can only buy objects that the person wants which the person would most likely be grateful or maybe not. But even still, money = no love, just objects.