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If anyone has one they don’t want to use, I would like to use a Clover Topping to evolve my Milcery into Alcreamie (it’s just my favorite topping aesthetically).

I Understand it’s a drop at the Battle Cafe however I haven’t gotten one from there yet and I don’t know how long it will take to eventually get one.

If someone could just trade me any Pokémon at all that’s holding one that would swell, if you are generous.

Im afraid don’t have much valuable I can offer aside from maybe some Shield exclusives or a random Sobble, but I do have a few hundred Pokémon so if you have one in mind I can look and see if I have it.


reply or contact me via:


Well-Known Member
Hi do you have an sweet apple or an low level appletun? I can give you for my clover topping.


Well-Known Member
Oh no sorry just remembered my other profile that has the clover topping doesn't have an Nintendo network account.


Well-Known Member
It is better to give the link code in private i think.

But dont worry if i am able to find a clover on my other profile before you find someone else i will trade it with you


Well-Known Member
Here is to prove that i have one but couldnt connect because i thought that profile had the online service when it didnt